Iraelian Elections 5779/2019! (solo)

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    "Election season is upon us as the term for the 24th Knesset, elected in 2015, expired. Governor-General Avrohom Kadish, in accordance with the Constitution, dissolved the legislator and called for elections in one month's time."

    "As of now there are no more MKs. Only candidates. Prime Minister Agastya Yamesh's Conservative-led coalition of Conservatives, Centrists, Reforms, the National Front, and Halacha Nations with a slight lead over the Liberal, CDU, and Progressive electoral alliance, with the government's lead anywhere between 5 to 2 percent across a multitude of polls."

    "Eshkar Hiskiyah, leader of the Liberal Party, appeared in a press conference with CDU leader Taneli Gadi and Progressive Party leader Uriela Arel to hold the Prime Minister's coalition to task."

    footage of Hiskiya appears

    "The Prime Minister's reliance on the far right to cling to power has had a stifling effect on our nation. We need to grow, for a new era. We need to embrace an Iraelia for all, an Iraelia that works with its neighbours."

    cut back to the news anchor

    "The Prime Minister, however, has not stayed pat."

    footage of Yamesh appears

    "Iraelia today is stronger economically and more respected on the world stage today than it was even four years ago. We stand proudly alongside our allies in the Trillium Compact, our traditional allies in Astragon, Maloria-Kanada, and the Empire. Our coalition promises to keep Iraelia on track."

    cut back to the news anchor

    "Parties across the country continue gear up. Labour leader Razya Atzil called out the Prime Minister for authorizing air strikes against Syndicalist rebels in Norsia two years ago, and insisted that Iraelia needed a more conciliatory stance on the world stage. The People's League of Hasban and the Shavain Nationalist Party both launched their campaigns, advocating for Hasban and Shavain interests. Government parties condemned both groups as dangerous rebels while the Liberal-CDU-Progressive coalition called for a more unifying approach."

    "With both major coalitions within spitting range of each other in the polls this is already shaping up to be a contentious election. And now to Karniel Eviatar with last night's rugby scores!"