Changing Winds


Chapter 1 - Part 1 - Evergarden
The sound of the crowd would be suppressed as I looked at the Major, walking behind him like a lost sheep while we walked through the bazaar. The boots would walk along the paved ground as I followed him among the crowd before losing sight. He would stop as he turned, realising I was gone, and look back at the ground to catch a glimpse of me may it be the blue eyes shining among the crowd or the golden blonde hair as he looked. As the crowd became less dense he would find me staring at a stand as he looked over while the wind blew and asked “What’s wrong?” I would stand there momentarily as the sound of the market and crowd takes over before responding as I kept looking at the stand and said “Your eyes.” as a response. He would widen his eyes a bit as he looked at me standing there as I turned around, my eyes would shine as bright as a diamond while my, albeit messy, golden hair blend but at the same time stand out between the bright yellow and orange lights of the bazaar as my mouth would open to continue “It’s the same colour as your eyes.” the item I was mentioning was a emerald green gem that stood out among the rest for me because it reminded me of my Major’s eyes, the same Major that embraced me during our first meeting when I was a child and the first person to give me any compassionate feelings. Gilbert, my Major, would look as he slightly raised his eyebrows as he looked back in surprise to my response. For a moment we would stare at each other as i waited for him to respond back, I would break sight from him first as I blinked and turned back to the green gem that when seen appears liquid when exposed to the light giving it a watery feeling and its golden cover giving it the feeling of a pool, I would soon break the silence between us as my hand moved to touch my chest to feel the warmness of my heart and the reaction I felt from it’s sight by saying “The way I felt when I saw this,” I would stop momentarily before continuing on with my words “This… feeling.” I’d look at the gem even deeper and pay attention to it even more as i grasped my shirt and continued “What is it called?” I would ask to him and myself as I felt the confusion among my heart and my feelings as I looked at the bright green emerald. Gilbert would squint his eyes slightly as he held back his emotions and stared back warmly while I asked as his green emerald eyes also shined the same way the emerald did.

But soon I would wake up from the dream, I would breath in the air for the first time in a long time as I’d stare at the ceiling while i recollected myself and where I was as i tried to get up, but I was unable to, I simply didn’t have the energy to do so. The sun would shine onto the bed and myself as it shined on not only my hair but also the bandage wrapping on my head and on the wounds I experienced from the last battle. From the blanket that surrounded my body I would pull out my arm as it let out a metallic sound while it was wrapped in bandages, just like my neck and head. I would observe and twist it around as i looked and stared at it before putting it down onto the surface of the blanket. A nurse would soon approach with a table that would be used to eat breakfast in bed for patients as another nurse approached with a tray of food, she would put the tray down and ask me this as the sun shined on me as i looked at her “I see you are awake, Jamie?” I would look back at her and nod as she helped me up to sit on the bed. Afterwards she would place the food on the bed tray, it was the usual food i ate. I would then look at her to ask for the first thing that I always ask for the time I was in the hospital; “Can you..” I’d stop momentarily as i looked at the food, she would respond with a “Hmm?” as she looked at me while I turned to her and then proceeded to ask “Can you please get me a envelope, pen and a piece of paper?”, she would then turn to me to respond with a nod as she walked off to get what i asked. The other Nurse would meanwhile open the window, letting the sunshine in and the breeze from the outside come as it cooled the room while I awaited while i ate my meal slowly due to it still being very early in the morning. The wind blows in as it cooled the hot meal I ate as I waited for my request, soon she would return after entering the door and walked to put the Pen, Paper, and Envelope on the table to the side as I thanked her by nodding and saying “Thank You.” as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her to head over to another place. I would grab the Paper and put it onto the Bed Tray as i put away my tray temporarily to the table to my side alongside the water and then I would reach out for the envelope as I grabbed it and put it over to the table. Then i would turn over to possibly the most despised thing I could possibly reach for but it is a necessity to use in order to write a letter. It would only be a matter of time now before I wrote my letter as I grabbed the pen and positioned the paper on the bed tray as I wrote; “Major Gilbert. I’ve been in the hospital for 120 days now. My strength has almost recovered. Movement is still a bit difficult, but I can still perform my duties. Please let me return to my post so-.” my hand would have been shaking as I wrote, having suffered heavy injuries to it I was having massive difficulties doing work. The pen would soon fall off from my hand and into the wooden floor as it click and clacked on the floor from the fall. I would look away from the paper and to the pen as it fell as my mouth was slightly exposed. I would soon close it as the pen stopped rolling and I reached down to the ground to grab the Pen, letting my hand that was holding onto the paper go as i reached for it. However unfortunately, a sudden and large blast of wind comes into the room from the window, shaking the curtains and blowing onto my hair as it flew while i gasped as i stopped mid-way from my efforts to reach from the pen. The paper i was writing on would float up from the breeze and fly away as it was taken away by the wind as I did nothing to stop it while it flew away to the outside and into the blue sky of the world. To where it went it could have taken flight to town to town, from rail to rail, from lake to lake, from crowd to crowd, and from port to port as it flew freely. I would straighten myself up as i held onto the pen and looked around for the paper, nowhere to be found.

From the outside voices would be heard while I struggled to look for the Pen. And like the fighter i was, I would attempt to get out of the bed only to fall from it and land on my knees and my 2 hands as I looked at the ground while my hair touched the ground with the tray falling away from me as I struggled to get up even though I was in a fragile state. I would look up to the front of me as i stood on all fours as Lieutenant Colonel Wesely, in casual clothing stood there while the nurse said “Oh, my.” in response. He would soon shout out “Jamie!” resulting in me turning towards him as i laid on the ground while they trotted towards me in panic as Wesely asked me “Are you okay?” and “Are you hurt?” as he kneeled down and grabbed my arm while the nurse bent down. I would look back at him as i laid my other arm on the bed and looked back at him then the nurse before asking a question that i yearned to ask for so long; “Where is the major?” and as i continued to ask “Where’s Major Gilbert?’ Wesely could only look back with his red hair and eyes staring back at my blue eyes and blonde-white hair with a simple response “He’s not here.” leading to more answers as i asked more and more questions like “Where is he? Did he return home? How are his injuries?” I would buck forward from the bed as i leaned on him and stared back saying “His injuries were severe…” I would stop momentarily to ask a deep question “Is the Major…” I would stop again with the thought in my head overwhelming me “..alive?” she stared back as the Major hunched forward and tried to respond “He’s..” but soon she was cut from her answer by the Nurse which said “They’ve given us permission to discharge you from the hospital. Lieutenant Colonel Wesely came all this way to pick you up.” Wesely would look at her as he smiled back and smiled at Jamie as he said “Uh, yeah that’s right!” I would stand up from the ground as I pulled myself up from the ground as I stood and said “Excuse me. Lieutenant Colonel Wesely.” as I saluted him as I stood straight as the nurse got up and fixed the table and bed while Wesely got up and calmed me down by saying “Jamie, Relax.” as he held my arm softly while I responded back by saying “I’d forgotten you were a Lieutenant Colonel. I apologize, sir.” as he stared back at me while I stood in attention. He would respond in a calm and forgiving manner by saying “It’s okay. Sit down.” I would comply as I went into a rest position and sat on the bed while he looked down and asked me “Anyways, so do you remember me?” I would look back at him as I sat on the side of the bed while the sun shined on my face as I looked back and answered calmly in the same tone “We’ve met twice. Once during training and the night before the battle where I was wounded.” Wesely would smile back and nod as he felt great that I, a former child soldier and teenage girl, is able to remember him as he replied back while the Nurse closed the windows but not the curtains. He would soon say to me that “Yes. You’re right.” he would then shift his gaze to the window and then to the bed tray which was on the bed, he would soon gaze to the other sheets of paper, the sealing solution for the envelope, and the Pen holder and then asking me “What were you doing?” as he said that I would look down momentarily before looking back up as I replied back to him while I shifted my hair away from my face for a clearer look as i answered “I was writing a report to Major Gilbert..” I’d stop for a moment before continuing on to fix my wording “No, not report, but rather a request.” I would gaze back momentarily before gazing back to Wesely as I spoke again while I adjust my posture to him, putting my hands on my knees while I spoke again “They said writing words would be good for my recovery.” He’d nod at that before looking at my hands, they were wrapped in bandages and he would look back at me as I asked once again “Is the Major well?” I would have a blank and expressionless face while asking, bandages and band-aids still covering the scratches I experienced while Wesely could only gasp after hoping that I had forgot the question already, a brief silence would follow as Wesely slowly tucked his right hand into his pocket as he spoke back to me “Don’t worry, Jamie.” his smile would return back as he continued on with his words “He asked me to come here.” that response he gave made me feel, for a brief moment, disappointed, as I looked down on my knees momentarily before looking back up to him in the same blank face as I said to him, being reassured “So,” I would sigh momentarily before continuing “that means he’s fine.” the Colonels hand could only buck up slightly as he was anxious, hoping that I would be fine as i continued on talking “The doctor told me that we won the war.” I would be quick with my words as I continued “What post is he assigned to now?” I would clench my hands slightly as it was moved to my thighs “What post is he assigned to now?” my head would move slightly forward as i asked “When shall I join him?” Wesely would stop me there, he would look back at me as he spoke to me “Get changed first.” he said, telling me that I must change before I could find my answers, and then continuing with “I’ll have them send the car in the meantime.” He would walk out of the room that was made for multiple injured but due to how long the war has ended only housed 1 person. The nurse would assist me as she let the bandages go as I sat there waiting for her to finish before I could change into a long green skirt with a white shirt.

I would soon walk out as Wesely waited outside, putting his smartphone away after he called for the car. For the first time in what felt as if it was forever, I felt free as the air blew against my face as i kept my skirt from flying. The nurse that carried the briefcase through the hallway and to the outside would put the briefcase down as I turned to face her after she caught my attention after coughing and said “These have arrived several days ago. They’re your belongings.” she would hand the briefcase to me, the contents were not much for I didn’t have anything of value since i was born and raised with the Military as a unregistered Child Soldier. As I opened it the Nurse would tell me that “It appears they mistakenly delivered it to an Army Base far away, assumingly your former base.” Wesely would gaze from a distance while the car awaits. As soon i opened it I would check for a small metal box where I kept the “Gem” or what now I know as the Brooch that was given to me by Gilbert. Wesely would know something was wrong the moment I closed the briefcase after checking that single metal box as i looked back up after gazing at the briefcase waiting for her to finish. I would look up at her, my hair seemingly reflecting the sun as Gilbert looked at me as I said “Brooch..” she would let a confused “Hm?” as she looked down at me kneeling at the briefcase as I went into a slight panic and raised my voice saying “The emerald brooch.” the Nurse’s first reply would be a confused “Eh?” while she could only muster up this explanation “T-this is everything from the garrison and the place where they found you.” with that reply I opened my mouth slightly as i lifted the suitcase up and got up while saying “Then I have to go look for it if it is not here.” I would sprint away, carrying the briefcase, only to be caught by Wesely which was just waiting to intercept as he yelled out “Jamie!” as I stopped to respond “It was a gift.” in a panic as I looked back at him while he held onto my wrist as I explained that “The Major gave it to me!” he would lower his eyebrows for a moment after going to a shocked expression as he slowly put my hand down and let go as he replied back with a “I understand.” and claiming to me that “I’ll look for it. I promise.” to me, I would be silent for a moment before attempting to reply with “But-” which was cut short by him saying “You must..” before he continued talking and told me that I must “come with me.” to somewhere. My heart would pound and beat in a increased rate as I was temporarily in a panic on the news before being reassured by him with the words “These are his orders.”, the word order, the trigger for me that makes me conduct anything when told to. I would gasp momentarily as I looked back and replied back in a tone that made it seem I was asking something “Orders?” I’d look on the ground for the moment as I nodded back and said “I understand.” as he put his hand behind my back while he transported me to the car. During the ride I would put my briefcase on my thighs as I looked forward, patiently waiting. Wesely would gaze at me in silence after a long period of my own silence before breaking it by asking “When will I receive the next order from the Major?” I would let my right hand go of the briefcase to look at it and examine the functionality of my fingers as I continued “I’m limited to only performing certain duties because of my current condition.” the Arm that I was provided was prosthetic arm which was funded by a mix of military and private industry. Sure the country I live in might look like if it was old aged but we aren’t that backwards in technology, but we prefer the old ways far more.

I would gaze away from my hand for a moment only to be surprised with Wesely doing something rather surprising and that is; “Violet.” he would say as he raised 3 dolls, each of them representing either a puppy, kitty, or rabbit as he continued “Congratulations on getting discharged!” he’d say out in the car while we drove through a paved but small road to our destination. He would soon continue by holding up the dolls and saying “I didn’t know what you’d like, so I bought three.” after he said that I would gaze at the dolls one by one before he continued with “What do you think?” I would simply look at the dolls then at him with the reply being “I don’t need them.” Wesely, somewhat confused, would attempt to create a reply and then said “No! You have to choose one.” and then he would move to make a follow up reply as to why by saying “Pretend that the world is going to end if you don’t choose.” I’d look back at him slightly tilting my head as he continued with “Okay! Three, two-” he would be stopped by my reply which was simple and short and straightforward as I replied to his desperate attempt by saying “The Puppy.” he would quickly put the other 2 away and hand over the Puppy saying “Here!” I would slowly hold the doll and looked at it as I examined it and rubbed it onto my face. This would be followed by Wesely asking me “Why did you choose the puppy?” I would stop momentarily and looked back at him as she replied with “The Major’s brother once told me,” Wesely at that point would let out a rather annoyed expression at the mention of Gilbert’s brother as I continued, quoting the brother; “You’re Gilbert’s dog.” Wesely face would soon turn from annoyed to plain out disgusted at Gilbert’s brother as he looked at me as I spoke before he cleared his throat and looked forward, trying to change the subject after unbeknowingly stepping on what was his equivalent to stepping on a turd at the street. He would soon speak to me saying that “It’s going to be a long journey.” he would look out to a bridge that once connected 2 train tracks as they approached a separate bridge. He would look at the bridge which was bombed during the war which ended exactly 100 days earlier. “The train tracks around here were damaged during the bombing, so we can’t exactly use them anymore.” he would soon ask me a question as I looked at the doll “Have you ever been to the capital before, you know, Grostadt.” I would reply back with a simple and honest “No.” soon afterwards he would look at me as I went ahead and turned the doll around to bite its ear. Being one of our few encounters, he would be confused initially as he could only stare in confusion as I continued to bite and nibble the ear. Just moments later I would grow tired and sleepy as I drifted off to sleep where a flashback would insue.

To be continued.
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Chapter 1 - Part 2 - Evergarden
In the tunnel, it was dark and gloomy as I looked at Gilbert during that last day, in the closing days of the war. I would look at him in despair as I looked at him , both soaked in blood and both of my arms gone at this point due to the grenade blast while the tunnel provides no comfort from the echoes of water and things I could not describe, I could only kneel before him as he spoke out my name as the darkness takes over; “Ja-Jamie..” he would move his leg across the blood soaked stair as he continued on to speak to me, giving me one of his last orders or rather, requests; “Live… and be free.” I would take in a deep breath before releasing as I looked at him in deep sorrow as tears began to drop from his eyes while all I could do was kneel before him, hoping for a hail mary or a saviour that could help me. He would soon look up at me, using the last bits of his energy to say; “From the bottom of my heart..” and all I could do was tear up at the scene, seeing the only person that at the time cared and loved me and the first person to show me compassion have his life sucked away for the sake of me. A sense of fear and sadness would take over, but I would not be able to understand that due to my initial inability to understand human emotions for I am raised and used as a weapon, nothing more, nothing less.

I would soon be awaken by the sound of the pier, the sound of the boats and the people at the docks as Wesely woke me up and said “We’re here, Jamie.” he would smile as he held onto my shoulder and shaked me gently to wake me up to grab my bags for we were boating a ship to the capital. As the ship went onto its Journey with us on it being transported to one destination and that is the capital. As the ship went on its journey a flock of seagulls would be on the side of the ship, flying to another place entirely as they flew in a flock. From my room on the last day as we approached the mainland I would disappear all of the sudden from Wesely as he went in to check on me. He would walk around the ship to look for me, and then he would find me on the front of the ship, looking out to the wide blue as he approached saying “There you are.” I would then turn around and face him, going into a rest position as the wind blew my hair and skirt to the sides while the boat went along its journey across the wide Ocean blue for the last 3 days. Facing him I would respond by saying “Lieutenant Colonel.” he would soon walk to my side as he looked at the port from afar, he would then point out as I looked at him with my ponytail hair flying through the breeze as he said “There it is.” I’d turn around to where he was looking to see a large metropolitan city, the capital, with the port being busy with cargo ships and passenger ships alike with the city shining against the sun as it’s tall skyscrapers tower from them all. It would appear to be the most modern thing possible in the country where time has stood still for years. We would soon dock amongst a series of boats in the small boats section of the port which divides the port from the larger ships that are in need of a separate form of attention and the smaller boats which require more attention due to numbers alone. I would walk over with Wesely to line with several other people who have came to the capital for different reasons and from different backgrounds, but most have tasted what war is like. On one hand I would be carrying all but one of my possessions in the briefcase that I carry and on the other hand i would carry my puppy doll, holding it with one hand. As I walked off the boat with Wesely he would speak to me that “Gilbert was thinking about your future after the war.” and as he finished I would stop momentarily to look around me. I would be amazed at the amount of people and the things used to unload the cargo as they were all in massive numbers and massive sizes, I would be astonished at this sight for I was used to the feeling of the countryside rather than the metropolitan part of the country.

We would soon walk over to the parking lot where a car awaited us, Wesely would politely smile at me as he opened the door to the black Sedan as I sat with my briefcase again going on a separate trip to another place. He would then talk to me in regards to where we were going as I looked out of the window at the cars, the lights, the buildings and the people on the street. “He said he wanted to leave you with the Evergarden’s.” he said as we reached a red light, our car would sit there momentarily amongst a large amount of other cars as he proceeded to continue while i looked at the stores and people that were walking “His most trusted relatives.” he said in regards to the Evergarden Family. Wesely would look at me as the car moved again, me paying attention to the crowd and the few people that also had prosthetics or were disabled from the war for many of the fighters came also from the capital due to it being the heart of patriotism for the country, the crown jewel of the nation. Wesely would soon get his smartphone and call the Evergarden’s “Hello, Miss Evergarden?” he would continue to speak in the phone as I eavesdropped at the phone, being curious as to what it was, while my sight would be focused on the transition from a large metropolitan city that was hustle and bustling with lights to a calm and green part of the city located in the Northern Ends which had buildings in lower heights than the gigantic buildings that was in the coastal and central parts of the city and then to a calm suburb which was paved by either 1 or 2 way roads. The car would park outside as they stepped out and I would look out as I held my briefcase in one and my doll at the other, I would then look at Wesely in confusion and with a slight sense of fear as we stepped out. He would look at me and say “Well, here we are, Jamie.” I would look at him and nod as he opened the front gate and walked across a large garden as we approached the front door. The house we arrived in was a mansion which had a large garden of green and many other bright and vibrant colours as I observed as we walked to the front door. We would then reach a single white door without any windows. Wesely would say to me “I contacted the Evergarden’s earlier. And the couple said..” I would be worried from what he would say at that point, and he would then say “they’d be happy to take you in.” I would look at him in a blank and expressionless face, slightly confused on what was happening. He would then walk to the buzzer as he clicked it. Creating a ring similar to one of a bell while I stood there looking around in amazement as he went and walked over to my side. As the door opened I would look up to the door, so would Wesely. What was there was 1 butler and 1 maid and in the middle was ‘Miss Evergarden’, a elderly woman with grey hair and brown eyes while the insides of the house was old in a sense as it was coated in paintings and a custom made red wallpaper as she smiled and said “Welcome, come in come in!” I would stare back in a blank expression, not knowing what to say, while Wesely would say “Good Day, Miss Evergarden.” and then looking at me saying “Alright, let’s go, Jamie.” Miss Evergarden would soon step out to the open to greet us, smiling, as Wesely said “This is the lady of the Evergarden household.” he would then proceed to say the only order that I would still understand to do at that point “Say your greetings.” my experienced and training would soon kick into my mind as I went and stood in attention as I aligned my right foot and then went into a salute position as I stood in a military salute position after putting my briefcase and doll down. Wesely would be slightly weirded out as he did not know how deep I was indoctrinated into the military and thought I might just be having some form of PTSD and said to me; “Ah-eh…” he would stutter a bit as Miss Evergarden stood there in confusion as he continued saying “A-a bow would suffice, Jamie.” I would lower my hand slightly and look at him in confusion and said “A.. bow?” Wesely would look at me in confusion while Miss Evergarden would smile and let out a chuckle as she said “Oh, how cute.” Wesely would then exhale in relief, knowing that Miss Evergarden was not weirded out from the first encounter, she would then look at us and say “Well, we should probably go inside, it’s getting cold out here.” Wesely would look at me and then back at Miss Evergarden, accepting the proposal as we walked inside after I took my bags in. We would sit on the table, me and Wesely on one side and her on another as tea and some snacks were prepared prior to our arrival as she was already anticipating for us. She would drink from her cup of hot tea before saying “Doesn’t it take around three days from the Islands now?” Wesely would sigh while i just stood there blankly with my hands under the table and on my legs as he said “Yes.” he said while nodding before continuing “Normally, I would be able to return from the Islands in one day.” he would then continue on to explain as to why “But the war only finished just some months ago after years of conflict.” he would sigh as he took a sip from the cup of tea and then continued on as I payed attention to them “It’s going to take some more time to restore everything in those islands.” she would sip on her tea as he began to finish his explanation.

She would then look at me as she put her tea down and spoke to me saying “Jamie,” I would look up at her from the cup of tea in attention as she said “Have some tea. It’s good for the body.” I would then look down at the tea as i tried to lift the cup of tea as it shook with my other hand protecting one side and my other lifting up the tea. She would then gasp at the shaking and say “Oh my!” she exclaimed and then told me “Don’t force yourself if you can’t-” the tea would then spill while Wesely could only watch as he slightly twitched as the tea spilled. Miss Evergarden would then quickly get up and yell out “Oh, no! Are you burnt?!” she would then walk over to me as i responded in a calm voice saying “It’s not a problem. I can’t feel heat.” while the butler watched from afar as i raised my hand up, the bandages getting wet from the tea that was spilled on it as Wesely and Miss Evergarden watched as she replied back to my words saying “But your bandages…” she would then say that “We have to cool them down, quick.” I would then look at my hand as she talked to the Butler, Ollie, saying “Oliver, bring some ice!” where he replied calmly saying “Yes, madam.” I would then slowly roll out the bandages that were on my arm, revealing the adamant silver prosthetic as Ollie watched in surprise and miss Evergarden gasping in shock in regard to my hands. I would then explain to them that “My hands are made out of adamant silver. They’re a bit bulky, but they’re sturdy.” she would watch with her mouth open as I spoke saying “I’m not accustomed to them, yet, but I should be able to adjust soon.” as I laid my hand on the table and looked at Miss Evergarden, still expressionless, as she nodded and smiled as she spoke to me again “Well, if so then could you come this way for a minute, dear?” I would then nod and said “Yes, ma’am” as I got up and followed her to the living room. It was old and ontop of the fireplace were pictures of her when she was young and her family. She would then present me with a pair of brown leather gloves saying “I used to wear these when I was young.” Wesely, standing beside me, would smile and say “Very nice, Miss Evergarden” as she smiled back at the compliment while Wesely looked back at me and said “Jamie, try it on.” I would look at him saying “Eh?” then at the gloves.

I would then be presented the gloves as Miss Evergarden said “Please, try it on.” as I grabbed one of the gloves and tried putting it on, I would have difficulty doing so as I adjusted it to my hands by biting into it and then fitting it where it fitted like a glove. Miss Evergarden would watch as I put them on slowly but surely using my hands and my mouth and once fully on, Wesely would then say “Mhm, they look good on you, Jamie.” Miss Evergarden would back Wesely up by saying “Yes, very.” Wesely would then look at Miss Evergarden and say “Well, I’m going now.” as I looked at the gloves in a blank but confused face as Wesely said that “I have to get back to the office.” Miss Evergarden would then look at him and say “Leaving so soon?” he would then look at me, saying my name “Jamie,” as he walked away while looking at me “Listen to Tiffany, alright?” Tiffany Evergarden, or Miss Evergarden, would then look at him saying that “It’s okay, don’t worry about me.” as she looked at him while I looked at Wesely, confused as to why he’s leaving me here. I would look at her as she turned to me and said “Think of me as your real mother, alright dear?” I would stare at Tiffany and Wesely blankly and in confusion as Tiffany said “Tell me anything you want to tell or ask. Okay?” she would smile as I looked back in confusion before mustering a response saying “I.. don’t have parents, so, I don’t need any replacements.” Tiffany would sigh in surprise and then say “Don’t say that, dear.” she would then continue to explain “I had a son, but he..” she would sigh for a moment as she explained “he was killed in the war.” Wesely could only look and sigh as I continued saying “I can’t become a replacement for your lost child.” where Miss Evergarden would be shocked at my bluntness and honesty while Wesely would say “Jamie. Gilbert’s wish is for you to happily live here.” as I blankly stood without expression as he then asked me “Do you understand?” I would then clench my hands which were on my back as I stood in rest position while Wesely walked out of the house as I said “Yes.. sir.”. He would look back at the house one last time, to him it is now my new “Home” as he looked away and approached the door I would look at Tiffany as she welcomed be into the house where I suddenly went into a sprint out, running out of the door and yelling out to Wesely saying “The Major!” Wesely would let go of the gate as he turned around and looked at me saying “Gilbert, why is he leaving me here?!” as I stood there, asking for an explanation as I asked why “Is it because i lost my arms?!” Wesely would step back as I got nearer and he would grow more shocked at my assumptions “And because of that, lost my value as a weapon?!” I would grab onto my right hand as I exclaimed that “If I just trained a little, I could still fight!” Tiffany would have rushed out as she stared at the situation, somewhat confused as what I meant while I yelled and stepped closer onto Wesely as I clenched my hand while he stared back at my blankly as my hand moved down where he explained to me that “Jamie, the war is over.” I would then suddenly step back a bit, as I said that “I’m the Major’s tool.. But-” I would exhale a bit as I continued “But if he doesn’t need me anymore,” I would step back fully afterwards as I stood straight while Tiffany stared from afar as i said “then I should be thrown away.” Wesely would be shocked to my request as I grasped my hand and asked one more “Please throw me away.” and asked again that he “Throw me away somewhere.” he would stand there as he sighed and said “No, I won’t. But.. if your like this..” he’d look at Tiffany and she would nod back. Wesely would then say “Follow me.” as Tiffany waved goodbye and I followed Wesely into the car.

Sitting patiently with my arms on my lap and his crossed on his chest. Beside each other while we passed through the road. The car would then stopped and we stepped off as we walked through a open path with nothing but the blue sky beside each other as we walked to a building, I would then say “Lieutenant Colonel Wesely.” assuming that I was back into active duty as we walked down the road he would then realise that he forgot to tell me and say “Oh, I forgot to tell you this;” he would proceed over to revealing that “I left the army. I’m not a Lieutenant Colonel anymore.” I would look at him in a blank face and say “Call me ‘President’ instead.” as we stood outside a larger building as he looked at the door and I looked at him before also looking at the door as he said “This is my company.” we would then walk down the carpet after entering as he said that “I bought this, a old house, and then renovated it a bit.” he would look at the first floor which was decorated as he explained “The first floor is reception.” we would pass over the receptionists which wore shirts without sleeves as they did their jobs while we walked up the stairs as he said “The second floor has the office and writing department.” I would look at Wesely curiously and say “Wr-writing?” as I looked at him and he replied with “Yes, writing.” and then explaining to me as they went through the offices “That department writes letters at the request of our clients.” he would look at me as he showed her around “There are still many people who do not know what to write or just lack the time and emotion after the war.” he would then sigh as he said “And some just outright can’t.” I would then reply back saying that “I didn’t know how to write either, until the major taught me how.” Wesely’s eyes would widen before returning back to normal as he smiled back at me and replied with “I see.” before returning back on the walk as we headed to a room where he continued to explain that “I was thinking about starting a business once the war ended. The government’s postal service doesn’t address the civilian’s needs,” the government postal service was still military owned, as the military was not relenting on returning civilian control so quickly due to them suspecting that there may be a future threat and that the situation was still unassuring. “So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to start the business.” Wesely would say before stopping and turning around to look at me where he would say “I have an order for you.” I would then look up as he spoke to me saying my name and then my last name “Jamie Evergarden.” he then proceeded to explain as to why I was left here “Gilbert, left you with me.” he would sigh as he continued on to explain “So, as a result, I’m giving you orders instead.” he would look down at me as he spoke to me saying that “You’re still useful.” then he looked around at the room saying “You can work, Here.” I would look at him as I looked around at the room while a brief silence occurs between us before Wesely broke it by calling for a friend; “Benny!” and suddenly, a voice that had a lazy tone to it would go and respond saying “What is it, President?” Wesely would then broaden his shoulders as he replied back while I turned around and looked at the source of the noise, still with a blank expression as Wesely replied back saying “You’re supposed to say ‘How can I help you, President?’!” suddenly, a male in a white shirt, blue eyes, and blonde hair would appear from behind one of the organizing shelves and say “So, what’s u-” I would turn momentarily to see that Wesely was gone and a “BONK” would be heard from the direction of Benny would go out making me turn around to face the noise. It appears that Wesely just hit Benny’s head with a rolled newspaper as if he was a child where he yelled out “Oi! What’s up with that?!” where Wesely yelled back saying “You did that on purpose and you know that!” while I watched with a blank expression at both of them. Wesely would stand beside him as Benny rubbed his head while he explained “That’s Benny, he’s a postman.” he would then look over to Benny as he looked away while I stood in attention where he said “He’s an old friend, from before I started this company of mines.” Wesely then would look at me as he said “Benny, this is Violet.” I would attempt to go for a salute once more but then realising he prefered a bow I would stop myself mid-salute and go for a bow. Wesely would then explain to Benny that “She’s going to work here as a postman, starting today.” where Benny could only glance at him in minor confusion before saying “But, she’s just a kid.” then Wesely would explain to him that “She’s highly capable of performing her duties.” and then he would pardon himself by saying that “Alright, I’m going to the bank.” as he walked off he would look back at Benny as he glanced at him saying “Teach her what she needs to know, aight?” Benny would look at him until he walked off then to me, still having a quite blank expression to my face as he sighed in disappointment, thinking that there will be more work for him due to me being a new recruit.

He would then signal for me to follow him and said “Alright, follow me.” I would then nod as I followed him to the lockers. He would lean onto one of the lockers and knock on a empty locker where he said “Put your stuff here.” as he knocked on the empty locker while I stood in attention at him. I would simply reply by saying “Yes, sir.” as if he was my superior. He would then get the uniform and show it to me where he said, straightforwardly; “This is your uniform. Change.” I would look back at him blankly as he put his left hand on his hip and said “Yes, sir.” and then I’d proceed to grab the bottom part of my shirt and pull it out as I changed where Benny would yell out “H-HEY! H.. HOLD ON FOR A SEC!” as he used his arm to block the view from me undressing and walked away as he closed his face. I would stop and look at him saying “Eh?” and he would walk away saying “WAIT FOR ME TO GET OUT OF SIGHT FIRST, JEEZ!” I would look at him weirdly as he walked away and I changed into the uniform. He would return later and looked at my uniform where he said “Oh, it’s..” he’d look at my uniform, it was oversized and baggy “it’s too big.” I would look properly dressed but due to the clothing it would be baggy. The room around us as he reviewed me would be bright from the sunlight that came from the outside while there were bags of mail behind me. I would look back at him and say “It’s not a problem.” showing my spirit of not giving up and being able to deal with whatever. He would then move is attention to the gloves that were on my hand where he would look and ask “Wouldn’t it be better to take those off?” he would point over to the gloves and I’d look back at him momentarily before taking the gloves off. He would leave a semi-shocked expression as i did so, revealing the prosthetic arm as he watched me take off the last glove, all he could say after was “Is it going to be hard to sort the mail?” I would then just reply simply with “No, it’s not a big problem.” he would nod as he grabbed a example letter and showed it to me and said “Sort them according to what it says here.” as he pointed at the words on the mail and then he would then look over to the shelves and point at them, I’d follow the direction of his hands and look at the shelves as he continued “And then, put them into those shelves.” he would then bend down to grab a bag as he further explained that “There’s a huge pile of mail,” he’d point over to the bags of mail behind me, I’d turn and look at the piles of mail but remain unfazed and maintaining my blank expression. He would then tell me that “Still, no need to rush.” and then he would point out that “The break room is on the second floor. You’ll know which one by the moment you see it.” as he tightened the back on his shoulder. I would look back at him and turn as I stood in attention and saluted saying “Yes, sir.” as he walked away from me and said “Bye.” as he left the room with a bag of mail that he has to send across a certain part of the city. Hours would pass as I organized, sorted, and placed the mail while he delivered mail around town as I worked without rest until it was dusk by the moment he returned with the empty bag as he walked up and went into the room seeing me putting the last bits of mail into stacks on the shelves. He would look at the bags being fully empty, he would gasp in astonishment at my pace of work and the speed as I looked back at him and reported back saying “I’ve almost completed my duties.” as he looked back at me standing at the shelve as some scattered pieces of mail remained where all he could say was “Were you working the whole time?” I would nod back as he continued “Without taking a break?” as I held onto a piece of mail as i explained that “I’m used to long hours.” he would sigh at the sight and lean over to the door as he asked “Alright.. do you want to try delivering the mail?” he would ask, I would then look back and ask him “Delivering?” as I was confused on what he meant by it. He would then explain to me about the task which was “You deliver the letter to the address that’s written on it.” I would look at the letter then to a map of the city as he looked at me before turning around and saying “I’m gonna go home now.” a brief silence would continue as he looked at me before leaving as he closed the door saying “See you tomorrow.”

To Be Continued...
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Chapter 1 - Part 3 - Evergarden
Late at night, Wesely would be returning back to the post office as he sat there in the city tram that was still there despite all the modernizations that have happened to the city. He would sit there with a father sitting there with his hands resting on a briefcase while the child slept on his shoulder. Wesely would look up at the ceiling as they passed the city as he sighed before saying “We will discuss financing after reviewing our performance.’ Right.” as he quoted the banker. He would turn around and look outside the tram to a postman and said “It looks like some companies do night time deliveries, too.” he would squint as the crate turns as he said “We can’t handle th-” he would proceed to find his company logo on the crate. He would squint and jump out of the tram and walked over there to find that it was none other but Jamie transporting the goods where he yelled out “Jamie!’ as he approached. He would huff as he approached saying “What are you doing? As he was exhausted from running after me. I would reply straightforwardly saying “I’m delivering the mail.” he would glance at me as he escorted me back with the remnants of the mail before we went to a restaurant and ordered food where I was guided by him in regards to my new line of work. He would then speak to me as I looked at the food as he said stuff such as “Make sure to take breaks during work” and that. He would tell me that “You just got released from the hospital remember?” I would respond by saying “It’s not a problem.” citing my ability to work hard. Benny would then intervene saying “It is a problem!” Wesely would soon notice that I was not eating, he would then tell me that “Jamie, go ahead and eat already.” as he held his chopsticks. I would look back and grab the fork and knife as I said “Thank you for the food.” and began to cut into the fish. Wesely would then say “I’ll take you to the office once your done.” he would then tell me htat “If you don’t want to go home, we only have space in the attic. But you can sleep there.” as I cut into the fish. He would then explain that “But it appears you’ll be sleeping at the mansion for now. Until your an adult.” and then Benny would smash in saying “It looks like there was a pro-” and suddenly, Wesely stopped him amidst his sentence and kicked him in the leg where they both got up and got into a minor brawl and said “I WAS TRYING TO PUT IT NICELY” as they both fought. Afterwards outside, Benny would depart first as we returned back to the Evergarden household where in the road Wesely would ask me “What was the last order you received rom Gilbert?” as we walked down a road that was lightened by the lamps as I answered his question “He said, run away and live freely.” I would look down to the ground as I responded back saying “And, I…” I would stop myself, closing my mouth and letting silence take over as Wesely looked at me while we walked. He would then say “You’ve been in the army ever since you were a child.” as we walked down the street of lights as cars passed on one side and we passed houses on the other. Wesely would then say that “You’ve spent your life fulfilling your duties.” I would stop as I looked at him explaining to me as he further explained saying “You’re gonna learn a lot of things here.” as he stopped behind me. I would turn around and look at me as he said htat “But it might be easier to keep living.” I would look back with a blank expression, being unable to express myself due to my years in the military as he said “If you didn’t learn them, if you didn’t know them. You don’t realize that your body is on fire and burning up because of the things you did.” I would then look at myself and examined myself for fire, not understanding what he said and replied back saying “I’m not burning.”. Wesely would then say “Yes, you are.” only for me to respond saying that “I’m not. You don’t make sense.” as I looked at him. Soon I would get a flashback from where I was in the proving grounds, defeating many that were double my age in hand to hand combat as he and many others watched and examined. He would then say “I saw you like that, but left you alone.” and then I would stare back at him as the light from the lamps illuminate his face and mines as he told me that “That’s why Gilbert left you with me,” he would clear his throat before continuing “I thought this was my chance.” he said to me as I looked at him and he looked at me, he would then end the conversation by saying “You’ll understand one day. And then you’ll realize for the first time,” I would open my mouth for a bit to say something, but I could not, as he continued on “that you have many burns.” I could only look at him before I nodded back, although somewhat in confusion as we walked back and returned to the postal office. The place where I prefered to sleep in rather than at home. But that night I did not sleep much for I climbed the roof and looked out onto the city of lights. The wind would blow my hair and the breeze would touch my skin as I tested and trained my metallic hand while I looked out to the city, observing it from the roof as night turned to day.

At day in the Postal Office, I would be the first to conduct my duties. However due to it being early I would not be wearing my uniform but rather my day clothing as I cleaned the windows while I anticipated for people. Someone would soon approach the door, initially I didn’t mind but then he opened the door and said “Miss Doll?” and from there I turned to him and said “No, I’m Jamie.” as i held the cloth in one hand while I looked at him. He would be wearing normal clothing for the day as he took off his hat after looking at me and my height for I was standing on the seats to clean the window. He would then speak to me “Uhm.. M-miss Jamie.” he would look at me with a smile in his face as he made a request “I want to ask you to write something for me.” at first I would tilt my head a bit in confusion before asking back saying “Write.. Something?” he would then look at me as he nodded back saying “Yes, I don’t know how or what to write..” he would continue after a brief silence and ask “Can you.. write a letter for me?” I would instantly answer straightforwardly asking him “What should I write?” he would let out a “Eh,” as he continued saying “D-do you want to talk about it here?” where I would just look at him blankly and ask “Is there a problem by doing so?” he would let out another “Eh..” as he looked back and slightly blushed and said “Uhm, well… I heard that my childhood friend in the countryside..” he would shake a bit as he continued “received a marriage offer from another man.” he would then squeeze his hat and say “I-I want you to tell her that I love her!” and all I could do there was look back and say “Wait a moment, you might want to wait for the others first. We’re not really open yet.” he would then sulk and sigh in disappointment and replied with a nod as he went to a seat and waited.

Moments later, the sound of the typewriter would fill the air as I watched from afar while he spoke out on the words he wanted to say while one of the automemory dolls typed it down for he didn’t know how to write. He would say this as it was typed down “You were the first person who was kind to me.” as he said this I began to experience flashbacks from when I was a child of a young age where I was first given a taste of love and compassion by Gilbert as he grabbed me and hugged me from his brother, giving me the first time in my life and in years that I felt kindness as I remembered him touching my golden hair as I stood there as he embraced me. As he continued by saying “You were everything to me.” I would get another flashback to me marching behind him without a helmet unlike the rest with rugged hair and then to a flashback to the battlefield where he and I sat behind a series of barriers, trenches and just right when he said “I would have done anything for you” I would remember when he ordered the command to advance as we heard the sounds of the APC’s and Tanks rolling through with the humming of the helicopters filling the air as he yelled “Go!”. It would then move to a flashback during the charge where we approached the enemy positions behind the APC’s and helicopters as the sound of gunfire and explosions filled the air while I was seen running among the battlefield like an angel with golden hair holding my FAL with a bayonet as the man continued to say “I want to know what you’re feeling.” as I remembered jumping across the battlefield and sliding down on the ground before jumping back up to unload my FAL at a nearby hostile before running out of ammunition in where I ran and jumped on one of them, stabbing the bayonet into him while another attempts to swing his rifle at me only to hit my FAL and almost fall into the ground in which where I spinned around to kick him and then putting my foot down to throw him into the air after giving him a hard kick from my boot as I turned my attention to a charging enemy where I blocked his attempted attack with the rifle with my hands, scratching it as the bayonet gave me a minor wound before grabbing the hand of the attacker and slapping it making him releasing his AK where I turned it around and stabbed him with it as he collapsed on me in which where i pushed him away before he could make me fall fully on the ground while I looked at the advance as the man continued on saying “Even though we’re apart now…” as I looked back at myself looking out to the battlefield after closing my eyes and opening it as if I received a revelation as the automemories doll ends by repeating the words of his by repeating “I love you.” my eyes could only watch as I looked at both of them while the man replied in a excited “Yes!” while she nodded and typed down the last of the words she suggested. She would then open up the sealing solution, heating the liquid up and stamped the letter with it to complete and seal the letter as she said to him “Alright, please go to the reception at the first floor for the delivery process. Thank you for using CW Mailing Company and thank you for using the Auto Memory Doll Service.” as I watched from afar as she bowed as according to company guidelines as the man left the room nodding in happiness and bowing back.

As he closed the door, she would notice me standing from the side and said “Oh, and who are you?” she and I would stare at each other while 2 other memory dolls would also watch while I asked “How did you know?” where she could only reply by saying “Huh?” where I then continued and asked “How did you know about what that man wanted to say?” as I squeezed my hands together as I stood there blank and expressionless before repeating the words “`I love you`?” as they watched in silence, being confused. I would then walk out of the room and head over to Wesely’s office and asked him for a simple request “I want to work as a Auto Memory Doll.” at first he would be confused and asked “You want to work as an Auto Memory Doll, Jamie?” he would look at me in confusion before I answered back “Yes. It may be hard for me to hold a pen, still. But I can still operate a typewriter.” I would stand there in attention as the light from his red coloured office shined from the window as he replied “Uhm, No that’s.. that’s not what I meant.” he would look at me and ask “I wanted to ask why do you want to do this kind of work.” where I could only shout out “I want to know!” he would gulp down and look at me as I put my arms onto my sides from the parade rest position as I clenched my skirt and said “I love you..” before continuing on as I looked down and asked “I want to know what it means..” the clock would look at me and Wesely would look at me in surprise as the clock showed the time which was 09:12AM in the day as I spoke again to Wesely which was surprised “The Major, Gilbert, said those words to me after he gave me my last orders.” I would continue to look at him, unable to express my emotions truly as I continued on speaking “That was the first time I heard those words from Gilbert.” I would look up at Wesely as I said “I don’t understand..” as I further clenched my skirt up and looked down again before continuing “..what it means.” Wesely’s hand would go from clenching to releasing itself slowly as he replied back “Normally,” he would then put his hand upright as he leaned his chin on his hand and said “people become Auto Memory Dolls because they understand that.” as he smiled at me while I looked down, thinking I was going to be declined or anything as such before he could say “But..” I would open my mouth a little bit in surprise and my eyes would look up at him as he said “I guess it’s okay.” I would look up at him and leave a blank expressionless face as usual as he smiled back while silence insues. I would then reply back to him by saying “Thank you, President.” as I bowed and pardoned myself out of the room. Wesely would wave me goodbye as I left the room. Within his thoughts he would reflect onto me thinking “She had always just followed Gilbert’s orders in the past. But this, this was the first time she asserted her own will. Everyone said she didn’t have a heart and that she was a simple tool, but she said, “I want to know what ‘I love you’ means.”

Late at night, I would get another flashback. Starting with the last of my arms falling off as I breathed heavily as I faced onto the dark and gloomy tunnel before looking at Gilbert, gravely wounded, I would then look at him and kneeled as I was crying from my eyes and yelled at him saying “No, I will not leave you here. I am not going to let you die!” as I yelled at him, looking at him in panic, anger, grief before biting into his shirt and attempting to pull him up as I tried so hard to get him up as I hoped for him to live and survive as he whispered out “Stop..” only making me try harder and harder before he yelled out “JUST STOP ALREADY!” I could only drop and kneel down, armless, surrounded by a pool of blood, as he spoke to me for one last time as my head and body bled as I cried while straightening myself and looking at him as he said “Live.. Jamie.” as he continued while he aligned himself on the wall and said “Live, and.. be.. Free.” as he requested me, giving me his last “orders” despite it being his hopes and dreams for me as I kneeled at Gilbert and only wept, hoping for him to get up as I exhaled and inhaled, confused at my own feelings. He would soon look at me for one last time, weeping, as he spoke to me “From the bottom of my heart..” as I teared up even more and closed my mouth as he closed his eyes while a teardrop flew through his cheeks and said; “I love you.”


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Chapter 2, Renewed Use - Part 1 - Evergarden

Four years ago, port of Taehaek in room 1005 the Grand Royal Hotel, days after I was returned back to the mainland. For the entire day I have been put within this room, powerless, unable to do anything, dirty and most of all, abused. Late at night I would hear the door open as it creeked out while the sound of the fireplace was muffled as Captain Dietfried looked over as he looked as a lower rank said “Captain Dietfried Kossenwaltz.” Dietfried would look over and let out a “Hm?” as he continued to speak “Your brother is here to see you.” he would then proceed to close the door as his brother came in, looking around at the fancy and golden interior of the penthouse room located at the upper floors that he rented for 2 nights just for this occasion. He would look over from his shoulder as he sat on his chair while the fireplace warmed the room on that cold and windy night as he spoke to his brother “Gil!” he would let out a smug as he looked with his green eyes as the fire lit the room while he got up to flick the light switch on. “How have you been?” he would ask to his brother as he looked at him up and down as Gilbert just stared back as he continued “You look depressed, as usual.” Gilbert would stand there in his full Ground Forces Officers uniform as Dietfried, more or less, disrespected his brother as he continued on and said “You look just like Father.” as he referred to their Father, General Georgy Kossenwaltz, which was a decorated General. Gilbert would stare for a moment as the lights went on as Dietfried flicked the switch to get a better view of his brother and replied “You haven’t changed much either.” as he walked into the room and stared as his brothers hair, a messy and not exactly military like hair as he striked back saying “Father wouldn’t like your hairstyle for sure.” as he looked back at his brother and continued on “Hell if only he could see the state your in right now, he would cut it off with a blade if he was here.” Dietfried at that time wasn’t wearing officer’s attire as expected, but rather informal clothing. Despite the room being warmed up for the cold, I would clench my feet as I crawled into the small blanket I was provided with as my only source of warmth as I rested in the cold while Dietfried would reply cheekily saying “Heh, as if I would let him.” Gilbert would sigh in disappointment and look at his brother as he said “Same old Dietfried.. or should I say..” he would look at his brother cheekily as he let off a minor smug as Dietfried looked back and said “Hm?” Gilbert would smug as he said “Cinderella.” Dietfried would let out a small chuckle as he said “I’m glad he died.” as Gilbert’s smug quickly turned into a frown as he looked at his brother from behind in disappointment as his brothers anger and arrogance alongside his non-soldier-like behaviour. His brother would rise from the chair as he stretched and said “Ah, sorry.” as he looked at his brother and said “Stop making that face. C’mon you know I always wanted him dead right?” Gilbert would let out a blank expression as he looked at his brother, irritated. Meanwhile I would still be there in the cold, sleeping on the floor behind a curtain in the dark as I rested with the small blanket provided. Dietfried would look as his brother and said “Anyways, the reason why I requested that you came here was because..” Gilbert would raise an eyebrow as he looked at his brother and repeated the words “Because…?” his brother would give him a small devilish smile and say “Because I brought you something nice today, to celebrate your promotion of course.” by the time I heard that I would slowly open my eyes as I hear footsteps approaching as Dietfried continued “However, remember, only use it as a weapon.” Gilbert would look at him in confusion as he thought about what could possibly be so dangerous that he can’t use it for anything else. Dietfried then would say “And, don’t get attached to it.” this would only cause more confusion for Gilbert as he thought what kind of dangerous and exotic animal could his brother have taken as a gift and if Dietfried was crazy enough to buy him a exotic Tiger or something. Gilbert would gulp as he sweated a bit seeing that he might sign his death warrant just days after becoming a Major as Dietfried stood outside the curtains and looked at Gilbert and said “Open it.” Gilbert would first digress as he looked at Dietfried which would reply with “C’mon, don’t just stand there. Open it.” as he eyed Gilbert back. Gilbert would look at the curtain as he reached his hand for the curtain and prepared to open it as he walked closer. As he opened the curtains I would feel the light touching my skin as Dietfried approached and took the blanket away and said “Oi, get up.” as I followed his orders and slowly got up, kneeling, looking back at Gilbert as my messy hair and dirty appearance covered me while Dietfried walked behind me and said “I found her on the Northeastern Combat Zone, Province Alpha of the Northern Islands Area. Gilbert would look at me in shock as he looked at what is more or less a mere child looking back at him as I kneeled at him while he kneeled at me. We’d both make eye contact as his green eyes became watery and my blue eyes would begin to overpower my appearance as I wore nothing more but blue Pajamas. This, this was the first time me and Gilbert would meet.

In a large room, almost all sides being covered with books and walls with only 1 side that was behind us having windows I would stand there amongst a crowd as I spoke my name after being asked to tell my name by Wesely “Jamie Evergarden” I would say as I looked at the women with Wesely beside me. Wesely would then speak to the Women, one of his employee’s, and say; “She’s going to start working today as an Auto Memory Doll apprentice.” Wesely would turn his head to me, standing at shoulder height as the light shined at our backs while I would stand out there as he turned back to the women and say “Please train her on everything. Quite literally if possible.” as they looked back at him. One of them, the tallest one and most mature one would say “Alrighty, boss!” she would appear to wear mature-ish clothing, quite exposing too due to the amount of skin shown while another girl in glasses would look back as she thought “She didn’t have any facial expressions, just like a doll..” the other girl would be of a tall, slim build and tan skin with a tomboyish appearance, most notably the male hair. Moments later after they dispersed Katherine, the mature one and the tallest one would remain to question me in order to begin. She would first introduce herself “Alright, let’s get started..” she would look at me up and down before starting “Let’s introduce ourselves first, shall we?” I would nod back and say “Yes, ma’am.” as she gave a smile and began “I’ll start, my name is Katherine Yokina. I’m the head doll of the Auto Memory Doll Department.” I would then follow up with “My name is Jamie, Jamie Evergarden. Former Soldier.” Katherine would look at me and be slightly confused letting out a “Eh?” as he looked at my appearance considering I was still young and already a former soldier. Katherine would shrug it off and begin with the questions “Alright, first question, you ready?” I would nod back and say “Yes, ma’am.” as she began with a typewriter manned by Irene, the tomboy girl, logging our conversation; “What do you know about what Auto Memory Dolls do?” I would reply back with “They write letters at the request of others.” I would look down a bit and continued “Well.. at least to what Lieutenant Colonel Wesely told me.” Katherine would smile and say “Correct!” as I then spoke again in turn “I can’t say that I.. completely understand, however I think that I can perform my duties well.” Irene, out of the blue, would pop up and yell out “It’s not that easy! “Duties?!” What are you talking about!? What duties?!” I would remain still, facing Katherine with a blank expression before looking back and staring back at Irene in a blank expression while Katherine put her hand up and said “That’s enough, Irene. Get back to work. Don’t intervene with this.” as Irene sighed and sat back down. Right at that moment the other girl, Erika, came into the room as she opened the door quietly and closed it in the same manner as Katherine clapped her hands and said “Oh! That reminds me, I haven’t introduced the other Dolls to you yet.” she would raise a finger and say “Doll’s refer to-” before she was cut by me as I said “I understand it’s an abbreviation for an Auto Memory Doll. I figured it out the other day.” as Katherine said “Yes, that’s right.” as she smiled while she looked at Irene and say “The girl just now.. Her name is Irene.” Irene would raise her hand in hello as Katherine further explained “She’s a new hire who just completed her training course.” before turning over to Erika and then saying “And that there’s Erika.” as Erike stepped sideways and fixed her round glasses as Katherine further explained “She and I have been both working as Dolls for a while now.” Erika would then walk away quietly as Katherine looked back at me and say “The company is still quite young. So really, we’re all rooks here.” while Erika walks away and mutters out quietly “I don’t think so..” as she passed me. I would look at her as Katherine approached saying “Jamie, you know how to use a typewriter right?” as I replied back and said “I’ve never used one before, I’m used to field duties. However I am confident that I can do so.” Katherine would smile and say “Then why don’t you start off by practicing typing shall we?” as Katherine looked at Irene she would ask out “Hey, Irene! Can we borrow your manual?” Irene would look out and reply back “Aight!” Katherine would look around as she looked and then she would look at the red seat and say “Uhm.. Alright, have a seat.” as she pointed out at the chair while I looked at her blankly, going into attention, and saluting as I said to her “Yes, ma’am.” as I walked past her and sat down in front of the spare typewriter while she sat next to me, giggling at what I just did seeing it more as cute rather than serious. She would then look at my gloves and then notice it as she said “Oh! You should remove your gloves, Jamie.” Irene would get up and walk holding a book as I replied to Katherine saying “Okay.” as I bit on the tip of one of the gloves and took it out, revealing my metallic prosthetic hand to everyone in the room as Katherine gasped at the sight and thena sked “Are you.. Okay?” as I took the other glove off and replied back saying “It’s no problem.” while everyone else just watched in shock. Katherine would then say “Um, well, then why don’t you.. Try it out a bit.. You know, the typewriter?” as she grabbed a piece of paper and then said “Set the paper just like this.” as she placed the paper on the typewriter as I watched and memorized. She would then continue on and say “Turn the knob, just like this” as she turned the knob around “to feed it in.” she would then look at me and say “Easy as cake, right?” I would nod as she continued onto the instructions “Now, place your pointer fingers on the F and J keys, and try typing something.” I would look at her as she leaned away and say “Okay.” as I put my hands on the typewriter as I began to slowly type away as I gained pace for a moment. Katherine would congratulate me by saying “Yeah, that’s how you do it!” as she continued while I glanced at my hands and tested it around as Katherine grabbed the manual and said “Just do what it says in the manual-” she would stop as she looked at me rolling my sleaves, revealing the rest of my metallic arm as I tuned it. I would put my hands back on the typewriter once more as everyone watched while I looked at the manual momentarily before focusing back on the typewriter. Typing at a normal pace before speeding up as Katherine watched before saying “Jamie, oi!” as it got faster and louder before I stopped as she yelled “Jamie, stop!” I would stop instantly and look at her as she said “Could you type a bit more.. Quietly?” the session would soon stop as it was lunch time and everyone headed out for lunch or to the lunch room.

Erika and Irene would be walking to the Lunch Room as Benny, feeling a bit pissy, was complaining to himself as he said “Women these days are like goddamn equations, and their perfume stinks.” while a Old Man who works as a postamn eats a chicken leg from across in a table as he watched Benny complain “They’re just trying to snag rich guys at reception.” the old man would look at Benny as he said “Eh, don’t worry about it.” as Benny continues saying “Who cares, no more working girls for-” he would then stop mid-sentence as the door opens while Irene and Erika walked in as he put down his noodles and grabbed the two other ones, still untouched, as he said “Hey, guys! Want some fried noodl-” he would be cut my Irene which replied back sharply saying “I don’t want any. And stop calling me “Guys”, Benny.” as she walked away while benny lowered the noodles again, disappointed before being rejoyed as the older gentlement walked and said “I’ll have some fried noodles.” he would then quickly hand one of the boxes to him as they sat together that day eating fried noodles while Irene complained as she walked “I’m stuck writing addresses only again today.” as they walked to the other side of the room “The two reservations we have this afternoon.. Guess who they asked for?’ Erika would reply back saying “Katherine, I assume?” as Irene was about to reply she would let out a “Eek!” as she almost tripped on the carpet. Erika would look back and ask “You okay there?” as Irene stood straight, attempting to shrug it off and putting her hand on her mouth saying “I-i’m fine.” as they sat on the sofas, both on opposite ends. Irene would then say “I came all the way to Hyeangseul to become a doll, but all I do is write addresses and inquiries about missing people from the war every single goddamn day.” Erika could only look at her blankly saying “Right.” then a light would appear from Irene’s mind as she remembered “Oh, by the way, I heard that the new girl used to be in the army.” Erika would give out a surprised expression as she said “Even though she’s still a child..?” Irene would then complain more saying “They don’t have to make her a doll.” she would then continue to complain and complain “She’s cold and inconsiderate. She’s not right for this job.” while Erika grasps her tupperware box as Irene continues to speak “I want to write letters that are more exciting!” while Erika just stood there, taking it all in like a champion as she heard her friends wishes and moaning “Like a letter for a famous person. Or a secret love letter for an actress. But alas, those jobs go to Katherine, of course.” while Erika just sucks it up as she listened there silently, absent from all words and emotion at that time. Outside, Katherine would be talking to Wesely as he asked “Katherine, so.. How’s Jamie?” Katherine would fold her arms on her chest as she replied “Well I asked her out for lunch, but she said she didn’t have to recharge.” she would turn her sight to the door leading to the typerwriters, Wesely would turn as well. Katherine would let out a small smile as she looked while Wesely looked back at her “Well, at least she’s practicing on how to type.” Wesely would let out a small sigh in sadness as he thinks that I am pushing myself over the limit, still within my old standards as he replied in a low voice “I.. I see.” Benny at the right time would walk out of the room as Wesely said “Well, sorry to bother you, Katherine.” Katherine would then walk up to Wesely “Nee, how about you treat me to dinner, Wesely.” as she hugged him while he blushed saying “T-too close!” while Benny just watches from afar, hiding his face to avoid sight as he blushed intensely while Katherine said “Just because you wanted a girl. I can’t believe it!” she would continue to snicker as she said “Calling out a girl’s name in bed. Oh so terrible of you!” after that Wesely would just flip and pin her to the wall saying “ALRIGHT, I’M SORRY!” before continuing “I-I can’t take you out anytime soon, I’m not getting paid this month..” Katherine would sigh in disappointment before remembering to ask "Huh, say. Don't you say that Jamie looks a lot like Queen Miya?" Wesely, not thinking about that before, would then look at her saying "Huh.. you're right." he would rub his chin thinking, getting evermore curious "Still, unlikely that she could be her, you know, the daughter." Katherine would look back and shrug saying "I don't know, could be a possibility you know? That she didn't die?" Wesely would rub his chin before looking at the clock saying "Shoot! I got to go, see ya Kath!" as he ran off, waving back at her as she waved back.

To Be Continued...
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Chapter 1, The Chusan Four - Turbulent Times
Friday, May 17th of 2019
01:00 Hours - Local Time in Chusan

The room inside was dark, inside of that room was a bed where Prince Jeung, having being saved from agents loyal to the Kye Government working for the Arirangese Military Intelligence Department’s 5th Directorate after they attempted to kidnap Prince Jeung and dispose of him in a set up “Ambush” where he was abducted from his ride to a Chusan Palace. Being severely scarred and beaten after being abducted in private from his own house, he was saved by 2 Taxi’s which drove to the sides of the vans with a spare one taking Jeung with the other 2 Driver’s with them driving away to this place. The room was dark with only a single light being the only source of light in that room as a doctor treated Jeung’s wounds while he was unconscious. The doctor would look at his wounds as he stitched the open wounds as he bandaged Jeung’s wounded head while he laid there, his glasses luckily surviving but not much for his suit as his jacket was taken off due to the damage with his blue tie while the doctor opened his shirt to check on his wounds, treating it as well. Hours would past until we reached 1 AM where he woke up in a shocked state, alone within the room as a radio played static while he looked at the ceiling which was as dark as the night sky, he would move his eyes around as he said “Is this Heaven?” being unsure as to where he was and what he was doing here, he’d lift his head as he aligned himself onto the wall from the bed, holding onto his stomach which was bandaged as he looked around saying “Is this prison?” before looking at the door as he yelled out “Hey, is anyone there?!” the reply was silent as he heard nothing but footsteps, he would close his eyes as he expected a Prison Guard or a AMID Agent entering but instead of that he would be met with something else as the door opened with a man with grey pants, black shoes, and a yellow shirt with a black hoodie covering the shirt stood looking at him saying “Awake already?” as he looked at Jeung, being obviously confused. Jeung would adjust his glasses as he looked at the man, observing him from top to bottom before saying “Wait..” and then realizing what it was “A.. Taxi Driver?” he would be baffled at the sight of the Taxi Driver, thinking, why on Earth would a Taxi Driver be in what looks like a prison as the Taxi Driver replied back with “Yep, a taxi driver. Who else?” as he put his hands into the hoodie while Jeung asked him “Where am I?” Jeung would look around in confusion at the dim lights while another source of light shined at the back of the Taxi Driver and behind the door, he’d attempt to connect the pieces as he asked “Are you.. An AMID agent? Did you abduct me? Where am I? What is this place?” the Taxi Driver would raise a eyebrow as Jeung asked before saying “Hey, Hey! Take it easy now sir, you’ve just been saved by me and my buddies from the bandits, alright?” the Taxi Driver would take out a pack of chewing gum as he reached his hand to Jeung, bubblegum in hand, then asking “Now how about you calm down with the gum?” Jeung would look at the bubblegum and at the Taxi Driver, giving out a confused expression before giving out a small smile and taking the Gum as the Taxi Driver took another one and opened it as he put it in his mouth while Jeung said “Chusaners, nice and friendly as always.” the Taxi Driver would smile as he looked at Jeung saying “So.. where we are?” Jeung would nod as he looked around and said “Your house?” Jeung would shake his head as he answered “Raven’s Rock.” as Jeung stopped chewing and looked at him, he would then repeat the words “Raven’s Rock?” the Taxi Driver would nod saying “Yes, Raven’s Rock. You know, the FAUS?” Jeung would reply back saying “Well of course I know, but why am I here? Am I a hostage?” Jeung would look at the Taxi Driver as he smiled and said “No, not exactly.”

Jeung would sigh as he crossed his legs on the bed as he chewed gum and looked at the Taxi Driver, as he said “You can call me Naka, by the way.” as he continue on “And as to why your here?” Naka would look back before looking back at Jeung and said “We want your help.” Jeung would rest his back onto the wall as he sighed and looked at Naka, being a little be aggravated as he said “You know I can’t do that, think of what will happen if I do?” Naka would sigh as he looked at Jeung, Naka would then look back as he looked at Jeung to reply back while he swings the door away further, opening it even more as he looked Jeung, holding the door open “I think it’s best if my Friend here explains.” soon a figure which was dressed in a full Olive Drab Military Uniform would walk in, his hat being a standard Field Cap as he walked into the room and looked at Jeung. Jeung would look at him, observing him up to down before noticing his name; “Okabe Shinzaburo”, the Colonel of the 35th Infantry Regiment. Jeung would slump as he looked saying “Colonel Okabe..” as he looked at Jeung saying “Well of course.” Jeung would look at Okabe and Naka as he looked at them, before asking “Is this the entire FAUS Government? Really?” Naka and Okabe would look at each other, chuckling at that thought before Jeung said “There’s more, is there?” Naka would then reply back saying “Of course it’s not just us.” Okabe would then walk up saying “There’s more than just the 35th. Our hand reaches everywhere, Prince Jeung.” as Jeung looked at him and said “So what is this? Are you here to get rid of me? Make me hostage? Throw me into your plans?” Okabe would squad down beside Jeung, holding his hands together as he looked at Jeung and said “The last one, we need you to help us gain support.” he’d look at Jeung as he got up while Jeung stared back saying “What’s in it for me? Only death by the government frankly.” he’d look at Okabe as he tried getting up, but falling back to the bed while Okabe looked back at him as Jeung said “Remember the King Monarch? Remember them? If that happened to them so easily what’s gonna happen to me? If your trying to make me into a Martyr then it won’t work as it’s best to leave me where I was. I have a family to go to, I have a nation to answer to, I lost my niece during that attack because of those bastards and I-” Okabe would look at Jeung as he cut him off, saying “Those Bastards? You mean the AMID?” Jeung would look at Okabe as he said “What?” as Okabe repeated saying “The AMID.” Jeung would question Okabe by saying “What do you mean?” Okabe would then reach out for a folder, handing it to Jeung as he looked at him straightforwardly and said “Open it.” as Jeung looked at Okabe and muttered as he opened the file, reading through the file as Okabe waited while Jeung read the declassified files and such revealing that it was a inside job and that the AMID was inside a ploy to dispose of the Monarchy by 2020.

Jeung would then look at the AMID’s hit list which involved him while he looked back at Okabe saying “So I’m a dead man?” Jeung would put his hand on his head, shocked at the discovery as he said “You might as well kill me here. What do I have to work for and for what?” Okabe would sigh as he looked at the door while Jeung kept talking “For what should I work for now?” before a voice that sounds familiar but not quite rings through, a mature voice now, the voice of a young woman that echoes the memories of the past before the tragedy in 2010, the sound of what was once a happy child now considered a martyr to the present cause by both rebels and government as it said “Me.” Okabe would look back at the door and then back to Jeung as Jeung asked “What is this? Some kind of sick joke?” as Okabe replied back saying “I think you should be asking, who and not what. Prince Jeung.” as Jeung looked at the door, Okabe beside him, as I walked into the room with my golden blonde hair and my blue eyes with the emerald brooch now hanging as a necklace with my arms being metal in nature as Okabe smiled while Jeung looked in shock at my appearance “Hello, Uncle.” Jeung would have his jaws dropped as he looked in surprise before looked at Okabe and then to me saying “Katherine?” as he looked at me, attempting to get up as he looked and said “Y-your with the Underground State?” as I nodded back saying “Uncle, I know we haven’t met for so long but this is a matter of urgency.” as Jeung nodded, replying back saying “I understand, but how?” as Katherine answered back saying “Well, let’s say they were just that dumb to let me slip by.” as Jeung looked and nodded, he’d then look at Okabe saying “You’ll have your Prince.” as Okabe smiled back with Naka putting his hand over my shoulder, me smiling at them all as the “Chusan Four” combined for the first time, Jeung would look at Okabe as Okabe looked at Jeung with him then looking at the rest “Well, a revolution isn’t going to start by it’s own. Let’s move!” as he lifted Jeung up, helping him get on a wheelchair that was wheeled in by one of Okabe’s Soldiers as they walked out to a series of royalist soldiers and revolutionaries working hard to coordinate the uprising and a view of Chusan, Raven’s Rock was a apartment building that was previously owned by the military and now private property of Princess Katherine, registered under her now present name Jamie Evergarden. Jeung would be wheeled away with Okabe as I went with Naka to another place. The fire of revolution burns as the tyrant is soon to fall.


Chapter 1, Guardian Angels - Turbulent Times
Tuesday, May 21st of 2019
14:20 Hours - Local Time in Chusan

I was looking down onto the square, on the roof of an apartment at November Square. I'd look at the sky as the wind blew through my hair on that summer day in Chusan. Behind me was a canopy with officers and most importantly Colonel Okabe Shinzaburo as he stood next to me, looking at the square from below. I'd look down back to the square, it was full of Military Personnel from the 35th Regiment which utilized the relatively open space to repaint and park their vehicles. From above I could see them putting on dark blue armbands and some switching to civilian clothing to identify themselves from which were on the outskirts of the city. From there I could also see helicopters landing to disembark more troops to join the cause of the people while some troops have already went to the front to protect civilians or fight alongside other Royalist forces. As I looked at them a pair of KM-38's would fly above us heading towards the government occupied Regional Assembly building which had local National Guardsmen protecting local government officials which were still loyal to Kye. But that was to be no more. The KM-38's would buzz around the underequipped National Guardsmen which were protecting the exteriors of the building and holding back protestors. Then I would look back down where 6x K-37 Tanks with 2x LWK-5's are going down the street to break a government barrier. I would look at Okabe and ask him "How long are we going to be here?" Okabe would look at me before looking back to the front "It depends." Okabe would sigh as he holds onto the railings as he looked at the Helicopters flying around the city, all 35th Regiments which controlled most of the city within a matter of days after deployment. I would look at Okabe as I asked "Depends on?" Okabe would look at me and say "It depends on how long it's gonna take Jeung and the Journalists to get out and reach Taehaek to spread the news. But for now, we should be worried about how much damage we can control." I would look at Okabe as I sighed and said "Very well, I guess." as I walked to the other side, this apartment was the tallest in the area and the best vantage point to look at the Regional Assembly building. I would look down as I witnessed the destruction on the main street. The street was full of protestors being dispersed and smoke, from here I could see the Taxi's and Public Service Vehicles moving to create barricades or transport the injured way from the frontline while the protestors attempted to stand their ground with some even firing back. I would witness my own fellow countrymen being dragged away and beaten and as I looked further back I would see them being unloaded into trucks. But suddenly, the shock was cut short with the sound of a tank gun which blasted a part of the barrier open followed by machinegun fire from the 35th's Vehicles. I would witness the government troops dispersing back or retreating even further to the National Assembly while Royalist forces chased them down with Police Officers, apprehending some with Ambulances from both the military and civilian services rushing into the scene to evacuate the injured. I would then turn my attention to the large group of Government forces which was surrounded on all sides after 2x Military Police Vehicles arrived and blockaded their exit as Royalist Forces forced them to lay down their arms and surrender, a entire platoon was wiped out within minutes which shows the disorganization of the Government Forces which did not anticipate the 35th Regiment.

Okabe would then walk to me as he leaned over while radio chatter from behind me increased, from afar I could hear the sounds of Aircraft blades as Okabe got up and said "Here comes the 306th." soon after Colonel Takashimura, the commander of the 306th, appeared and said "Your Majesty." as he bowed down generously. I would bow back modestly as Okabe said "Takashimura, seems like your late to the party." Takashimura as he got up would look at Okabe as he grinned and said "You know the Party isn't over until I arrive heh." soon a wave of Helicopters would fly above us as they moved in groups to other sectors of the city, reinforcing some positions with 3 groups landing nearby the Regional Assembly building. I would look at Okabe and Takashimura as I asked "So.. we're storming the Assembly I see?" Okabe and Takashimura would look at me as Okabe answered "Well, not exactly." Takashimura would then look at Okabe as Takashimura asked "What are you thinking of Okabe?" I would look at Okabe as he pulled his collar and said "Well.. I was thinking of.." he would stop for a moment before continuing "Thinking of.. shelling the Assembly with tanks till they submit?" Takashimura would look at Okabe as he asked "But.. why?" Okabe would look at Takashimura as I guessed "To reduce losses?" I would rub my chin as Takashimura folded his hands while I said "That could work, the governor is even there so it might work. We already have Jeung anyways, if he doesn't submit.. we could send in the 54th Fighter Squadron to bomb the building." I'd look at Takashimura as I asked "Isn't that right Takashi?" he would bite his lips before answering "Well, yes. But the loss of life would be too great, not to mention our public image." I'd look at Okabe as I rubbed my Chin and said "...Are they aware of my existence?" Okabe and Takashi would look at me as they said in unision "DON'T!" I'd raise an eyebrow as I said "Why not?" Okabe would look at me as he rubbed his forehead saying "Look, if you go down there not only will they know you but the government too. And what would you think they'd do if they found out?" I'd sigh as I relented saying "Fine, we'll go with your plan." Okabe would sigh as he nodded and walked back to the Radio, ordering the plan to go through.

From here I would grab a binocular to look at the road which was across the Assembly building, being divided by a river with a bridge connecting towards the building. I could see massive amounts of protestors outside the building causing a diversion while Military Personnel from the Airborne and 35th alongside some from the Police, ISB and Civilian Militia's preparing to storm the building while hiding in the alleyways and behind the students. Suddenly, the students cleared the main road onto a spacious road that was right across the regional assembly building as 4x K-37's rolled in with 2x aligning themselves in a line at the front gate with 2x LWK-5's and Infantry behind them. The National Guardsmen would appear confused, thinking they were going to help them they were soon awoken to the reality as the K-37's parked across the river turned their guns onto the National Assembly building and fired High Explosive shells at it. The National Guardsmen were awoken by the panic as the crowd became louder and louder before the K-37 at the front of the gate went into full speed and smashed into the front gate of the assembly building while the K-37's from across continued laying fire onto the National Assembly Building. The Crowd with the Armed Royalists at the front stormed the building as the apprehended and disarmed the national guardsmen guarding the National Assembly building before they occupied the front of the National Assembly building entirely, one of the leaders of the protests would then walk up on a LWK-5 as troops and lines of armed personnel were in front with a very large crowd outside waiting while the guns of the K-37's from the other side of the river fell silent. The KM-38's continued buzzing around the building as they prepared the go to waste the building from Takashimura. The protest leader would get up from the crowd of smoke as the crowd occupied the green lawn of the national assembly building and shouted out on a megaphone "ATTENTION ASSEMBLY MEMBERS AND TRAITOROUS GUARDSMEN!" he shouted out onto the occupants of the building. The entire event was being documented live on National Television by Taehaek City Times and other journalists from the country as they documented the event. He would then continue on with his announcement "We, the people of Chusan call you out to surrender and face the people for the crimes you have done and most importantly your betrayal to those who entrusted these powers to you!" he would look at the door as he waited for a response, no response yet. He would then continue "We demand your surrender within 5 Minutes, or else we will storm the building and apprehend you ourselves, there is no escape! Surrender now while you still can!" a minute would pass with the crowd getting rowdy with some already preparing to storm in while the tanks guns have already loaded more shells to fire in order to apply pressure. Soon, the door would open with National Guardsmen putting their weapons down and hands up with the politicians including the Mayor and Governor going up and yelling out "We surrender! Don't shoot!" as Military Police and Police Officers rush over to apprehend them. The crowd would make a way for them as they cheered with this victory, the Governor would be held back as Colonel Okabe looked at the scene and quickly went down. The Governor would be seen being taken inside with Military Personnel as the crowd followed to witness the event with the media sitting at the front to record the event. I would walk over to the canopy as they gathered around to witness the live broadcast while the distant sounds of rioting and firefights began to fall silent as the broadcast began to play on every major television and on the military radio to end the fighting.

The Governor would stand there with Military Personnel beside and a crowd facing him as he said infront of national television, military radio, and the citywide PA system "Attention, Attention, Citizens of Chusan and National Guardsmen alongside any government forces." as he read the script given to him. This broadcast was watched nationwide with everyone including those in Taehaek and Niisoka witnessing this and even those in Prison as he continued "On May 21st 2019, I Governor Chun, the person who you swore into office as the Governor of the Principality of Arangseo has surrendered to the forces of the Arirangese Underground State." he would sweat as he continued, looking to his sides before continuing "The orders from me were to defend Chusan at all costs and other major centers of rioting such as Gyongsan, Chaeryong, Kungpo and so on. However, due to the lack of manpower and the people alongside the military rising against us and the entire situation as a whole has made further fighting.." he would breath in before continuing as I watched on television at the live broadcast "Meaningless. I urge all of you to surrender for further fighting will only prolong the dreadful suffering of the civilian population and of the wounded. And all those, who have died sacrificing themselves for the government in the Battle for Chusan are sacrificing themselves for nothing." he would step down as the head of the Arangseo National Guard stepped in, General Nang Jeong-Ho would step up as he said "To.. continue on the governors words." he would look at Chun as he was cuffed by Military Police before continuing "In agreement with the Supreme High Command of the Royal Armed Forces, I order all of you to cease all fighting and combat operations. This was Nang Jeong-Ho, General of the Arangseo National Guard and Commander of the Chusan Defense Area." He would step down as 2 Military Police Officers grabbed him and arrested him, putting him behind Chun as Colonel Okabe walked amongst the crowd to the Front with the crowd looking at him and the camera's taking attention to him as he walked to the Podium and saluted saying "Soldiers and Officers of the 4th Infantry Division and 306th Airborne Regiment of the New Royal Armed Forces." He would put on his sunglasses as he then yelled out "CHUSAN IS OURS!" the crowd would then break into cheers as Chun, Nang, and numerous other government officials were escorted out by Military Police while the city broke into Cheers as arrests were made. Reports from radio soon began to suggest that most of Arangseo has been secured by now and Royalist Forces are already doing great work to conduct a full scale revolution at the North with several units already defecting from the Principality of Taehaek. Several Princes and Military Leaders are reported to have began to prepare speeches to defect over to the New Government. I would stand there, wiping off a tear as Naka came up and hugged me saying "WE DID IT!" while I hugged back, we would then look back as Fighter Jets from the 54th Fighter Squadron flew up into the sky to signal that the Battle is over. The PA system then began to play Aikoku koushinkyouku, the unofficial battle anthem of the Royalists. The city would erupt into cheering and celebration with some singing on the way. I would look at the sky as the sounds of fighting became sounds of cheering, much was to be done until the nation could be free but the liberation of Chusan is a start.