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Commend Kenmoria
Category: Commendation | Target: Kenmoria
Proposed by: Honeydewistania | Onsite Topic

The Security Council,

Believing that nations that make significant contributions to the international community should be formally recognised, and that Kenmoria is one such nation,

Applauding Kenmoria’s novel approach to economic freedom, which includes allowing corporations to own and operate judicial systems and entire towns, and such a deregulated model has resulted in the privately-owned Kenmorian airports and airways being reputed for their efficient security and affordable accommodations,

Impressed by the Kenmorian government, a parliamentary democracy elected every five years, which has enacted policies beneficial for the Kenmorian populace such as a nationwide subsidised internet connection and a world-class road infrastructure,

Recognising Kenmoria for their involvement in the crisis in Posteastan via the corporation Construction Enterprises, in which they provided humanitarian aid and helped to reconstruct civilisation after a complete obliteration of social order,

Further recognising that Kenmoria, despite not being an official member of the World Assembly, is in compliance with every resolution passed, a shining example of which many other non-WA member nations should follow,

Fully appreciating the Kenmoria WA Mission, led by the Ambassador James Lewitt, for their omnipresence in World Assembly discussion channels and forums, in which they:
  • provide consistent and constructive criticism on draft proposals, as well as suggest crucial additions to content, ensuring that resolutions passed may be of the highest quality,
  • create a more positive and conducive environment for newer and less experienced authors, and guide them in the tough process of passing their own proposals,
  • state extremely insightful opinions and commentaries on World Assembly related discussion (excepting one occasion that deservedly resulted in the defenestration of Ambassador Lewitt), which are understandably revered by the international community,
Extolling the Kenmoria WA Mission for their co-authorship of several resolutions, which further indicates their devotion to assisting fellow delegations in improving international law, ensuring the passage of resolutions such as:
  • General Assembly Resolution 481 "Data Protection Accord", a resolution which guaranteed privacy for people in member nations by prohibiting most cases of non-consensual data collection,
  • General Assembly Resolution 494 "Regulating Desalination", a resolution which enforced environmental regulations regarding the construction and operations of desalination plants,
  • General Assembly Resolution 511 "Ensuring Effectual Recycling", a resolution which required systems for the recycling of items to be in place, allowing for reuse of waste and preventing it from damaging ecosystems,
Praising the Kenmoria WA Mission for their contributions to international law as submitting author, which include:

  • General Assembly Resolution 469 "Reducing Food Waste", a resolution which prevented the unnecessary wastage of edible food, protecting the environment and providing nourishment for the poor,
  • General Assembly Resolution 475 "Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools", a resolution which ensured that all students in member nations received a science education based on empirical evidence and logical reasoning,
Observing that while in Europe, Kenmoria served as an Undersecretary of the European WA Office, and in that position they participated in the authorship of multiple informational dispatches for residents of Europe, allowing them to make well-informed votes on World Assembly proposals,

Acclaiming Kenmoria’s authorship of the document 'Power to the (AI) People', which highlighted the issue of Artificially Intelligent citizens being shut down as a result of power trips, resulting in governments making prompt decisions to resolve the issue,

Concluding that Kenmoria is a nation that absolutely deserves formal recognition, and that an official commendation from this Council is in order,

Hereby commends Kenmoria.
Note: Only votes from TNP WA nations and NPA personnel will be counted. If you do not meet these requirements, please add (non-WA) or something of that effect to your vote.
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Commend Kenmoria was passed 11,747 votes to 2,807 (80.7% support).
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IFV - For

The Security Council proposal “Commend Kenmoria" seeks to commend Kenmoria on the basis of their multifaceted contributions to the international community- citing their contributions to international law through the World Assembly and assisting other authors, their time spent as Undersecretary in the World Assembly Office in Europe, and their issue authorship, along with their unique roleplay.

Recommendation In the opinion of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs, this nominee's diverse and sustained contributions to the international community through the WA and issues authorship make them a clearly deserving target for recognition by the Security Council. The solid writing displayed in the proposal along with the nominee's further contributions to regional development only add to the case for commendation.

For these reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends voting For the Security Council proposal “Commend Kenmoria".
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Not a fan of the first few clauses because I don't think those are particularly commend-worthy, but I like the rest. For.
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