The Craviter-Collandris Topography Project


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Between my mapping of most of Collandris and the South-East of Craviter, as well as multiple requests by people on Craviter to make them a map, I have decided that the most logical way to go about this is just to map out the whole damn continent. A massive undertaking to be sure, but since the majority of the land is claimed, it can be done. We have the technology.

That being said, I need something from you. I need you to open up paint (or whatever image editor you use) with a map of your nation and draw where you want stuff. Draw in some mountains (use little triangles or black squiggles) where you want ranges to be. Draw blue lines to show major rivers (not minor branches or creeks. I don’t need those) and where lakes should be (if you want). Or you can just tell me “Do what feels right.” Up to you.

You can also submit any terrain maps you already have. Even if it’s super stylized. Anything to help me understand what you want. I will likely then reach out to you as I try to fit everybody’s topography together coherently. At this stage you may need to make changes. Please be flexible with what you want.

One final caveat, this project will take time. A lot of time. So don’t be impatient. A normal map can take me between two days and a few months. And I have a life. So be prepared to wait to see the finished project. You can ask (politely) for updates on my progress but no pestering.

On that note here’s some general rules to keep in mind while we embark on this journey together:

1). Remember that I’m doing this for free. I’m not being paid. Being overly pedantic and needy about your terrain will get you removed from this project. I’m doing this because I enjoy it. If I’m no longer enjoying it I will remove the unenjoyable element.

2). Don’t be a dick. This should be a given. Once again I’m doing this for free. I have no obligation to put up with any nonsense from anyone.

3). I will try to meet your preferences on topography but I will put realism first. If your request doesn’t make sense from a topographic/geographic perspective I will likely ignore it. I have to also fit your terrain with that of your neighbors and continuity and map integrity will take precedence.

4). If you submit a vague outline of your topography, or none at all, I will take that to mean I have a free hand in creating your topography myself.
If you have any questions, please contact me on Discord @Esplandia#2393


Það er alltaf sólríkt í Beaconsviði

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Callise has a mountainous northern border, with rolling plains making up it's center. The coastal biome is similar, but more Mediterranean in nature. In the far South, the plain gradually gives way to hills, which quickly become a stark mountain range. The western most region of Callise gradually becomes more hill ridden the further West you travel.