Kardonyszlavic Government Introduces New Food Plan

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    After the terrible events of the past few weeks, the Kardonyszlavic government has issued a statement regarding the influenza epidemic. Karl Pavlov, the current leader of the Kardonyszlavic government, said in a speech: "the source of this terrible virus has been found. The quality of our civilian food rations is poor. The Ministry of Public Health has discovered that several million rations were contaminated with the influenza virus. This is a grave discovery that requires a CALL TO ACTION! In a few hours, I, Karl Pavlov, will meet with the Ministry of Food in an effort to find a solution that benefits THE PEOPLE!"

    Several hours later, Pavlov emerged from the capitol building in Samoyava. His announcement was that the Ministry of Food plans on making the food situation bearable by reinventing the military ration and doing away with the unreliable previous iteration. Pavlov claims that this task will be difficult, requiring that much experimentation will be needed to deal with the old ration's woes and that the Ministry of Food will release its new design, the MK 2, in the next few upcoming days.