March 2020 Pull Event Voting


Hoppin' Around
Following the nominations, Guild members may vote on which card they will like to see put up at auction in order to try to pull the card from their own packs.

Please reply to this post and you may rank up to three cards as to which you would prefer to see being put up at auction. Due to the amount of cards that were nominated, while the Cards Guildmasters anticipate that we can obtain the majority of the cards, we will not seek them out unless nominated. I will note that for the vast majority, we would be able to secure the card.

NERVUN, Season 2:
Old Tyrannia, Season 2:
Anime Daisuki, Season 1:
Pergamon, Season 1:
NASTIC 2, Season 1:
Soops, Season 1:
Tupelope, Season 1:
Power Bottom Gays, Season 1:
Improving Wordiness, Season 1:
Reploid Productions, Season 1:
Reploid Productions, Season 2:
Testlandia, Season 1:
Alter Dominion, Season 2:
Glen-Rhodes, Season 2:
Sentient Peoples, Season 2:
Yaorozu, Season 1:
Smiley Bob, Season 2:

Voting will end on March 20th, 11:00 pm PST. The pull event will take place on March 29th, at 3 pm ET (or 12 pm PST).


North Pacific Dweller
1. Pergamon, Season 1
2. Old Tyrannia, Season 2
3. Sentient Peoples, Season 2


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Deputy Speaker
1. Perg S1
2. Wordy S1
3. Old T S2