Filiposgov for Vice Delegate


Hi everyone I am just new to this game but eventually I believe that I can help this region to become more developed and improved region in the Nation States.

1. I will helpthe other nations especially the new ones to be more involve in the affairs of this region.
2. I will assist the elected delegate to run this region.
3. I will ensure the greatness of this region by the help of everybody.

I hope you will consider my candidacy for Vice delegate. Feel free to ask me some questions


The MacMilitant
Deputy Speaker
What body does the Vice Delegate chair and what are the responsibilities of being the chair?


Secretly here
It is always good to see a newcomer running for high offices, but I have seen little of your presence in government. May I ask,
1. What are some of the initiatives of the previous Vice-Delegate(s) that you think are good?
2. What are some initiatives you would like to propose as Vice-Delegate?
3. What do you think, should be the Vice-Delegate's role in the Executive, as well as within the leadership of TNP in general?
4. Should the Vice-Delegate be more involved in the Executive? If so, how would you do so considering your lack of prior involvement in the Executive?