St Abbaddon New Government


St Abbaddon New Government As of March 25, 2021

Hello TNP! St Abbaddon is proud to have an embassy with The North Pacific! We are one of the most historic regions her in Nationstates. The idea of St Abbaddon was born on a forum thread back in 1998-1999. This was popular for many years until the forum became inactive, and St Abbaddon jumped to Nationstates roughly back in 2003. St Abbaddon has been around ever since! We will be posting periodically, and hope to continue to grow close one another! Our government breakdown is;

Lord Reaper: Draganisia
Chief Elder: Allangoria
Elder of Foreign Affairs: Unanda
Elder of Defense: Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire
Elder of Domestic Affairs: Niktobr
Elder of Roleplay: Sera