A New Term


Það er alltaf sólríkt í Býkonsviði

I cannot believe it. I have been playing NS since 2006, and I have never once run for the Delegacy of a region. And then...people suggested I could do it. And do it here, in a region I had made my home in. And that's sort of what drove me to run. I say I have been playing this game since 06, but that came with a number of breaks, burnouts, and the like. This stint of mine in TNP began in the summer of 2017 and it's still going strong. It's the most energized and excited I've been in NS since I first started. And it's because this place has been so welcoming, so encouraging, and so creatively fulfilling. I decided to run because I felt I could contribute to this region if I had the chance. I am honoured that you, the citizens of TNP, trusted me enough to give me a chance to contribute according to my vision.
Thank you all. For your support, and trust.

I said it during the campaign, and I'll say it now. This will be a "we all learn together" term. Yet I am confident in myself, and the team I have assembled, to meet any challenges we face and see our vision for a community-oriented TNP run by the principles of peace, order, and good government. We will bring our community together over our Discord servers. We will strive to kickstart our government publications. We will take a leading role in the WA, and we will hound our enemies relentlessly.

Who is this team, you may ask?
I am appointing @Sil Dorsett as my Chief of Staff
@Pallaith will serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs
@Rom will serve as Minister of Defence
@Nimarya will serve as Minister of Home Affairs
@Gorundu will serve as Minister of Communications
@Cosmosplosion will serve as Minister of WA Affairs
@Syrixia will serve as Minister of Culture
@Dreadton will serve as Minister of Radio
And @Praetor and @r3naissanc3r will both continue on in leading the Cards Guild.

I believe not only in this Cabinet but in everyone here, to work under them and do they best job they can I'm a strange face to see in the Delegate's chair for many of you. Trust me, the view from this vantage point is strange for me too. Let's learn together and let's work together.

TNP Delegate


Congratulations to you sir and to your new team. Do you have still job for me in your cabinet?Just kidding haha congrats again and Im happy you won


Congratulations to Pry and all the appointees!! Excited for this delegacy, and grateful for McM’s great leadership last term