March General Update

Thomas Insaniac

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March 2019 Update
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The Empire of Mare Nostrum

Emperor: Rex Ciphra

Praetorian Prefect: Khosrow

Legatus Prefect: Thomas Insaniac
Vicarius: Barzai ux Loddhan

Tribunal Prefect: Sarah Karimi
Tribune of Naturalization: Chelle23
Tribune of Culture: Wymondham
Tribune of Communications: Drinarius
Tribune of Roleplay: AngryScientist77
People’s Tribune: Shapirius

Senatorial Prefect: Drinarius
Delegate: Lucius

Political Planning

The signs on the road to the future are too complex for me

Not a month can go by in the Empire of Mare Nostrum without political intrigue dominating the news scene. The culmination of February saw both Tribunal and Delegate elections. The Tribunal election was a relatively calm affair, where Prefect Sarah ran unopposed and coasted to another term. However, the Delegate election was a fierce competition between three candidates. In the end, Lucius came out on top by a single vote and clinched the position for himself. The in-game transition followed quickly and he was officially delegate of the region within a week. Turning to the Senate, where elections occur at the end of March, another competitive race occurred. While six candidates successfully secured their seats, the last two are currently in a runoff race, both hoping to secure the final seat and to serve in the fifth Imperial Senate of Mare Nostrum.

Election shenanigans were not the only political events to occur in the last two months. At the beginning of March, former Senatorial Prefect Lord Eros Anphedite resigned from his post as Prefect and as a Senator; this forced the Senate into a scramble in order to replace him. Drinarius rose the occasion and served as Senatorial Prefect for the rest of the term and is expected to be reconfirmed as Prefect, while Ham gracefully accepted an appointment to serve the remainder of Anphedite’s term in the Senate. The Tribunal has seen its own fair share of scrambles, as Ham stepped down from the Naturalization Tribunate in early February and had to be quickly replaced, with Chelle23 taking the position. Furthermore, following the departure of Lord Anphedite, Shapirius dutifully rose to serve as the People's Tribune and filled the integral position. Finally, the ending days of March saw the Tribunate of Culture split; the newly created Tribunate of Role-Play being tasked with the creation and maintenance of forum RPs while the Tribunate of Culture will be more focused on activities, events, and other important regional hallmarks.

Contests in Context

The only award I got

If there’s one thing Marian’s like, it’s contests. Each month the Tribunal Prefecture has sought to hold a contest among the general citizens. In January we held a poetry contest which was won by Germanicus, with a poem lamenting the complexity of life. In February we held an art contest which was won by Khosrow. with a beautiful photographic submission. And in March we held a short story contest where a highly contested victory was clinched by Emperor Rex. His humorous take on the Birth of Christ successfully beat not one, but two contestants by a single vote.

While it may border on Christian heresy, the short story can be read here.

  • Following the April 1st update shuffle, the Marian Legions secured a new jump point: The Alpha Legion
  • The Marian Legions spent February and March working under the umbrella of ANTIFA with operations in: DankMemes, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, and The Red States.
  • The Empire marked six months of existence on February 14th.
  • The Regional Discord server achieved a total of 27,198 posts in the months of February and March!