Hunting The Grey Wolf (Invite only)


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22 January, 2021
2:12 PM
Yelamki, West Vaasan Free State

Ranulf Pabst tried to slide the magazine into his automatic rifle. His hands were shaking with fear and anxiety, and it took him a moment to insert the magazine correctly. He could hear Arcanstotskan vehicles and soldiers outside. Voices shouting things in a language he couldn’t understand. Two other West Vaasan fighters were in the room with him. The trio pointed the muzzles of their rifles towards the door as the Arcanstotskan convoy outside passed by the apartment building they were hiding in, waiting for the enemy to make their move.

Suddenly there was an explosion at the door. “Narusheniye! Narusheniye!*” One of the enemy combatants shouted as a squad of Arcanstotskan soldiers flowed into the lobby. “Idti! Idti! Idti!*” Another soldier shouted. Ranulf’s companions tried to shoot back, only to be gunned down. Ranulf, in a panic, threw down his rifle and stood up with his hands atop his head as the Arcanstotskan soldiers swept the room.

“Don’t shoot! Don’t kill me! I surrender!” He shouted in a voice cracking with fear. An Arcanstotskan soldier walked over and bashed him in the face with the butt of his semi-automatic rifle, knocking Ranulf to the floor. He felt hands patting him all over his body, searching for hidden weapons or explosives or anything threatening or of value. A soldier zip-tied his hands and hauled him to his feet. “Bros'te yego v gruzovik!*” One of the Arcanstotskan soldiers - presumably an NCO - commanded of her squad. Ranulf was pushed outside and thrown in the back of a truck. Two Arcanstotskans jumped in the back with him.

“Please, I beg of you! Don’t kill m-” Ranulf’s pleas were cut off by a boot stamping his face. “Zamolchi!*” The Arcanstotskan soldier growled. Ranulf blacked out.

When Ranulf came to, he was sitting in a chair before a table, hands bound to the armrests with steel cuffs harshly tightened around his wrists. His face hurt like a bitch and his head was throbbing. At the other side of the snow-white room, there was a door. To the left and right of the door stood two Arcanstotskan soldiers dressed in all white BDUs with white NCO caps. A harsh buzzing sounded and one of the Arcanstotskans opened the door. A man dressed in all black walked in, his eyes obscured by shades. The man took a seat opposite Ranulf.

"Good day, Mr. Pabst. I'm Agent Seven-Three-Two with the National Intelligence Agency," the man introduced himself in Aleman with a slight Obshchiy-Yazk accent. "I'd like to have a little chat with you. You've been a very naughty boy, fighting for a terrorist organization responsible for the killing of, by now, over a thousand people."

"Fuck you, Akanstatische schweinhund.*" Ranulf mumbled beneath his breath, just loud enough for the HPY Agent to hear him. The Agent motioned for one of the soldiers to approach. The soldier walked behind Ranulf, pulled out his sidearm, and bashed Ranulf on the back of the head with the bottom of the grip, knocking Ranulf's face down onto the table.

"Now, now, Mr. Pabst, that's no way to treat your host. Guests must behave themselves when in the houses of others, and this is not your house. I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to answer honestly."

"And if I don't?"

Agent 732 remained a stone-cold stoic in his response, "then there will be dire consequences. Now, here's my question: who is funding and supplying the West Vaasan Free State?"

"I'm not telling you shit!" Ranulf shot back defiantly. Agent 732 nodded to the soldier standing behind Ranulf, who then fired three shots into the ceiling before pushing the barrel of his pistol up against the back of Ranulf's skull. "That was the wrong answer, let's try again," Agent 732 stated calmly. "Who is funding and supplying the West Vaasan Free State?"

"Okay! Okay! Okay! He goes by the name 'The Grey Wolf,' but no one knows his real name! He's the guy who's been funding and supplying us! He sent us those fighters! I swear that's all I know!" Ranulf cried with tears streaming down his face. Agent 732 nodded to the soldier again, who then holstered his weapon.

"Thank you, Mr. Pabst," he said before getting up and walking out of the room. Ranulf just sat there and cried, his head resting in a growing pool of tears and a feeling of total shame.

"So this 'Grey Wolf' he mentioned?" Agent 487 began as Agent 732 closed the door behind him. "Someone in the Aydini government? Military command?"

"Has to be," Agent 732 said, "only someone in the upper rings of that country's government or armed forces could get that amount of men, material, and money out of Aydin and into West Vaasa quietly. I doubt this 'Grey Wolf' is working alone either."

"Agreed. I'll notify the Director and the LP investigative team."

"Let's get this fucker."

*Narusheniye! Narusheniye! = Breaching! Breaching!
*Idti! Idti! Idti! = Go! Go! Go!
*Bros'te yego v gruzovik! = Throw him in the truck!
*Zamolchi! = Shut up!
*Akanstatische schweinhund. = Arcanstotskan pigdog.


Það er alltaf sólríkt í Býkonsviði
OOC Note: This thread is for the LP investigation into Aydin providing support to separatists in Arcanstotska. All RPers of LP nations are welcome. Others may join if they ask and receive permission.


Somewhere in the air between Býkonsviði, Prydania and Antalya, Aydin

Odinkar Taksdal tapped his finger nervously on the seat rest. He didn't realize it, but his foot was also tapping. He hated flying. It was a justified fear to be sure...

"You know, the flight will go by quicker if you get some sleep."

Odinkar looked up, seeing Sif Kjær. The head of Prydania's LP delegation and head of this investigation. She gave him a comforting smile. Odinkar was new to her detachment. She was trying to be reassuring. All Odinkar could think of, though, was...
"I can't sleep. Turbulence."

"Pardon?" Sif asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Turbulence," Odinkar answered.
"Solar radiation heats Eras' crust, warm air rises, cold air descends...turbulence. I, I don't like that."

"Oh..." Sif replied. She wasn't expecting an explanation on turbulence.
"Just try to get some sleep anyway," she added, leaving the newbie to get back to her own seat. She'd not gotten a chance to truly meet Odinkar yet. He far. She wasn't sure what to make of him. Still, maybe he just didn't like flying? She'd cut him some slack.

Odinkar leaned back in his chair, breathing deep. That helped. He wasn't petrified of flying, not anymore. So he could relax if he just breathed.
He looked around. The team assembled was six strong, including himself and Sif. They'd be meeting with a few members of Royal Army Intelligence, who were on their own flight, when they landed.
There was much that had to be done. Aydin's dirty had to be exhumed and dug through, to get to the bottom of this West Vaasa business.

Odinkar though, he had another focus. One Sif wasn't even briefed on. He liked Sif, to be sure. She was confident, straightforward. Competent. Things he liked in a team leader. He didn't mean to keep his actual assignment here secret from her, but those were orders from above her head.

She had the LP investigation to work on. He, meanwhile, had to find Jean Vulluy.