Charter of The North Pacific Cards Guild



Charter of The North Pacific Cards Guild

Article 1: Establishment of the Guild
  1. The role of The North Pacific Cards Guild (“the Guild”) is to help promote activity in the trading cards aspect of NationStates, and instruct members of the region in how to develop their collections.

Article 2: Leadership of the Guild

  1. The Guild is led by the Guildmaster, who oversees and is responsible for all of its activities.
  2. The Guildmaster may appoint other members of the Guild to assist in the execution of the Guildmaster’s duties, as the Guildmaster sees fit.
  3. The Guildmaster is appointed and dismissed by the Delegate of The North Pacific, or their designated Executive Officer, at their discretion.

Article 3: Guild Membership
  1. Guild membership is available to all citizens of The North Pacific who have not otherwise been banned from the Guild.
  2. Guild membership will be managed and regulated by the Guildmaster.
  3. Each Guild member must designate a nation as their card collecting nation.

Article 4: Prohibited actions
  1. Guild members may not heist other Guild members’ card collecting nations, or The Northern Light nation. Heisting is defined as the act of attempting to sell a card to another Guild member’s puppet without that member’s permission, when the other Guild member is already attempting to sell said card to that puppet from their designated card collecting nation.
  2. Guild members may report violations of this section to the Guildmaster.
  3. The Guildmaster will adjudicate any such reports and, if they determine that a violation has taken place, may remove a Guild member from the Guild, and ban them from membership for a period between one and six months.
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