The Darkening of the steppe( Self RP)

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    Ziu's Cloak stretched across the heavens shrouding all in darkness, it would be hours until the orange glow of new dawn began to light the sky. This was all well and good, Alric did his best work in the shadows, his nightly hunts had earned him a terrifying reputation amongst the enemies of his clan.

    Tonight those enemies were the Kargs, a wild clan even by Essalanea's standards, their encamped forces were celebrating a successful raid into the territories of the clan of Volkmann, Alric's clan. Their assembled mass of bondsmen surrounded the bonfire in a loose circle of singing, shouting and drunken boasts.

    Alric Volkmann gazed down at the firelit revelries dispassionately, it was hard to see things any other way when your view was tinted green with night vision. Through the scope of his rifle, the figures below were sheathed in a ghostly white glow, they were wights who did not know they were already dead he mused with a cruel smile.

    Ulli Karg, chieftain of the karg's, strode into view as his people began to bellow and chant

    Karg! Karg!

    Ulli was a huge man, unmistakable even from Alric's vantage point, his face a patchwork of snaking clan tattoos and old scars. He was bald save for a topknot and his blonde beard was wild and unkempt like a mad hermit. He was bare-chested and wore only breeches and riding boots, he had probably just stumbled out of his tent at the urging of his wives.

    The chieftain was a long time opponent of alric's own clan Volkmann, the two groups had finally come to open blows over the high chieftains proposed reforms to steppe life. High Chieftain Gaiseric had declared proposals for embassies with foreign nations, Ulli had drawn steel in Vosgotis and declared war.

    The bondsman's chanting echoed across the steppe as they slammed weapons and feet upon the ground with each new chant, Alric waited for another deafening chant and drew back the bolt on his rifle. Ulli raised a hand to quiet his clan

    'Brothers and Sisters! today we struck a blow against the Volkmann and their false high chief! Gaiseric would have you embrace the depraved ways of the auslanders! but we are Essalanean! WE ARE KARG! GLORY TO ESSALAN! GLORY TO KARG!!!' he roared as his clan erupted into deafening cheers

    Alric breathed in and focused, the shrieks and roars below fading away as he entered the meditative kill stance of a practised sniper.

    'Just You and Me Ulli' he thought as he watched the Karg leader move around the firelight gesticulating and shouting as he worked the bondsmen into a frenzy


    Ulli Karg raised both fists in the air in and began to scream the clan name, Alric held his breath and in one practised motion he fired.

    The bullet ripped through Ulli's Head, a gruesome red cloud obscuring his face, Alric was already moving as the camp erupted in screams and chaos.
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    Six Months Earlier

    'FOREIGN EMBASSIES!!!' Ulli Screamed

    Gaiseric held his composure as the karg showered him with a rain of spittle, he had always known Ulli would be opposed to any reform...the karg were famously stubborn. He raised his hand to silence the karg chieftain

    'Yes Ulli, foreign embassies, you don't have to like it but the world is changing and we must not be left behind' Gaiseric said calmly, Ulli face seemed to be growing more twisted with rage with each word Gaiseric uttered

    'Any moment now' Gaiseric thought as the karg chieftain built up to another explosive tirade

    Ulli reached for his blade, gasps filled the room as the Karg's concealed boot knife emerged and slammed into the great table of Essalan, the mistake had been made, it was a cardinal sin to draw steel in Essalan's city...Ulli had just made himself fair game for anyone to attack without censure.


    Gaiseric's expression had not changed throughout the entire exchange, he regarded the blade now embedded in the ancient oak table, the karg boot knife had no shine coated as it was with black paint...the high chieftain of the clans let out a long sigh and leaned back in his chair. Ulli was the greatest obstacle to a future for the clans, Essalan had long stood apart from the world but eras was changing and if the clans did not adapt they would soon find their once unconquered steppe under the foreign heel.

    'The chieftain is correct brothers and sisters, we are Essalanean, and just as he has chosen so too must you all, A future as a part of the world or a slow death apart from it' Gaiseric said rising from his chair

    The hall stood in stunned silence, eventually, a small collection of chieftains stormed out after Ulli, the traditionalists had made themselves known. When the last of the conservative chieftains had left Gaiseric regarded those that remained. The Majority of the Clan's would support Gaiseric out of both necessity and the opportunities his new path promised...the poorer clans would likely flock to Ulli for fear of being forgotten in the rush for reform.

    Gaiseric regarded the room one last time, Essalan had once stood on this hallowed ground and his vision for a united people would now have to be achieved....the shadow of change now darkened the steppe.
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    Alric strode down the narrow streets of Vogotis, his boots making a satisfying thump on the cobblestones, he held his shouldered rifle in one hand and was hungrily gnawing on a meat skewer with the other. It was a cold morning, the chill winds of the steppe seemed to infuse the cities ancient stoneworks.

    Vosgotis was indeed ancient, Essalan's city had been in continuous inhabitance since the clans had settled on the steppe. Most of the time the clan's dwelled here only during the ceremonial moots, preferring the nomadic life on the steppe to cold and sedentary vosgotis, only a small population of permanent clan serfs dwelled here as a necessary presence to stop the city from crumbling. Essalan himself had once walked these narrow streets, history suffused the ancient stoneworks, all around tall stone houses and monuments depicted the ancient glories of the clans. Alric would have felt more awed if he wasn't so eager to be in front of a warm fire.

    He came at last to the great square of chieftains, it was eerily quiet today, the impending trial in the hall of law had scared most people off. Essalan's mounted statue seemed to lear out at the world around him a dimly lit world of silence and shadow, the square was empty save for the clan guards keeping watch at the door. Alric approached the hall doors and flashed his clan markings, a green Volkmann crowned wolf's head marking him as a recognised bondsman.

    He recognised the captain of the guard, they had wrestled at the last moot, Kruber's fat ruddy face and handlebar moustache easily recognisable even in his armour

    'Has it started?' Alric asked

    'They've been arguing in there for nearly an hour, I'm surprised you came Alric, always thought you had no interest in politics?' Kruber said with a raised eyebrow

    Alric shrugged 'I don't, but brother summons and I obey' he said with a smirk and a mock bow

    Kruber gave an amused grin and waved him through

    The hall within was dark and reeked of smoke, a great round table filled the centre of the hall and the chieftain's now sat there arguing and protesting in equal measure

    'wouldn't be Essalanea if things went smoothly' Alric thought with a sigh

    The clan banners behind each chieftain hinted at a turnout of the steppe's great and powerful, the red kimbri adder, the rugen Snow Leopard and even the Hureg Black bear were present. All the great clans were present except for the Karg, their wild dog banner noticeably absent from the walls. The rugen chieftain otto stood his withered hands pressed resting on the table as he spoke, Alric was surprised the old fossil made such a long journey west. Otto always looked like something from a horror story told by bondsmen after too much ale, his whole body was pale and emaciated and his necklace of tiny skulls and stained brown robes all added to his ghoulish appearance. The reality of Otto was equally intimidating, as the chieftain of clan rugen otto held a sacred rank within the clan society, he was Essalan's scourge and the only man who could issue a verdict of death upon a clan.

    'For the high crime of drawing a weapon in the sacred precincts of Vosgotis, I otto of clan rugen do sentence the karg chieftain and all who stand with him to death in absentia, their lives are now forfeit and now may be taken by any means either honourable or cowardly alike' Otto said his voice cold and weary, yet clear and without stutter or pause

    Almost as soon as the verdict was given people began to leave, an uncomfortable mood permeated the hall following such a gruesome verdict, no one liked the consider the implication of an entire clan being under a death sentence. Alric waited by the door, resting against a pillar as the high chieftain's party approached. Gaiseric Volkmann regarded Alric with a mix of amusement and also fatigue

    'You are late brother' Gaiseric said

    Alric shrugged in reply ' true but I don't imagine I missed much'

    Gaiseric grinned at that ' about three hours of arguing, moralising and insult throwing mostly' Gaiseric replied

    The two brothers chuckled at that and embraced in a firm bear hug

    'It's been too long Alric' Gaiseric said clapping Alric on the back

    'Yeah, nothing brings the family together quite like clan death sentences' Alric said with a sigh

    'It's going to get ugly Al, the whole steppe is choosing sides now' Gaiseric said grimly

    'But surely most of the clan's will still side with Volkmann? the karg have never been much for words or diplomacy' Alric replied

    'The Northern clans will flock to the karg for fear of what reform will mean, the rest will follow us into the new world....if we can break the karg that is' Gaiseric said looking Alric directly in the eyes as he uttered the last words

    Now I know why you summoned me

    Always the clan's problem solver, Alric had killed countless enemies in the name of his brother, now he might have to do so on a much larger scale.

    'I am at your disposal, brother' Alric said, he felt a chill rise inside as he uttered those words and knew instinctively what they meant.
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    The air reeked of smoke, the sound of machine gun fire breaking the steppe's usual ghostly silence, Ulli strode past burning yurts and corpses as though he was taking a casual morning stroll. The Hochvolk had stood little chance against the full fury of the Karg, any semblance of battle had long since given way to butchers work. Screams of the dying and the brutalized filled the morning air, all against a background of laughter, shooting and hacking with blades.

    A karg bondsman bent the knee before Ulli, his mail, hair, and furs drenched in blood not his own

    'They found him Ulli!' the bondsman said a savage grin etched across his smoke-blackened face

    Ulli nodded and kept walking without giving the bondsman a second glance, the Hochvolk had been closer then blood kin once...that was before they had forsaken their oath to the Karg and sided with Gaiseric, Ulli would show Steiner and his clan the consequences of their betrayal.

    The Hochvolk chief was being held in the largest Yurt in the center of the encampment, Ulli slid through the flaps of the door and was greeted by the sight of his bondsmen beating the chieftain bloody with their bare fists. Ulli held up a hand, the beating promptly ceased. Steiner gazed up at Ulli through blackened eyes.

    He was a small man, tanned head bald except for a topknot like most steppe men, his shortness had always been a joke amongst the other chieftains. Steiner had always been a man to stubbornly follow his course regardless of what others thought, it was a trait that Ulli had once valued most in him, the Hochvolk had been swayed by promises of greater status and easier lives, now Ulli would snuff out both those dreams. Ulli knelt down and gazed into Steiner's face.

    'I warned you not to side with the Volkmann did i not?' Ulli said in a disappointed tone

    Steiner spat, blood and spittle spraying from broken lips onto Ulli's face, Ulli laughed

    He wiped his face on a nearby Hochvolk banner, Steiner's blood smearing the white hill totem of the defeated clan

    'not the wisest choice of words' Ulli said with a smirk, then he struck Steiner with the back of his gauntleted hand, a spray of fresh blood leaving the chieftains mouth as the blow connected

    'We could have ruled these lands together, you and I, you were my voice Steiner, my wisest counsel' Ulli said his tone suddenly almost sorrowful

    'You would lead us into ruin!' Steiner replied yelling the last part

    'I would have us live as our fathers before us! proud and true to Essalan!' Ulli roared back, now it was Steiner showered in spittle

    Steiner sighed 'Our fathers are dead and their world is dying too, we must change or join them in the grave'

    Ulli did not answer, he turned to one of his bondsmen, a big man carrying a large two-handed saber, and nodded. The bondsman stepped forward and held out the blade, hilt towards Ulli. Ulli gripped the handle and drew the blade with one arm, a satisfying rasp accompanying the steel as it left the scabbard. Ulli stood and raised the blade

    'You first brother' he said and swung

    A clean cut severed Steiner's head in one blow, the body falling back with a gory spurt staining the furs of the tent floor. Ulli Lifted up the dead chieftains head and gazed into his lifeless face, his mouth still twitching and agape with horror. Ulli threw the head to the bondsmen still holding the scabbard.

    ' Put it one a spike and plant it at the edge of our lands, i want anyone who thinks to trespass to see what happens to those who cross me!' He said waving off the Bondsmen who bowed and left the tent, a trail of blood marking his departure

    Ulli regarded the headless corpse of Steiner with a grim look 'You were my voice once, but now you shall speak for me without words' he said turning to leave

    'Ulli what do we do with the survivors?' a bondsman with a shock of red hair said inclining his head to the camp outside

    'There are to be none' Ulli said walking away

    The sky outside filled with smoke and screams
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