The Luscova Pact(Open)

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    The Clan Delegation had arrived in the Norsian capital only hours earlier, men in tribal kaftans and suits of mail, they were like figures from a bygone age come to haunt the modern cityscape. One alone stood out from the seemingly primitive assemblage, she wore a simple military uniform, Formal dress blues in Norsian style but with the unmistakable flag of Essalanea emblazoned on the shoulder. Anegrette of Kimbri had come to parlay.

    Ties between Norsia and Essalanea were deepening thanks to the formers aid programs and the latter's vast mineral wealth. It was a mutually beneficial deal, Norsia gained resources it lacked and Essalanea was granted a mentor to help them enter the modern age.

    In Essalanea the engine of modernity was already beginning to roar into life, roads expanded across the steppe and mining towns sprang up around them all beneath the buzz of electrical lines. A centralized government, supported by a new Norsian trained army, was bringing all clans into line. The steppe was changing forever. Chief Anegrette of the unconventional Kimbri clan could not have been more ecstatic about those changes.

    Her clan had supported Gaiseric Volkmann's push for modernity, aiding him in crushing the traditionalists at home and in finding allies abroad, her clan had reaped the rewards of such loyalty. she was an able diplomat and a proud supporter of the new order, her modern uniform making her position on things abundantly clear. She was the perfect choice for foreign minister, a new woman for a new Essalanea.

    Today she would meet the Queen of Norsia, Alycia, and offer her the traditional gifts of an alliance. Horses who represented all power and life in the old steppe, a sheathed blade never to be raised in anger against a friend and gold the eternal symbol of prosperity beyond mere subsistence.

    Anegrette had heard much of this new Queen, young but already a renowned figure on the world stage, she felt as though she might soon meet a kindred spirit.
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    the royal guards presented arms and opened the doors as the Clan Delegation approached, uniforms white as snow with deep blues. automatic rifles in hand and cavalry swords at the hips, an odd mix of the past and modernity clashing just like the Delegation.

    Alycia stood up from her Throne and stepped forward as the Clansmen approached, with a smile she spoke to Colart in hushed tone. "Count me giddy; Look at them Colart, modern yet practically untouched by time." Colart smiled as he prepared himself to announce. "Not too untouched, I hear they love their motorcycles and guns."

    Colart spoke again with a loud voice so the entire throne room could hear him. "Announcing the Great Honorable Chief Anegrette of Clan Kimbri, and honored guests within these halls."

    Colart bowed briefly before continuing. "You stand in the presence of Alycia Sevada of House Saitta, Her Royal Grace Queen of the Peoples Commonwealth of Norsia, High Queen of the Norsi Fatherland, Lady Protector of the Norsian Faith." Colart finished and took a step back returning to attention allowing Anegrette to finally speak.
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    Anegrette had to struggle to hide her fascination with the queen's soldiers, their snow and blue uniforms catching the eye with their striking appearance. Their guns were even more interesting, automatic rifles of Norsian variance that Anegrette had never seen before, she imagined they could easily mow down her and the entire clan delegation if need be.

    The great chamber spoke to the power of Norsia's warrior queen, its faced edifices lined with statues and banners paying homage to the Norsian house. her name was already repeated across the steppe in tones that mixed amazement and exaggeration with each telling. She had even heard some of the more imaginative bondsmen saying that Alycia was some sort of powerful half woman half wolf demi-god who ruled over a mythical nation to the north. They had been wrong of course, but the awe she felt staring around the hall still felt pretty mystical.

    Composing herself she and the other delegates bowed, it was a concession the clans were willing to make to very few nations, Norsia had earned the right to be bowed to...other nations would never see the sight of a clan bondsman bending back. Breathing in deeply, she exhaled and spoke

    'Honoured Queen of Norsia, we on the steppe have come here to pay homage to the great friendship between our two peoples, to put into law that which we already know to be true in our hearts. We the Clans of Essalanea come as one to honor you and to cement our alliance' she said in a strong and clear voice staring directly at the throne above

    Anegrette waved to the Volkmann diplomat to her left, he stepped forward and knelt, a blade in a golden scabbard was resting on a piece of silk. A wolfs head graced the ivory hilt of the blade and images of the Norsian ruling house covered the scabbard of the long blade.

    'We offer the gift of a sheathed blade, never to be drawn in anger against you, never to be raised in opposition towards you, by this gift we mark you as a friend and swear our honorable intent to you this day' Anegrette said hands motioning towards the blade

    Now the great queen's turn to speak comes, I pray we find her words comforting Anegrette thought suddenly anxious.
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    Sonny Kofoed sipped brennivín as he peered out of a palace window watching the Essalanean delegation arrive.
    "Don't you think the palace is beautiful?"

    "Pardon?" Birgitte Vester replied, shocked. She was sure her boss hadn't noticed her.
    "The palace. It has a certain charm Absalonhöll lacks, don't you think?"
    "I, um, I'm unsure. Absalonhöll's renovations in the 1700s built over a lot of the traditional aesthetics they've preserved here."

    Kofoed chuckled and turned around to face his assistant.
    "I didn't know you were so knowledgeable about that sort of thing."

    Vester blushed.
    "I tend to remember interesting things" she replied. "But...what about the Essalaneans?"

    Kodoed sipped his drink.
    "Her Grace has reached out to them. The Government has asked for us to look into the matter. See if their business aligns with Prydanian interests."

    "Well we're cooperating with the Norsians on a number of points. Why wouldn't they?"

    "The Essalaneans are an interesting people. Tribal politics are a tricky thing. Realpolitik is only part of the equation. Impressions matter a great deal. Do you seem like a strong leader? A trustworthy one?"

    "So you don't believe we're capable of meeting that standard?"

    "Oh we could...but we need to keep these things in mind when dealing with their representatives. I've been told His Majesty has established correspondence with their High Chief. It's a good start."
    Kofoed finished his drink, shaking the glass in his hand before turning to walk away.

    "Where are you going?" Brigitte asked.
    "Going to go get another drink" he said with a smile.
    "We'll talk about it more when I get back."
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    Ambassador Albin Röhr had just arrived in Luscova to participate in negotiations on behalf of the Crowned Republic. Highton hopes that taking part in this pact will not only bring it closer to its Craviterian allies in Norsia and Prydania, but also allow further investment in Essalanea. Since Essalanea had opened its doors to the outside world, nations across Eras have jockeyed to gain influence, and Highton was hoping to find an ally in a fellow Alemannic nation on Craviter.

    Albin's secretary passed him a file regarding the other nations present. "This is a good group," he said. "I am glad they decided to send me." The automobile approached the site of the meeting. "I agree with the President, and I know you do too," Albin said. "Strengthening bonds with the other nations here will be beneficial for both parties in all cases."
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    Pratap Tokas, the Imperial Ambassador to Essalanea, and Jarupan Sirikanth, the Imperial Ambassador to Norsia, had come to Luscova feeling optimistic for the conference that lay ahead of them. The State Department had appointed them as the joint delegation from the Empire to the foundation of the proposed Luscova Pact. The Emperor was at first wary, but Congress believed it was a good investment, and he eventually was convinced to give the endeavor the go-ahead.

    The other nations sending delegates were all in the Empire's good graces. Norsia and Prydania were receiving Imperial humanitarian aid, and the Empire wished to heighten its relations with Norsia in particular. Predice, a Commonwealth realm, and Highton, an important regional partner, were both old and reliable allies. And then there was Essalanea; the Empire's closest maritime neighbor. The Samnadhis- the natives of the Home Islands- in particular had been in contact with Essalaneans since before the Empire was even founded. Following High Chief Gaiseric Volkmann's modernization reforms, the Empire had begun to sell Essalanea consumer products, oil and other petroleum products, and mineral resources; and had pledged the nation military and humanitarian support, as well as support in building telecom networking and new, modernized telecom infrastructure. Essalanea, in return, had begun to sell Imperial markets its own mineral resources, as well as consumer goods. Trade was better than ever between these old neighbors.

    With these factors in mind, the two ambassadors entered the conference room confident that it would produce good and productive results. They greeted the other foreign delegates present, before sitting down in their assigned chairs.
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    The Midranean Embassador to Norsia, Jason Nyung was sitting in the back of the sleek, black sports utility vehicle as it roared through Luscova. Reading over the list of nations attending the conference, his brow furrowed in concern. Looking to the front passenger seat, Jason addressed Ryo Dong-Seok, his personal bodyguard.


    "Yes, sir?" Ryo asked, looking back in the mirror, his solid, gargantuan frame of over two meters shifting slightly upright

    "While I understand the reason that the federal government sent us to this conference, it gives Midir the chance to get its foot in the door of this alliance early and strengthen ties with the nations going, do you think we can trust the Essalanean Clans that are attending?"

    "What do you mean sir?"

    "Well, these tribes are just now starting to get used to the modern world and how civilized nations work, they are still uncivilized. There is no guarantee we will not be assaulted or insulted by them due to their antiquated culture and ways of working." Ryo turned around to address Justin's recent concern, his face was sturdy and solid. Addressing Justin, his face never lost its steely constitution.

    "Well, sir. I know that you are wary of tribal groups, due to your family's history with Midir's natives; however, we have to remember why we were sent. We need to build bridges with Essalanea and strengthen our bridges with the other nations attending."

    "I understand... I will do my best to keep Midranean interests in mind and not do anything that will jeopardize them."

    "Mr.Nyung, Mr.Seok, we have arrived at the palace." Geoffrey Rorgan, their driver said two the two men.

    The White Palace shimmered in the sunlight as the Norsian Royal guards stood steadfast in their blue and white uniforms. Justin and Ryo grabbed their things and stepped out of the SUV, preparing to head into the conference. Justin ducked his head into the vehicle to address Geoffrey.

    "Go park the vehicle and then meet us inside."

    "Will do, sir."
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    The drab raininess of the city reminded Ustinya Zuiderduin of Nova Drakensburg. But she was not in Nova Drakensburg, and that kept her intrigue. From the taxicab she stared out the window like curious child on a road trip. Marble-pillared buildings and less antique glass towers passed her by, preserved and unscathed unlike the west of country. This new view of the city surely contrasted all the photographs she had seen in La Epokspirito.

    She was only a twenty-something with pale frosted tips at the ends of her bangs. Fresh out of an internship and training, she was chosen to serve as a delegate in a country she had written immensely about in her dissertation but barely ever experienced firsthand. She tried to ignore the butterflies and wasps flying in her stomach as she arrived. She also recalled the advice she received from the Demescian–Norsian ambassador, who was too ill to attend: don’t represent yourself; represent Demescia.

    Ito Okeke, the Delegate Premier of Demescia, was surely keen on entering the Pact if it meant the revival of countries such as Prydania, which supported Demescia's failed application to the PGU. Ustinya hoped to reflect the wishes of Okeke through her words and her actions.