[Locked] Repeal: "Preventing the Execution of Innocents"

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The World Assembly,

Noting that General Assembly Resolution #443 was passed with the purpose of sparing those accused of capital punishments, and essentially revoking the privilege of issuing capital punishment for most crimes to member state(s) citizens.

Asserting that GA#443 was highly contested in its proposition, passing by a mere margin of 769 member votes.

Affirming that GA#443 damages nation(s) ability to determine the necessary punishments for moderate-severe crimes in their borders.

Expressing that GA#443’s first-glance intent is to provide a fair capital punishment system, however, as shown by the enactment term “Member nations shall not issue a capital sentence on any mentally incompetent person, as punishment for any non-violent crime, or as punishment for any crime not directly affecting more than one person,” GA#443 essentially prohibits the issuing of capital punishment for traitorous acts, voluntary man-slaughter, or, as the resolution states “any crime not directly affecting more than one person.”

Understanding that the resolution had good intent, however, contradicts its original purposes in several of its clauses.

Maintaining that the General Assembly wishes to protect nation’s individual rights to manage themselves, and that GA#443 violates this moral in the way that it controls internal policy and establishes a forced judicial system to handle capital investigations.

Remarking that GA#443 prevents the extradition of capital criminals to the nation in which the crime was committed, and thus encourages emigration into another nation, often illegally, under the protection of GA#443’s term that that nation may not extradite the individual back to their homeland in order to receive punishment under that nation’s standing laws.

Observing that GA#443 forces member states compliance in using state-funds in order to provide adequate defense for the defendant in their capital case, instead of motioning for the use of a public attorney or attorney paid for by the defendant if affordable.

Mentioning that GA#443 forces compliance of a set judicial system involving capital punishment, which heavily regulates how a nation deals with its severe crimes, and forces a pro-democratic system, regardless of the member state's ideology, for its judiciary proceedings for the affected area.

Stating that GA#443 prevents capital cases in its term that the investigation office may not handle more than 1 case per million people a year, and therefore may prevent larger amounts of capital criminals being brought onto trial and potential conviction, and thus essentially allows many capital crimes to have a blind-eye turned towards them.

Hereby repeals GA#443 “Preventing the Execution of Innocents”
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