The Adventure Begins: Inaugural Cards Guild Opening Statement


Hoppin' Around
It is my absolute pleasure to be the first Guildmaster of the The North Pacific Cards Guild. There is immense potential in cards. Every so often a program is developed which reaches immense success and becomes internationally renowned whether that is the WADP or WALL. I believe the Cards Guild can achieve a similar status.

Our cards program is already so much—we have four independent, fully fleshed out, successful programs:
  1. The Card Lottery

  2. The Card Giveaway

  3. The Market Watch

  4. The Card Queries Page
These existing programs have been so successful other regions are now seeking to emulate us.

Over the remainder of this year, I hope to double the number of card programs and take our cards activities to the next level.

I can’t do this alone though. When cards first came out I realized the potential they had and posted at length about the opportunities.

While I may have been the first one to post publicly on their potential, @r3naissanc3r was hard at work on actually developing the infrastructure needed. He has built up an incredible deck (second to only one) despite constantly gifting out cards to further develop our community. While his deck may be second, his technological abilities are second to none. It should be no surprise that he will be getting back into a leadership role in TNP and joining me as Deputy Guildmaster. He has been the lead role in the current programs that exist; his insight on the Cards Guild as it was developed and programs planned to be released in the near future has been invaluable as well.

Joining the team will also be @DGES. He is a card player with one of the top card collections in the game: he has collected over 15,000 unique ex-nations, all ex-legends, ex-epics, ex-commended/condemned, and ex-UN authors. DGES has been occasionally informally giving advice to r3n and I over the past while. He will be joining as another Deputy Guildmaster. With an accomplished collection, DGES will be working on helping card players learn the mini-game; specifically on auctioning techniques.

Last but certainly not least, @Angshire will be joining the leadership as a Deputy Guildmaster. As a fresh face to NationStates and a rising star in TNP, he will be helping run the Guild and provide the perspective of a less seasoned card player.

As I invite my Deputy Ministers to take their Oath of Office, I would also like to thank the tremendous support seen so far from the region.

Within the span of a couple of days, the Guild has gained 27 members! I know many of you are excited for what the Guild brings—I am always eager to hear suggestions for improvement and invite them! If you have not joined the Guild, I encourage you to do so! We'll make it worth it.

I look forward to announcing soon future developments for the Guild!