February 2019 Foreign Debrief



February 2019 Foreign Debrief

Willkommen in Hartfelden!
Est. September 1st, 2018

Das Imperium der Hartfelden has extended its traditional greeting in our faux-father (native for some) tongue.

We are Hartfelden, a Holy Roman Empire/Imperial Germany themed region. We strive to maintain a rich and casual roleplay experience in all that we do, and be a positive force for spreading joy in the interregional community by exemplifying the good side behind the notion of a 'German region'! Will you join us in standing by the Kaiser to show that the corruption of extreme ideologies can never defame what we strive to create?

We are not puppets to any belief. You cannot claim us. You cannot define us. In Treue fest!

This debrief has been brought to you on behalf of His Imperial and Royal Majesty Friedrich I, Kaiser of Hartfelden, King of Tannborn and Kronenberg, Duke of Ansrau, Helmfurt, and Fürstenzell, Margrave of Osterhausen and Delmenfingen, and Lord of Hügelstatt by the ambassador to your region that has been appointed by the Kaiser, Kanzler or Foreign Secretary.

This Foreign Debrief will give information of new events with das Kaiserreich since the last one that has been sent. We would like to apologize for having not sent a debrief in a few months, and mention not all events will be mentioned in this debrief since the October Debrief. This will include the major and current information that has been deemed required to be sent to our allies and friends abroad.

We do apologize for the delay, we have had some internal reforms which have now brought us to where we can send out these debriefs proper.

In General:
  • As of Feb 14th, 2019 das Kaiserreich has grown back to over one hundred and eighty nations. The Empire has created a new constitution, which lays out the new forms of government and states.
  • Due to real-life complications, Albrecht von Hartfelden has taken over as Regent for the Kaiser until further notice.
  • A new World Assembly Delegate, Indo States, has been elected.

The ministries have now been united under the Regierung.
Since the previous debrief, Hartfelden has undergone several reforms. The current Ministries - and respective ministers - are as follows.

The legislative assemblies have been reorganized into the following:
  • The Reichstag, which serves as the lower house.
  • The Bundesrat, which serves as the upper house.

Due to a lack of participating peoples, and issues with setting up various aspects, the regional roleplay has been halted until such time that it has been rewritten and prepared for use.

Due to inactivity and real-life issues with the former Archbishop, the Church of Hartfelden has been repurposed into a regimental channel for the 1st Hartfelden Light Infantry, a Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars regiment that has since been acquired by the 30th “Edinshire” Regiment.

  • As of November 25th, 2018, Hartfelden has declared war on the New Pacific Order, its colonies, and Francoism, and has also joined the Anti-Pacific Coalition in its efforts to fight the wave of fascism.
  • Die Kaiserlichen Streitkraefte, since its conception, has undergone several changes, including the establishment of a Volunteer Corps.
  • While retaining the basic structure, the Großgebietiger (High Command) now has six ranks, Offizier (Officer) now has three ranks, and Enlisted now has five ranks.
  • The Kaiser himself now holds the rank of Hochmeister.
  • The military has seen a constant increase in members, both domestic and foreign.
  • Albrecht von Hartfelden has been promoted from Draper to Sergeant.
  • Frenchy has returned, with the role of Landmeister as the Kaiser is now the holder of Hochmeister.