Mafia: Round 2 Signups


Hoppin' Around
Signups for Round 2 of Mafia are now open. I'll take as many players as we get (the more players the more fun so feel free to go get your friends to join) and require a minimum of 5 players. Signups will remain open until the end of Wednesday, October 14th, or until Round 1 of Mafia ends, whichever is later.

Want to know how to play but not sure how? Find out more here. Day phases will be approximately 72 hours long and night phases 48 hours given how well it was worked in Round 1. I have added more roles to the potential list of roles that I will draw from. Feel free to ask any questions should you have any.

Player list:
  1. @Bobberino
  2. @hokkadio
  3. @Vivanco
  4. @Vander toferd
  5. @Arichia
  6. @Gorundu
  7. @Imperial Pieserged
  8. @Comfed
  9. @animuplace
  10. @OuterGalacticBankingClan
  11. @Morning Sunshine
  12. @Caffeinetopia
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