The Crown League



The Crown League
The Crown League is a basketball association on the nation of Craviter, where 32 separate clubs from across nine different countries. The season is 80 games long, with the top 4 teams from each conference moving on to the playoffs.

In the post-season, teams play series of five, where the winner of three games advances to the next round. The first round pits the best seed against the worst seed in each conference, the second round pits the winners of each two in a Conference Finals, the third pits the winners of the Collandris and Phoenix Strait conference, and the Aleman and Auburn conference against one another. Those two teams which win the first three series face off in the League finals.

Teams receive new players through three primary methods. First, they may sign free agents. This usually occurs in the off-season, though some lower profile players may be picked up during the season. Free agent signings are heavily regulated by salary cap restrictions. Second, teams may trade with other teams, either for players or for picks. Finally, teams may find new talent through the draft.

The draft is a mixed draft system, whereby the first 16 picks are determined by lottery and the other 16 are determined by performance in the post-season. Teams are assigned probabilities for each picks based on their record, with the team with the worst record receiving the highest chance of getting the first pick. Any player may register for the draft at age 18.

The Crown League is headquartered in Sainte-Beaudoin, Callise.

Collandris ConferencePhoenix Strait ConferenceAleman ConferenceAuburn Conference
Scion MonksAlexandria ApollosTrier CosmosKeris Swamp Dragons
Tver RepublicansNorth Highton AtomsGlöckenkirchen KokosBeaconsfield Royals
Savattenstad SpidersPobfénix KaisersRixion TimbersHadden Lions
Karalje LionsFontaine RevolutionariesPourpreville LancersHaland Vikings
Rilga SunsBeaune SteelGachet BarbariansAlaterva Lakers
Pataliputra PrincesSainte-Beaudoin BishopsFoché RangersStormurholm Islanders
Shravasti SailorsNorouset FalrochersKimbi AddersKalgary Militiamen
Kalety KnightsFerm de Herren GardesWild SouthSenneran Innstillbake
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