Last News: Vivanco


I don't know anymore.
Inspiring myself in the thread made for Santonian News, I've decided too to make this thread.
I will post the news regarding Vivanco, from Vivanco in this very thread. News stations may be created and dissapear over time (Some may go bankrupt, sadly D:), but I will keep this list updated.

NEWS SITES [Nationals]:
- The Petria Herald Digital | The most known, centrist conservative news center. Still does phisical newspapers.
- Marquisate | Centrist Progressive news center, purely digital and only with crowdfunding support
- El Republicano | Far left extremist site, purely digital. Was taken down several times by government.

NEWS SITES [Regionals]:
[To be added]

The first news will be added in the middle of February, when the Vivanquian General Elections's campaign begin! Untill then, stay tuned!