Thoughts on approaches to sentencing?

Gracius Maximus

Tyrant (Ret.)
While I understand that the majority of TNPers are not avid followers of the Court, I wonder if anyone has opinions on the two sentencing perspectives put forth by St George and CoE in the current trail?

As the AG for the trial of Tomb, I felt previous service to the region was a mitigating factor and argued in favour of a lighter punishment (3 or 4 months, or effectively one cycle). But I do find CoE’s argument compelling, that consideration of the ‘what might have been’ should be of equal, if not more importance, in deciding a sentence.

punk d

Seems like no one took you up on this.

I know it's late, but figured I'd weigh in on this's interesting.

I tend to agree with CoE's recommendation on this one and I may have actually argued for an even longer sentence for the fraud conspiracy charge. I think CoE is making a rational argument when it comes to the effect it could have had on the region. Were the lie to have been believed it could have moved the region into chaos.

That Madjack has served the region while respected, makes the situation all the worse because due to regional service it could have potentially been more likely the rest of the region would have believed him. What if Eluvatar or SillyString had done something similar. Or Flem or GBM? The trust capital they have due to regional service makes any fraud attempt by them that much more likely to succeed due to the trust has already placed within them.

And that causes me considerable concern. And thus, would be why I'd lean towards a heftier punishment in order to deter those who have served the region for some time from potentially taking fraudulent actions that could have the effect of throwing the region into chaos. Seems like a bullet was dodged in this instance, but it could have been far worse. I think CoE took an appropriate line of argument during sentencing, but I think I would have favored an even harsher sentence on the fraud charge to deter anyone else.