Current Assignments and Upcoming Shows

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    ShowHostFrequencyNext Show
    Quiz Whiz: NBS Trivia Game Show@El Fiji Grande2x/monthTBA; Mid-February
    Popcorn: A Show About Culture@St George1x/monthEnd of February
    A Day on the Job: The Ministries@Brendog1x/monthEnd of February
    The Sports Channel@Bobberino2x/monthEnd of February
    Town Halls with the Speaker@Artemis2x/monthMarch 2 or 3
    bootsie radio@bootsieTBATBA
    RMB RP Talks@Deerfenland4x/monthFeb 17 or before
    NS Card Farming Tutorial@Yuno and @El Fiji Grande1xFeb 28ish
    NBS News Show@El Fiji Grande1x/monthTBA
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