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As many of you know, I am into the game Genshin Impact. Recently, there was an update to it which included a housing system. There are a lot of options for customizations (and pets!). I've spent a decent amount of time so far working on customizing my house (although I am limited in what I can do yet as I have to produce what I want to place down and there are still a lot of blueprints that I have to unlock. Below, I've put some before and after pictures of my house.


This is the view of what I got to start off with and the amount of terrain I have outside that I can customize. There are three different themes that you can have, Floating Adobe (which is the one I am using), Emerald Peak (mountains) and Cool Isle (islands). Later on, I will unlock all of them.


This is the house, well more of a mansion really, that I got to start off with. There's a different house used for the islands theme. This house is taken from the Chinese inspired region in Genshin Impact. The funny little creature to the left of the door is Tubby who is essentially the butler for the place.


This is the view of the island from behind the house. You can see to the left there's more islands—that's an area which I'll unlock in the future and I'll have more places to put stuff down!


When you enter the house, this is what you see before decorating it. To the left, there's two rooms and to the right, there's one room. You can also go upstairs. What you see inside in terms of spacing does not match up with what it looks like on the outside. :P

This is the view from when you go up the stairs. There are two rooms displayed on the mini-map but I have yet to figure out how to get into them.

This is one of the rooms before I decorated it. All three rooms look the same. And now, we move onto my decorating!


This is my bedroom, I put it in the hall which only leads to one room. The first pic is from the front of the bedroom which also doubles as a study/work room. You can also see my pet cat! :D Hidden behind the two screens, I have my bed (and I'm working on getting a wardrobe). The screens hide my bed from view if someone has to enter my bedroom for work.

Outside, I started doing a bit of decoration with a rock garden to the left and a small mountain to the right. If you're wondering what's on top of the mountain, I put a lion statue there.

This is the view of the rock garden, hidden among the rocks are a little tea set and a well. You can't see it if you're not on the mountain or in the rock garden so it's very secluded.

If you're in the rock garden but that does not suffice for enough privacy, you will find that there is a small little entrance into the mountain. It leads into a little cave with a nice surprise in it.

There's a tree and a bench with a nice view once you go through the secret passage! Here I am chilling with my two dogs! :D

That's it for now! There are a lot of other stuff I've put down (I'm working on a village right now) but they haven't been finished quite yet.


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It has been less than a week but BIG things have been happening! Most importantly, new animals and new areas!


These are my three dogs! :D I finally managed to get the three of them to stand still for a moment to take a pic.


I also got a crane! It wanders along the small bamboo forest to the left of my house.


I also unlocked a new outside area! As your place grows, you unlock new areas. There are a total of four areas and this is the view of the second area from the first area. I've put a little gate to make it clear as to where the entrance is.


This is the view of the second area. You can see the third area in the background. I thought that there were only three areas at first so I was going to make the top area my house, the second area my village and the bottom area full of nature. Not sure how I'll organize everything now that there's four different areas but I already placed the village down. The area is a bit small so I might move the village to another larger area (the first area is bigger and the third area looks bigger from what I can see).


Entering the second area, this is the entrance to the village. On the outside are (mostly) houses with a small market in the middle. Unfortunately, I am unable to go in the houses or put something in there other than my mansion (although leaks say that there is a big housing update in the next update so maybe we will!).


This is the market in the middle, there's a toy shop, a forge, a toy shop, a fruit stall, and a pavilion with room to put more shop stuff when I get them!


This is the view of the area from the other end, if you were going to be going to the third area.


And this is the view of the area from standing on one of the balconies of the houses! I am still working on getting furnishings like wagons and haybales to place outside but I am pretty pleased with how the area looks so far.


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OMG doggos!!! they’re so cute :D and a crane too!! Do they have names?
No names, at least not yet. Probably because I'll be tempted to go wild and just have dozens and dozens of animals... Three dogs, a cat, and a crane is enough for me now but I believe I can also get a boar. I'll probably wait until I am further into building my stuff up before deciding how many I want.


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Very short update but I'm posting here for HELP!

I recently was able to unlock the third area (out of four areas). I am having trouble deciding what order to put stuff on the different areas. Currently, I'm planning to put my house on the highest area (the fourth one), on the smallest island, I am planning a bamboo forest (the second island). This leaves the first island (which is the lowest) and the third (right below my home). I am planning to put my mountain and other nature stuff and put the village on the other one. Should I put the village the farthest away from my home or closest (this is purely for aesthetics)? The mountain won't be that high so it won't be taller than the next island. Is it weird to have a mountain on the lowest island?


As you can see, there are problems with the current island where the village is. It's overcrowded and needs to move.



This is the third area which I just unlocked. It's pretty big and has a little hill so maybe it's suited for nature?


I also got a boar! :D It managed to get into my village and is on the fruits for some reason. It will be relocated shortly.


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@Praetor Well if you want realism, it will make sense to place the village nearest your house so that it can be accessed to get supplies and make a visit to the town.


It feels like it would be weird to have the mountain on the lowest island. Plus it could be like you're that hermit that lives past the mountain who goes all the way down into the village sometimes which seems kinda cool. Though obviously not very practical like Wondo pointed out xD


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@Praetor Well if you want realism, it will make sense to place the village nearest your house so that it can be accessed to get supplies and make a visit to the town.

It feels like it would be weird to have the mountain on the lowest island. Plus it could be like you're that hermit that lives past the mountain who goes all the way down into the village sometimes which seems kinda cool. Though obviously not very practical like Wondo pointed out xD
So I'm planning to have my house (mansion) island to have everything I need practically (a forge, an alchemy table, etc.). It would be less realistic (unless I'm a hermit) to have my home so far away. Something else I've considered is to have the island with the mountain if it was on the second highest one, to block the way through the island unless you find the secret tunnel leading through the mountain and to the rest of the islands.


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So a lot has happened recently (hence a wait since the last update to this thread). I have decided how to organize the place, additionally, I have managed to unlock everything (all of the other areas, the other themed realms, all furnishing blueprints) so am just getting the resources I need to make all of the four islands I want (and I might eventually design the other two themed realms too).

The game also had a major update today which included amongst a bunch of new stuff the ability to put characters into our home and two new rooms in the upstairs of the house (EDIT: Turns out the new update added a bunch more stuff to make, nothing major however, mainly small items so my town will not change drastically). I will have a hard time trying to figure out which characters I want to include.

Anyways, I have finished the bottom most island which I decided would be the village.


Here is the view of the town from the second lowest island.


The view as you enter the town.


As you enter, you're faced with this little fountain, we'll now go around the village clockwise and I'll point out the highlights.


This is the marketplace which sells toys, fireworks, fruits and vegetables, etc.


Xiangling who is a chef is giving me her thoughts on my house while she shops for new ingredients to use.


This is the European section of the town similar to earlier but now larger. The quality of the photo doesn't turn out so well at a distance. Fun fact, my phone can only handle the graphics at "Low" quality, there are three better graphic settings that I'm missing out on. :blue:


I have a small little section growing grapes for wine (what else?).


One of my favourite new additions and one of the hardest buildings to get is a windmill (the arms of the windmill move while you walk around).


There is a little training area with an archery area and places for sparring matches.


Taking a quick detour to the middle of the town, there's a well, alchemy table, forge, and a number of other useful items.


Last but certainly not least, we have the seating area for the teahouse which is to the right of the training area and to the left of the entrance if you're in the center of the town.

That's it for now! I am working on a lot of the other areas of the town and will most likely have an update somewhat soon albeit a smaller update.
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