Opening/January Address


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Opening/January Address
January 15th, 2020
Good evening fellow citizens and executive staff, as usual one can expect for me to keep this short as I do with all my addresses.

First off, I would like to thank Delegate @mcmasterdonia for appointing me for a second term as Minister of Foreign Affairs. I can't wait to get to work, especially with the very talented deputy staff I have this term. In the spirit of cutting straight to the chase, I am proud to announce (in no particular order) the appointment of @Sanjurika , @Kaschovia , and @Vivanco as the Deputies of Foreign Affairs for this term. Kasch is an exciting addition to the team who brings tons of experience and fresh ideas to the table. They will play a big role in this ministry, especially as Vivanco takes on the role of Attorney General (Congrats!).

As for the upcoming term, specifically pertaining to the month of January, I need
ALL AMBASSADORS and MoFA STAFF who are assigned to regions to please fill out this form as soon as possible ( This should take you 20-30 minutes max and must be completed be completed by February 1st if you wish to remain in good standing with the Ministry. The data collected will be used to overhaul the organization of our ministry and the information we have to reference our allied and diplomatic partners.

Updates on this overhaul and and form will be provided in the near future, hopefully with monthly reports assuming everything can go off without any major hitches!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I am very excited to serve you as the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the second term!

Thank you and all the best,


St. Kaschivus of the Fifth Circle
I look forward to working with the Foreign Affairs ministry over the coming months and I am confident we will achieve all that we seek to.