NBS News Show: Saturday, March 16


Spammer in Chief
Deputy Speaker
Here's a rudimentary outline for what tomorrow should look like. Best of luck!

Judiciary elections:
Thoughts on who won?
Why do you think the people who won won?
Thoughts on individual campaigns?
Thoughts on Bootsie leaving deputy speaker to join the Court?

NPA stuff:
Thoughts on Stargate, the NPA's response, and Ghost's statement?
Addition of Warrant Officer? Thoughts?
Promotion of malphe to General?
McM coming out of retirement- worship McM here n stuff

Ren faire:

How is it going so far? Are things running as advertised?
Are the booths up to standard?
What has gone on, generally speaking?
Who was behind the idea to begin with?


Any shout-outs to any rising stars you've noticed?
Thoughts on the Roleplay Reel?
John's NPA bill?
(Anything I forgot someone wants to add?)
Darc wants to sing Chlorine
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