Welcome to the 2019 NS RP Symposium


Það er alltaf sólríkt í Býkonsviði
TNP Nation

Welcome to the 2019 NS Roleplay Symposium, co-hosted by the North Pacific and our friends over at Greater Dienstad. We hope this event will stand not only as a testament not only to TNP and GD's excellent roleplay communities but as a celebration and source of engagement for RPers from across NationStates.

We will, in the coming days, come forward with more concrete dates and announcements. What I can say right now is that this will be held on three platforms- on a dedicated Discord server administered by a joint GD/TNP team, on TNP's forum, and on TNP's RMB. It will include an in character banquet and an in character debate for your national leaders to partake in, as well as a series of OOC seminars by a host of experienced and talented roleplayers.

I ask that you all stay tuned as we have more news forthcoming.
I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. Glad to finally see our efforts start to come to fruition!