February 2020 Pull Event Nominations


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The North Pacific Cards Guild presents…

The North Pacific Card Pull Event Nominations

Have you ever wanted a specific card of a nation that no longer exists? Have you tried to buy it but it was just too expensive? Have you tried to collect all your bank together only to find out it was not enough? Try no longer! The North Pacific Card Pull Event is here!

Nations that are CTEd (that is, the nation no longer exists but the card does) have a small chance of getting their card pulled from a pack while they are at auction. These cards can be extremely rare and count among them the most valuable cards in the game from Mindless contempt to our very own HMS Unicorn.

On February 23rd, 2020, (Sunday) at 3 pm ET, the North Pacific Cards Guild is letting YOU choose a card to be put up at auction for all card players to rush through opening their saved packs in hopes of finding the card. Nominate a card to be used for the pull event by posting a link to the card in this thread over the next 48 hours. Please specify the season of the card. The Guild Leadership will then review the nominated cards to determine what is possible subject to our budget constraints and what cards we have. These cards will then be put up at a vote for Guild members to vote on.

Then, on the 23rd, let the game begin! The card will be put up at auction and it will be up to you players to find the card in the packs.

Anyone may nominate a card to be considered to be put at vote—only Guild members may vote on which card to go to vote.
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