Thanksgiving Writing Contest!

Boston Castle

Kaleidoscope King
Hello, TNP! I’m Boston Castle, as you might know, but I’m also Candide and I’m the Ambassador from Thalassia!

I wanted to tell y’all today about a writing contest, details below!

If you have questions, please DM me on Discord
@AsquithsAngels#9419 or TG me on Boston Castle.

Come one, come all! Thalassia is hosting a competition!

Are you a writer? Was NaNoWriMo not enough? Maybe it was too much of a task this month, but you’re still looking to stretch your creative legs. Have I got a contest for you!

We’re hosting a mini writing challenge. Anyone can participate, Thalassian or Foreign Visitor! All you have to do is submit a short story or poem that you wrote using any of the themes listed below and you’re in! (Please keep it clean- swearing is fine just don’t be nasty)

In the spirit of this time of year, the themes are:
• Family (Chosen or Bio)
• Turkey (Bird, Meat, Tofurkey, or Country, idc)
• Seasons
• Change
^Any of these themes apply, and you may pick more than one.^

This contest will run until December 1st and submissions will be voted on after (end date and prizes to be determined!) Post them in the Thalassia discord server to enter!
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