Axle Skov is Into the Fire (1987) (semi-open)

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    1 June 1987
    11:42 pm
    On a Monday
    Keris, Prydania

    "You have the guns Colonel?" Ashur Aplaidi asked before taking a drag of his cigarette.

    Colonel Gert Bendixen nodded as he addressed the Shavian.
    "Everything Mr. Ventur paid for is in the crates."

    "Excellent" Aplaidi replied, making his way past the Royal Prydanian Army officer to inspect the merchandise.
    "Andrennian. Good, and proven in south Iteria. Mr. Ventur will be pleased."

    "I'm just curious about one thing" Bendixen replied, trying to calm his nerves as he shot a glance at one of his soldiers, hoping the bastard knew what he was doing.
    "What's Kurt Ventur going to do with crates of guns in Iteria? The Skandans and Iraelians are at peace and the Iterian League's still holding together."

    Aplaidi laughed.
    "Peace in Iteria is never permanent. Sometimes it just needs a bit of a push."

    "So Kurt Ventur isn't just selling guns now? He's starting wars?"

    Aplaidi just shrugged.
    "Like all of us, he's just trying to make his way in the world. Besides. Getting Iraelia and Skanda to go to war is like convincing a Syrixian to colonize you. It's hardly a huge undertaking!" he laughed patting the colonel on the shoulder.

    Skov, disguised as one of the Colonel's men, eyed the Shavian contact. It had taken months for ÖSU to track down the source selling off Army weaponry. The Colonel had been easy to turn, and now they had it. Proof Ventur was not only behind it but planning on trying to start another major Iterian war. He just needed to know how. And the Colonel's questioning was getting to the tipping point where anymore could give Aplaidi a reason to be suspicious.
    He grit his teeth, angry they were unable to get the "how" but he'd made his mind up. He'd make his move.

    Admiral Søren and the rest of the ÖSU top brass watched the transaction unfold thanks to night-vision camera-equipped snipers and a bug planted on their Skuggi Agent* operative.

    "Come on S-77, let the Colonel talk" Søren muttered.

    Skov glanced towards the city. The ÖSU snipers were ready. He was about to make his move when the Colonel spoke up.

    "And just how is Ventur going to 'push' Iteria into war?"

    "Fuck" Skov thought, hoping Aplaidi didn't get suspicious.

    "You are awfully curious for a gun ru..." Skov didn't wait for him to finish, firing a shot into the Shavian...

    "Hell!" Søren yelled.
    "All snipers, now!"

    ...Skov and the rest of the Colonel's men opened fire as long ranger sniper support took out the rest of Ventur's agents in short order.

    "I need a fucking line to HQ!" Skov yelled as the Colonel's men secured the area, one bringing him a bulky portable radio.

    "You were supposed to wait, S-77!" Søren barked.
    "We don't know what Ventur is planning and now he knows we may be onto him!"

    Skov just smirked.
    "I did what I had to do, Admiral. The Shavian was getting suspicious. Besides, we'd have to act fast either way. Iteria is about to be thrust into the fire."

    *Skuggi is Prydanian Makari for "shadow." A Skuggi Agent is a black ops agent of the ÖSU who is authorized to kill over the course of a mission if deemed to be in the national interest. Skuggi Agents are assigned code names of "S" followed by a numerical designation.
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