Iliro-Prydanian agreement

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    This thread Details the discussion and agreements between the Confederacy of Ilirja and the kingdom of Prydania
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    To the King and Parliament of Prydania.
    As a Nation that went trough, although much smaller but still similar, struggle you The Confederacy of Ilirja and it's people would be honored to Assist you with repairing the damage war has done to your country with mutually beneficial deals.
    We offer Infrastructural projects like building roads as, railroads and power grids as well as some help with education. Our nation has been pretty closed to the outsiders until recently so not a lot of people know foreign languages or conlangs such as Mercanti so the aid we could provide in this field is limited.

    What we ask in return is lower costumes in mutual trade as well as your help in further integrating our Nation with the rest of Eras If you are interested and want to discuss and would like to strengthen the ties between our nations The confederacy of Ilirja would be more than happy to host a Prydanian embassy and would be interested in opening one in your kingdom.

    Edrix Epolone Armatu, knez of the Confederacy of ilirja
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    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði - - - -

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    The next Day, Nesactea
    It was a warm Monday morning and Ederix was sitting in the back of his car while his driver was cussing out the traffic in front of them.
    "Oh come on Frank" - Ederix said -"even if we're a bit late, it's not liek either of us will get fired"
    "I don't mind being late sir, but Ido mind this cretin weaving in font of me without a blinker!"
    Ederix chuckled and just leaned back in his seat but his serenity was disturbed by a phone call from his office.
    "Armatu speaking."
    "Good morning Mister Armatu, It's Ander Sal."Said the secretary" You are late to work so I'm obliged to call you."
    "I'll be in the office in about ten minutes, the traffic appears to be expectantly chaotic today."
    "While you're on the line, The Minister of foreign affairs, Mr.Abri. is waiting for you."
    "All right, Thanks for the heads up."
    Although puzzled by why the Minister was there Ederix didn't think much of it and enjoyed his ride to work.
    Once he arrived at at his office He noticed the environment, was unusually rowdy.
    Ederix sat at his desk and Daun Abri,A shirt man in his early thirties, immediate appeared in front of him
    with a smirk he just couldn't hide.

    "I presume you know what's going on here Abri"
    "Yes I do Sir."
    "so ... what is going on?"
    "The letter you asked me to send to the Government of Prydania" Abri said with unhidible excitement "We jut got an official response!"
    Ederix smiled "No wonder you're so giddy. This was our biggest international move since the end of the riots."
    "AND already the most successful one. Now We need a representative."
    "Well you're the minister of foreign affairs, you were supposed to handle foreign affairs"
    "I was chosen for this position becasue I speak Mercanti,Prydanian and Gojan.
    I'm here as a figure to inspire our nation to learn foreign languages, not someone who can negotiate trade deals."
    "As true as that is this is still your Jurisdiction. You weren't held at gunpoint when you took the Ministers position."
    "well yes but during your last term the only thing my department did was send pleas that were respectfully rejected. Only serious thing we had was that small wave of Prydanian refug ..."
    "I presume you have an ide for a representative"
    "I will appoint Anders Haraldson as our representative"
    "A young tech entrepreneur worth several million Lire"
    "Well he knows both Cultures and languages, he knows what kind of ores are our priority becasue they are HIS priority as well. and let's face it, the kid is a business mastermind."
    "The 'kid' is my age, but yes. I do agree he seems as a logical choice. He already worked as a counselor at the ministry of education so he is no stranger to all of this. But you won't send him alone"
    "Who else should I send?"
    "Well yourself!"
    "You are seriously gonna make me do this"
    "Look, We might establish relations with Prydania that will last for millennia, but what if Prydania decides to isolate themselves from the rest of the world in the next fifty to a hundred years? We're back on square one.
    I need you to be the minister who is going to establish relations with the world NOT just one nation."
    "So what? We're using Prydania as a politicalč slingshot?"
    Ederix slowly facepalmed at this comment. than he looked up and patiently started explaining himself.
    "You know this is why I hesitated to apoint you as the Minister even after Eri refused. You only see monochrome. No I am not using Prydania, I am trying to trade with them. I'm rebuilding their infrastructure and will try to help with their education.
    And in return I'm looking to gain access to raw material we desperately need and are running out of. In the next ten years we will definitely invest more in Prydania than we will get in return.
    But if we establish favorable trade policies that will last in perpetuity we will have a cheaper access to the materials we need. IN PERPETUITY.
    But Prydania doesn't have all we need. Our military technology is lacking and we are barely keeping up with the world, do you think a nation that went trough a several decade spanning civil war can help there?"
    "Huh... Yeah ok that makes sense. I will send a dispatch to Prydanian foreign affairs minister as soon as you write it."

    "WAIT!" Ederix shouted to stop his minister who was already at the exit." Who is going to be the ambassador though?"
    "Oh, for that I have someone in mind actually. Iapeta Ardiei"
    "The former Union foreign affairs minister?"
    "She knows the language, she lived in Prydania before the civil war started and she was the one that resigned in support to the Songbirds."
    "Fair enough, I won't meddle. I'm sending all three of you as our negotiating team. Transmit my dispatch to Prydania as soon as you receive it"
    "I will proof read it first. knowing you it will have more grammatical errors than words"
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    The Confederacy of Ilirja is delighted to hear a positive response from The kingdom of Prydania.
    As our representatives we would like sending three people. Daun Abri, our Minister of foreign affairs.
    Iapeta Ardiei, a skilled diplomat that will serv as our ambassador.
    And lastly Anders Haraldson, a young entrepreneur to serve as counselor in these negotiations
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  6. Prydania

    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði - - - -

    Ilirjian and Prydanian flags fluttered in the wind, the early summer breeze refreshing the group that awaited the Ilirjian delegation's arrival.

    Tobias rocked on the balls of his feet, wearing a houndstooth charcoal grey three piece suit rather than his usual military uniform. He found it far less...restrictive and was fond of banishing the military garb to the realm of ceremonial appearances. A gold crowned stag pin hung from his lapel. He scanned the horizon, wearing dark aviators so as to not strain his eyes in the sun as they waited.

    "Infrastructure?" the King asked as his Prime Minister, Magnus Brandt, made his way up to him.

    "Yes your majesty. Ilirjian investment will be quite a boon to our infrastructure renewal program. Especially with our mutual railway project in Norsia gathering, ahem, steam" the jovial old man smiled at his own pun, managing a chuckle from Tobias.

    "Regardless Your Majesty, their investment and interest in trade would be mutually beneficial."

    Tobias nodded. He had Brandt and his cabinet who effectively hammered these fine points out. He hadn't been involved with a direct negotiation since...well....the visit to Norsia. Still, protocol dictated that as head of state and Sovereign he was expected to meet all incoming diplomats. And this was business. He preferred something like this to the pomp that came with ceremonial visits. Something that had rubbed off on him from his meeting with the Silean delegation.

    "That's them, Your Majesty" a Knight of the Storm whispered to Tobias, prompting him to hand his sunglasses over.

    "Alright, look lively" he told himself as he watched the plane come in.
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    "Okay okay okay ... we are doing this."- Daun Abri paced from one side of the plane to another trying to calm himself down
    "Sit down Daun" Said Iapeta Ardiei in a relax but still commanding voice "Even if this deal falls trough, you have already achieved more than I did in all my years as a minister"
    "You think it could fall trough"
    "Oh for the love of Lora" Iapeta facepalmed
    " Kid help me out here" She said looking at Anders Haraldson who looked amused by his older colleague anxiety
    "Well if I do that I'd have to watch the boring movie they are sh.." Anders noticed madam Ardiea's unamused facial expression and decided it would be wise not to finish sentance.
    "Ok ok, Mr. Abri Calm down. The sole fact you offered to help will mean a lot to the people and the government of Pydania. We might not agree on all the deals we want but as long as we get one project off the ground that will be a Good day for Prydania and a historical success for Ilirja.
    And as long as we treat each other fairly there should be no problem and will probably ease the foreign relation in the future."
    Abri Sighed as he sat back down "Let's hope all goes well"

    A few hours later as the plane descended and the small negotiating team was ready to exit.
    Iapeta shared a few more advice to her younger colleagues.
    "Remember, Stand up straight, polite smile, shake everyone hand and bow to the king. Just normal courtesies"
    "That is the easy part" Daun said "I'm so nervous I'm not sure I won't just keel over when someone asks me something"
    "Well you better don't because I am too old to be catching swooning men" Iapeta added not being able to keep a straight face at her oun joke.
    Anders however started Laughing hysterically for a moment "Ahahaha That was a good one"
    "Get a hold of your self everyone. we are here on businesses" Iapeta said.
    In that moment the plain doors opened and Daun Abri went from a nervous wreck in a suit, to a confident government representative who knows what he's aiming for.
    Iapetas handled herself the same as she did all this time. A polite smile, and professional look, fitting for a lady in her mid fifties.
    Anders however took this moment very emotionally. It was several since he has been home so of course the moment he saw the Prydanian flag he felt a childish glee come over him and his smile only confirmed that.
    Daun grabbed his shoulder and said "Welcome home mister Haraldson"
    "Thank you Msiter Abri" Anders said managing to contain his smile to an acceptable level.
    The Team disembarked the airplane and slowly made their way towards their hosts
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    After a few steps the small negotiating team was face to face with the King and the Prime minister.
    Daun Abri stood at the front
    "Your majesty, Prime Minister" he said as he bowed to the king and shook his hand with the Prime minister
    "It's a great honor and joy to meet you in person and to be able to negotiate business deals between our two countries." Daun couldn't contain a small smile on his face as he said that, the idea that he, a nervous wreck of a man was the one who managed to set up first Ilirjan bilateral negotiations in over a hundred and fifty years
    was a tad too overwhelming for him.
    "If I may present my colleagues ..." He continued "This is Iapeta Ardiei, one of Ilirjas most skilled diplomats and hopefully our new ambassador in Prydania. And, Anders Haraldson A young entrepreneur who will be my advisors for these negotiations"
    Iapeta and Anders bowed politely. Anders had a very expressed and gleeful smile on his face

    "It's good to be home" he said as he raised his head again
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  9. Prydania

    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði - - - -

    Tobias cocked his head a bit.
    "Home?" the King asked following Anders' response.
    "It's so good to see one of our countrymen return now that we know peace" he said as he shook hands with Abri and Haraldson.

    "Indeed it is, Your Majesty" Magnus Brandt replied. The Prime Minister tucked his cane away under his arm as he shook hands as well.
    "We're very happy to have you in Prydania" he added.

    Tobias hadn't expected an expat to be among the Illiro coalition but it was a pleasant surprise.
    "I'm very happy to see you here" he said to Anders as the combined party made their way into the secured series of conference rooms that had been constructed at Beaconsviði International Airport.
    "Even if it's just for a little bit, you'll be able to see how hard we're working to restore our country. When was it you left?" he asked.
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    Anders stared blankly to the Prydanian flag that fluttered outside
    "You know, I'm not even sure. I just remember the boat ride to Pasadur and my parents talking about Hadden burning " He slowly lowered his head to look at the rest of the group that was being seated in
    "They never wanted to talk about it though, can't say that I blame them for that."
    after collecting his taught a bit he perked up "Well, let's not dwell about the past, let's make some plans for the future shall we?"

    "Well said" Daun added slightly surprised by the seriousness with his young advisor.
    "So let us begin." He stood up and continued "Ilirjan construction sector has a descent amount of experience. we're willing to work on anything from power grids to sea ports and tunnels.
    Furthermore The Ministry of education put in a plea with me to start the talks about student and professor exchange programs.Unfortunately due to long isolation the number of people who speak languages like Mercanti are counted in the hundreds and we would like these negotiations to be a turning point for our nation in that regard.

    Lastly, there are some things we would love in return. Ilirja currently lacks raw material. Primarily silicon, Iron and aluminum. We are interested both in ore and things like technological waste from which the afore mentioned materials could be extracted.
    We also have a surplus of agricultural products and could provide you with quality and affordable goods in that regard. Whet we would need from you in that regard is lowering of import/export costume tariffs."

    As Daun sat down again and the adrenaline started wearing off his hands started shaking. In that moment Teuta gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder and looked with a look of improvement.

    "If I may add something really quickly" She said without getting up " I've spoken with the Knez and would like you to offer several locations for the your embassy in our Country.

    Fist would be The old governors Manor in Ragussa, our biggest City. The building is well maintained and saptious.. Second is a location at Emerik's square in our capital, Nesactea. This location was chosen mostly becasue it's closeness to the assembly of leader and Knez's office.
    Third choice is the Princeps abode at Ivar, it is fairly remote from the major centers but the Ban of Eir insisted we offer one location on Ederi.
    The last viable solution would be the city of Kess, which is home to a recently modernized airport."

    Now the trio had to wait. They layed their cards on the table, it was now time on their hosts to respond.
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  11. Prydania

    Prydania Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði - - - -

    Tobias took a seat at the head of the conference room table. The rooms here at Beaconsviði International were modern, unlike the traditionally-styled conference rooms in Absalonhöll or the Haraldvígi. Here half the walls were glass- glass you could only see out from and bulletproof, but still glass. Glass intersected with concrete and metal. Even the chairs- they were modern, black, sleek. Not the old, crafted chairs of the Royal palace or Parliament building. The change wasn't off-putting for Tobias though. The modernity, it represented the work Prydania and her allies had put in to rebuilding the country. It was a hint that the country had a future.

    Magnus, for his part, listened to the Ilirjan pitch intently. He occasionally stroked his white beard while his other hand clutched his cane tightly.
    Finally, the Ilirjan delegation finished with their initial offer. Magnus turned to his young King, in part to gauge his mood.

    Tobias' mind was awash. Deals with Andrenne, Goyanes, Sil Dorsett, Norsia, half a dozen other places. It was hard to keep track of it all. And yet he had been briefed on Ilirja's economic profile. He smiled to Magnus, resisting the urge to rub his temples. He needed to hear more, if only to clear his mind and focus on the proposal.

    "Our eastern areas could use your expertise. Many a township was left without a functioning power structure" the Prydanian Prime Minister began.
    "We have attempted to alleviate the worst of it it, but Ilirjan construction would go a long way towards ensuring our power grid is as stable as it was before the Civil War. And in the spirit of that prospect, a student exchange would do wonders. The education of younger generation, who will hopefully have a better future than we had, has been a hallmark of my government. As for the raw materials..."

    Tobias held up his hand.
    "If I may?" he asked softly.

    "Of course Your Majesty."

    "Prydania has a long history of mineral extraction. Coal was the big one, back during the industrial revolution." He reached out, playing with a pen in his left hand as he spoke. Part of him wanted to go on about how those mining pits had been the nucleus from which the Syndicalist movement arose. He had hoped that, perhaps, those old towns could be left to die off. That Prydania could transition into a breadbasket economy with service elements in the cities. Never allow a mass movement based in organized labour to rise up again...

    ...and yet was the early Syndicalist movement truly that bad? The current social democratic People's Party that sat in Parliament had accepted Tobias' coronation as a condition of being granted legal party status. The King flipped the pen through his fingers and sighed.

    "Yet despite that history our minerals have largely remained an untapped resource...if I understand the reports the Ministry of the Interior sends my way" he added, a bit nervous.

    "Indeed Your Majesty" Magnus replied, wondering what the King was getting at. Thankfully Tobias only nodded and sat back in his chair allowing Magnus to take the lead again.

    "As His Majesty said, silicon, iron and aluminum have remained mostly untapped resources. My government would be amicable to lowering tariffs on manufactured goods and agricultural goods in exchange for those resources. I'm sure Ilirjan agricultural products would be a boon to our own agricultural economy."

    Tobias spoke up again, happy to hear that Magnus was agreeable to those terms.
    "Emerik's Square in Nesactea" he said.
    "I don't wish to presume, but if your government is offering it, we would be honoured to have an assembly in your capital. And I'm sure space for an Ilirjan embassy in Prydania is available."

    "I'm sure adequate space in Beaconsviði could be arranged for" Magnus replied.

    "Or anywhere else they like" Tobias added with a smile.
    "Hadden" he said, breathing deep.
    "I don't want to bring up difficult memories" he said looking at Anders.
    "But the city has mostly been rebuilt. It's come a long way since I helped hand out rations to the populace following our victory there, when we wrestled it from the Syndicalists. I'm unsure if it would be a location your government would wish to place an embassy, but I hope that it's one your delegation visits while they're here anyway. I want the world to see how much we've rebuilt already."
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    Listening to the King and his Prime minister, Daun had trouble believing everything that was said.
    He did not think it was possible for negotiations to go this smoothly. If Teuta was not there, sitting beside him and calming him down he would have probably started smiling like a kid in a candy store.

    "If i may" Teuta said after the Prime minister finished talking
    "I was given permission by Knez Ederix to decide where our Embassy will be. And I think seating it in a city that suffered greatly during the war would be a nice gesture of support towards the restoration process and of our appreciation towards the people of Prydania.
    We will, of course, visit the city in the following days to find a suitable building to house the embassy."

    A few seconds after Teuta finished talking Daun just stood up and said
    "Well gentleman, I must say that this kind of results were a surprise, but a welcomed one. I also hope this was just a start of a long and mutually beneficial co-operation
    between our nations.
    But I suggest leaving the details of the agreement for another day. Me and my colleagues would like to retire to our hotel for today, it has been an eventful day after all."

    Daun turned towards the king and bowed politely, Anders and Teuta did the same
    "your majesty"

    The ride towards the hotel was silent. even though they were all more than pleased with the outcome, they were to tired to show it.

    Once they have settled in the Hotel, Anders immediately fell asleep.
    Teuta wanted to do the some but decided to look for any map of Hadden she could find beforehand. She wanted some insight to the city before she gets there.
    Daun, after unpacking , had to call the Knez.

    "Abri" Ederix answered
    "I suppose you ended the preliminary talks."
    "Yes" Daun said
    "So how did it go?"
    "They accepted"
    "Ok, that's good..... what exactly did they accept?"
    ".... what?"
    "They said our construction would be beneficial in restoration of the power grid trough out the east, they were happy to hear about the student exchange program, They want their embassy to be housed at Emerik's square, agricultural cooperation was also happily discussed.
    I did sense some tension when they talked about the raw materials, but they are willing to trade those too."
    "..... So ..... best case scenario?"
    "Seems so" Daun said
    "Hhaha this was the best news I've heard in a while! Listen, if you get the chance, offer them investments in that sector. No need to be pushy about it though."
    "I will. now I'm going to sleep though"
    "Alright, keep me posted."
    "Will do" Daun said as he hung up.
    After that he took a shower and slumped to the bed knowing that this trip was already a major success, but there was still work to do.
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