2020 Youth Baseball World Series Signups

ACR of Deerfenland


So, this has been something that I have been wanting to plan out for some time. And now, I've gotten the information needed to do so. So, welcome to the signups for the 2020 Youth Baseball World Series in Dubon, Nirey.

Basic Rundown

The Youth Baseball World Series will be a competition in late July that will have two separate parts to it within itself; the regional tournaments and the World Series tournament. In each regional bracket, each nation interested will have two bids (two teams sent to the regional) unless that team has its own national bid for the World Series in which they would provide as many as they would like for their National Tournament.

Roleplay is optional but recommended.

So, how I plan to divide the regions up:


- Northwest
- West
- Island
- Northeast
- South
- East


- [Automatic National Bid Available]
- [Automatic National Bid Available]
- Gothis-Collandris
- Far East (Craviter, Iteria, Auroria)
- Meterra
- Icenia-Kian

*Please Note that Every Nation is on the map for this case, but it doesn't mean that you have to participate. This is just for you to find your region with a visual if you wanted to participate.

For Anyone Interested

1. Please Find Your Region
2. Please Fill Out this Form

[b]Nation:[/b] (nation)
[b]Region:[/b] Region Here
[b]Two Bids (League/Team, City):[/b] 1. 2.
[b]Interested in National Automatic WS Bid?:[/b] (Y/N)
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ACR of Deerfenland

Nation: Oclusia
Region: Meterra
Two Bids (League/Team, City): 1. Astratov South LL, Astratov 2. Family Fund LL, Minsk
Interested in National Automatic WS Bid?: (N)


Nation: shirakonia
Region:far east
Two Bids (League/Team, City): 1. BT Matsuyako, matsuyako 2. Kyokutō, zhing dong
Interested in National Automatic WS Bid?: Y