Judicial Elections [PLANNING]

Possible Lines for introduction:

"Today on the show, we are joined by [GUEST], who is currently running for election in the Regional Judicial Elections. [GUEST], thank you for joining us!"
"On today's broadcast, we are joined by Regional Judicial Candidate [GUEST]. It's a pleasure to have you, do you mind If I ask you a few questions
"On the show today, [GUEST] joins us to provide a little insight on their Judicial Campaign for the upcoming elections. Welcome to the show [GUEST]!"


"So, [GUEST] tell our listeners a little bit about yourself."

"What prompted you to run in the Judicial Elections?"

"Do you have any campaign goals, or anything you want to do if you are elected?"

"What experience do you have with the Judicial system?"

"Are you a member of any ministries?" (if they are, proceed to the next question. If not, skip it)
"What is your experience in said ministries?"

"What do you think needs to change within the Judicial System?"

"How would you go about your job, if elected?"

"Do you have anything else to say to the listeners here?"

El Fiji Grande

Proud TNPer
Sorry to see no one replied to you last term. I think this looks good, and is something we should pursue during the next Judicial elections (in November). Further, it may be a show we can do for whoever wins the current Special Judicial election. Thanks for contributing the suggestion, @Alexander J. Farson .