Communications: November Report

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    Office of the Ministry of Communications
    November 8, 2019

    The term is flying by!

    1. TNS XIII | Planning Thread
    2. SET employed for the first time
    3. Points spreadsheet updated
    1. TNS XIV | Planning
    2. TNL 30 (R/D) | Awaiting remaining articles.
    3. RPR III | Awaiting completion.
    To Do
    1. TNL 31
    2. TNS XIV
    3. TNS XV
    4. RPR IV


    I'm happy with the outcome of this month, all in all.

    The Senior Editing Team were employed for the first time to increase the quality of writing and formatting across the board for our publications, so I hope they can continue to hold the ministry to a high standard in the future as well.

    TNS XIII was published, despite some delays. It is what it is. We move on.

    TNL 30 is on its way, and planning for TNL 31 will begin soon.