Memorandum of Understanding with the United Regions Alliance


Hoppin' Around

Memorandum of Understanding
Between the
United Regions Alliance
The North Pacific

This Memorandum of Understanding establishes a formal diplomatic relationship between the United Regions Alliance and The North Pacific.

Recognising the importance of establishing firm relationships within Nationstates,

Understanding the unique natures of the signatories and the common desires of both the Government of The North Pacific and of the United Regions Alliance to establish a strong relationship moving forward,

this memorandum as a starting point for future cooperation,

Determines that;
  1. The North Pacific establishes an embassy on their forum for the United Regions Alliance;
  2. The United Regions Alliance shall provide an appropriate platform for The North Pacific; and
  3. The signatories shall exchange Ambassadors to provide regular updates to the other region in the appropriate space.
Understanding either party may unilaterally withdraw from this memorandum effective immediately,

Hereby enacts this memorandum of understanding between The North Pacific and the United Regions Alliance, to be a foundation for future cooperation between the two entities.


Ellenburg, URA Founder McMasterdonia, TNP WA Delegate
Suvmia, URA President Praeceps, TNP Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lanaograd, URA Vice President


Hoppin' Around
I am pleased to announce that The North Pacific has come to a mutual understanding with the United Regions Alliance (URA) on establishing a formal diplomatic relationship. The URA is a collection of thirty regions of varying sizes. Given the atypical circumstances, we have decided to issue a memorandum of understanding on the relationship. TNP looks forward to a positive relationship with the URA and their member regions.