Protecting our Government from Foreign Nationals Act

Discussion in 'Regional Assembly' started by BerCasca, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. BerCasca

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    Can someone help draft an anti-corruption bill.
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    You seem a bit confused about what the purpose of this section of the forums is supposed to involve. As a Citizen of the North Pacific you have a seat in the Regional Assembly by default, but what you seem to be suggesting sounds like more of a RolePlay activity for your nation’s legislature to pass, not for our regional legislature to pass. In the case that I am mistaken, what sort of anti-corruption bill would you be suggesting? We’re fairly well-regulated with regards to cross-branch involvement in government and with democracy being especially prevalent we really don’t have any issues with that. Perhaps you’d be interested in our regional RolePlay community of Eras (off-site) and Strangereal (on-site)? If so, I’d be happy to leave the links but this forum isn’t the place for that if so.