[NEVERMIND] Relulation of Digital Warfare


TNP Resident Cat
Deputy Speaker
General Assembly Proposal

Regulation of Digital Warfare

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament | Strength: Signifigant | Proposed by: Comfed
The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGING that many nations are higly dependant on digital technology,

NOTING that, with the rise of digital technology, it is much easier to cause substantial damage to a nation with greatly reduced resources,

WORRIED that this may increase the capability of non-state actors to cause substantial damage,

  1. Defines a "member state" as a nation that is currently in the World Assembly,
  2. Defines a "computer virus" as an executable program intended to cause damage to any form of digital technology,
  3. Defines "digital warfare" as an attempt by any actor to cause damage to digital technology within a nation, as long as this attack is indended to target a nation or a group of nations,
  4. Defines a "non-state actor" as any organization not part of or controlled by a nation,
  5. Prohibits member states from deploying computer viruses against other member states or non-state actors,
  6. Establishes the World Assembly Digital Warfare Commison, with the following powers:
    • To accept complaints from member states that another member state has violated this resolution,
    • To subpoena information from member states concerning complaints brought to them by member states,
    • To issue binding orders on member states concerning complaints made to them by member states.
  7. Prohibits acts of cyber warfare between member states, unless it appears neccesary for the defence of the nation, as determined by the World Assembly Digital Warfare Commison