The Great Kardonyszlavic Influenza Epidemic

Cynical Plaguebearer


For the first time in fifty years, Kardonyszlav has had a nation-wide Influenza epidemic. Out of its population of roughly 25 million, there are around 4,550,000 infected and around 250,000 dead. The first signs of the epidemic showed up on the 7th with various cases spread out throughout the entire country, including Samoyava (Kardonyszlav’s capital) and Strelograd (Kardonyslav’s primary port). Rumors are circulating that the leader of Kardonyszlav is among the infected, but it is impossible to confirm these rumor due to dubious public health records.

The military has quarantined off several cities with high infection rates and some images do exist of military units using flamethrowers for mass body burnings and destroying wiped-out villages in the countryside. The Kardonyszlavic military has, as usual, issued very few public statements besides recommended steps to take in order to avoid infection and stating that they are working to reduce the spread of influenza.

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Cynical Plaguebearer

Update: 1/25/XX
Just as it has suddenly arrived, the Influenza outbreak has almost entirely ceased. However, the battle to eradicate this recent epidemic has proven to have been costly. The total death count has spiked to around 350,000 and, at its peak, the total number of infected was around 9 million. The rumors about the infection of Kardonyszlav's leader, Karl Pavlov have been confirmed to be true. "Just as the people suffer, I suffer as well. We will not let this terrible tragedy serve as a reminder of the nation's public health, but rather, it will be seen as the Kardonyszlavic people overcoming yet another dark chapter in its history..." -Karl Pavlov

The military has returned to its role as protector of Kardonyszlav's borders and subsequently turned over cleanup responsibilities to the Ministry for Public Health. Mass body burnings to continue in the outer areas of Kardonyszlav, but in the city centers, corpse disposal has become more orderly.

The impact of the outbreak on the Kardonyszlavic economy carries many bad tides, but for now, there is hope for the future...