The Eagle Bleeds


March 7th, 2020, 11:00AM
Antofagosta, Heroes’ Avenue, Predice

The first spring heatwave had hit, transforming the previously bare and cold Predicean landscape into a beautifully sunny and mild morning. Flowers were blooming, their scent drifting lazily through the air, as insects buzzed to and from. Birds sat in the now-green trees, chirping happily as they hopped about branches that were blossoming with flowers of all kinds.

They had no idea what was happening below. The sidewalks were filled with onlookers, as Gendarmes lined the streets. Two flags waved together. The flags of Predice and Xentherida. Tied by blood and steel. A parade commemorated the Xentheridan aid in the Predicean Revolution, which had been instrumental to the Communists' defeat. Predicean and Xentheridan troops marched together, as they passed the onlookers. The people cheered. Then as they passed, the people cheered as a row of royal cars passed by. The royals waved. Among them all members of the Cosonia-Mavoia Branch of the Family. The people shouted together “Avanti Mavoia! Vive il Doge!” Little did many of them know, that this day would change the nation forever.

Doge's Car

" as I was saying, I think I'll visit Rajesh soon." Giorgio said to a man next to him
"Brother should be fine" the man responed
"Eh, I want to at least say hello to him. Maybe I'll call him" Giorgio then said
"Sounds like a plan."

Giorgio begins to wave
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As Giorgio waved from his car in the motorcade, one spectator looked on with a reaction that hugely differed from the rest of the crowd - a reaction of disgust and hatred.

Fucking parasites. he thought to himself. Parading their victory in the civil war, with the masses just lapping up this opulent display, celebrating their own oppression.

He took a deep breath. He had to stay calm now. He had a plan, and by Corboli he was going to execute it.

The first car passed the corner, with the Doge still waving to the crowds that gathered at the sides of the road as the car made its turn left.

He had to resist the urge to press the button concealed in his pocket. Not yet. That wasn’t his primary target. While it would be incredibly enjoyable to destroy the head of the aristocratic filth, he had much bigger fish to fry. Plus, he didn’t have enough supplies for a second IED.

The second car turned the corner, passing by a particularly nondescript litter bin. Almost, almost…

Just as the second car passed the corner, and the third one approached right at it, he smiled inwardly to himself. Now.

He pressed his trigger.
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Within the litter bin across the street, the brief ringing of a phone could be heard, although this was barely audible over the cheers of the crowd. A fuse ignited, and a hundred kilos of Semtex suddenly ignited. Time seemed to stand still as flame erupted, cascading into the air, sending fragments of metal racing through the crowd, piercing flesh and bone. Bodies were cast away like sticks in the wind, cast skywards before crashing into the pavement with a grisly crunch.

The motorcade was rocked violently, the force of the explosion enough to totally roll two of them as shrapnel shredded through the cars and into the occupants. Other cars lurched to the side, the blast wave surging through them and into the surroundings.

The carnage in front of him seemed to unfold in slow motion, and he enjoyed this brief moment of satisfaction. His little piece of revenge against the state that has destroyed his own a decade ago.

But he still had one final piece of vengeance left. A noble sacrifice for the cause.

“FOR COMRADE CORBOLI!” he yelled, before he detonated the vest hidden within his clothing. The crowd had barely a second to react after the first bomb before this second explosion rocked through the throng of people.

Total chaos.