NBS News Show: Saturday, January 19 2019

El Fiji Grande

Proud TNPer

This is the Northern Broadcasting Service, brought to you by The North Pacific’s Ministry of Communications. I am El Fiji Grande, and I am joined today by Brendog, Bobberino, Darcania, and MadJack. Today we will be discussing the General Elections, the recent flurry of activity in the Executive Staff, and the release of Issue XXVI of The Northern Lights. Before we get started, I'd like to note that participants in this news show are free to voice their opinion as they see fit. As such, the opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily represent the Ministry of Communications or The North Pacific. So with that aside, let's do some introductions and get started.
Topics List NBS #16:

1. General Elections
  • Who surprised you the most? What are your thoughts on the candidates who ran?
  • Did the number of joke campaigns surprise you or displease you?
  • Who was the best among the losing candidates in each category?
  • Why do you think the election went the way it did?
2. Executive Staff Activity
  • What do you think about Ghost's appointments?
  • Was there anyone else you were thinking was going to become a Minister?
  • What are your thoughts on where the Ministries are going to go?
3. The NPA
  • What are your thoughts on Darc's appointment?
  • Do you think the NPA could go in a different direction this term under his leadership?
  • Any thoughts on Malphe and my appointments as his DMoDs, and his discontinuation of the Adjutant program begun under Loz?
4. The Northern Lights - Issue XXVI
  • How it has been received by the NS Community?
  • Shift of TNL away from "pure news"
  • What are your thoughts on its change? Should it be reverted? Does this stretch the Ministry too thin?
  • Pamphlets?
5. NS Cards
  • Any policy on cards?
  • Use in events?

> extra topic? Repeal "Commend IA," and Debtor Voting Rights?

6. Join the Ministry of Communications!
  • TNL, TNS, NBS!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to listen in. This is NBS: your compass to The North Pacific and the wider NS World!
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