Closure of Embassy


A rocket has landed. A dog is inside.

Closure of Embassy​
Magicality City, March 14th, 2019​
Embassy posting is intended to further positive relations between TNP and other regions. It is a privilege not only for our neighbors to more easily communicate with us, but for us to better connect with them. It is unacceptable for our citizens, especially those with foreign affairs experience, not only to use that privilege to engage in hostile discourse, but to do so on behalf of another region. TNP's diplomatic relations are not for other regions to use as tools for their own purposes. We strongly condemn ABC/Renegalle’s use of TNP's embassy posting to pursue Force's diplomatic agenda, and condemn Force’s unprofessional and adversarial foreign policy. Consequently, effective immediately the forum embassy with Force will be closed. Further misuse of embassy posting by our citizens or representatives or any other region will not be tolerated.

Delegate of The North Pacfic