Banned: Hardonius/Acria

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    Hardonius AKA Hardy/Acria/Wulfie is banned indefinitely from The North Pacific’s discord servers and the regional forum. Hardonius is banned for orchestrating sexually explicit roleplay with minors. All members of The North Pacific are encouraged to speak to an admin or moderator if you are aware of any other such instances of this occurring.
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    TNP Nation:
    I can't help but feel frustrated at this whole thing as well as sympathetic for the members of the RP Mod Team: they had to deal with Ry and Hardy fighting constantly and now, as it turns out, not one but both of them were horrible criminals.

    Our RP Mods and their superiors on the TNP Admin Team deserve beyond the utmost appreciation for dealing with and getting through all this craziness. Thank God it's over.
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    TNP Nation:
    I can't help but echo this sentiment. We have better things to worry about here as a region than deal with those two's and others sexual escapades. Kudos to the mods and admins who have had to put up with these two scumbags for nearly a year. I can't imagine how stressful it must have been to deal with their mutual bullshit. Now let's breathe a deep sigh of relief and move on. Shall we?
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