September Report

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    September's gone and past, and Home Affairs is undergoing massive changes. While it is still doing the same things, it's under the process of updating to a more modern office.

    Checklist of things we've accomplished so far:
    • Deputy appointments: SillyString, Marcus Antonius, and Brendog
    • Roll call: 17 staffers answered the call
    • 4 lists: three regular, one special for endorsing McMasterdonia
    • 1124 rows done
    • First survey regarding telegram quality has been sent out
    • Implementation of stricter HA rules: one staffer has been removed for non-compliance

    Things to follow:
    • Update of the many things under HA jurisdiction, like FAQs, automatic telegrams, dispatches
    • Overhaul of the Forum Mentors
    • Continued conduction of the surveys
    • Experimentation with personalized TGs for rows
    • Video tutorials for TNP - might have to collaborate with Comms and/or Radio
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