Script highlighting guild members during auction


I've made a userscript that adds a guild icon next to guild members during an auction: for all your heisting needs – without the cognitive load.
You'll need to install either the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey browser extension.
It's been tested under Firefox and Tampermonkey, but should also work with Greasemonkey and/or Chrome.
Guild members are automatically fetched from the Guild spreadsheet every 12h.

Source code

Suggestions, questions, bug reports? Let me know!



Just a friendly reminded that Article 4 section 1 that we all agreed to when we joined the guild says we won't heist each other! I don't know about you but I can never remember all the members of the guild and this tool is a life saver! (and it looks cool to have the guild flag added after your name in auctions!)

Guild members may not heist other Guild members’ card collecting nations, or The Northern Light nation. Heisting is defined as the act of attempting to sell a card to another Guild member’s puppet without that member’s permission, when the other Guild member is already attempting to sell said card to that puppet from their designated card collecting nation.