LRW for ViceDel: Security for None

Lady Raven Wing

Every great delegate needs a great Vice-Delegate to support them. Without a doubt Mall will be a great delegate. Thus, I am needed.

My campaign pledges, if elected:
  • All citizenship applications will be denied and tossed to the Regional Assembly on the basis that everyone is a potential security threat
  • The exceptions to this shall be those people that Delegate Mall indicates are not to be considered security threats
  • All Security Council votes shall be extended indefinitely by my discretion, per Article 2.4 of the Security Council procedures
  • Access to the Security Council forums shall be granted to all citizens I deem worthy, per Article 8.2 of the same
After careful consideration and deliberation over this platform, one thing has become clear to me:

I believe I may have found a new 1st preference on my ballot.


Mostly Harmless
Will you make sure to immediately toss my nation into TRR as soon as you take the delegacy?