December 2018 Update

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    December - 2018


    The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


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    Recruitment and Citizenry: Overthinkers

    Foreign Affairs: Kawaii Schoolgirl

    Internal Affairs: Dewilands

    Education: Dalimbar

    World Assembly Affairs: nrevyw

    TWPAF Commander: Chervil

    Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Arkadia Universalis

    Deputy Ministers:

    Sergeant-At-Arms: Alchera

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: KhanterWinters

    History Update: After the Tensions, The Christmas Truce Arrived!

    Let us recapitulate history, and reflect what we have learned and/or transmitted, in our daily activity, not only in NationStates but in our living.
    On a crisp, clear morning 24 December, 100 years ago, thousands of British, Belgian and French soldiers put down their rifles, stepped out of their trenches and spent Christmas mingling with their German enemies along the Western front. Graham Williams of the Fifth London Rifle Brigade described it in even greater detail:

    These acts of humanity, unleash a series of actions. Point and apart from the sanctions and martial courts that were carried out against the military that decided not to return to the fight on December 27, 1914, formed a precedent of the importance of forgiveness and humanity. In NationStates, TWP called for a truce for all regions that signed war against TP members, known as NPO, which despite small things, has been carried out in a magnificent way. And this has given an opportunity to each region and each member of their respective region to create new expectations, new criteria, and move forward with new goals (with or without salt) in NSGP.

    If you want to know more about these small events of our humanity, do not wait until December, investigate, in your local libraries, on the internet, there are always resources to complement knowledge, search the national digital archives of the United Kingdom, there is good content about the first world war and the truce of '14.

    TWP Christmas Event - Secret Santa!

    At the end of November, the TWP delegation, together with the Ministry of the Interior and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made an invitation, a call for peace, for the December dates. Many activities were offered, but the one that had more appreciation for different members of the NationStates community was the Santa Secreto. An activity that allows people to meet others in a more human and personal, and build creatively, a detail, no matter the size, to wish happy holidays to the other.

    Personally, to different members of this community, they were asked some questions to know more about their opinion about the December festivities. These were some of the answers:

    - From which Region are you? The North Pacific.
    - How did you feel around? Good.
    - What was your favorite activity? my favorite activity would be the Secret Santa.
    - Would you like to repeat next year? Yes!

    - From which Region are you? Unknown.
    - How did you feel around? Friendly and relaxed
    - What was your favorite activity? Secret Santa!
    - Would you like to repeat next year? Sure!

    - From which Region are you? I am from The Pacific.
    - How did you feel around? It was a lot of fun with TWP Christmas :)
    - What was your favorite activity? The games were amazing.
    - Would you like to repeat next year? If I’m around next year (pls no), yes.

    - From which Region are you? The South Pacific
    - How did you feel around? Discord Activity was a bit overwhelming
    - What was your favorite activity? Secret Santa.
    - Would you like to repeat next year? If there is Secret Santa (was a good Idea), maybe.

    TWP Wishes a Very Happy New Year!

    This year (2018), we all had surprises. Pleasant, unpleasant, of all kinds, attractive events, discussions, reconciliations. A package to share without a doubt. And it has ended, and once again NationStates, as the initial platform, has driven us to create new relationships with other people, creating and forming regions, nations, links, and friendships. 2018 is over and our delegate, Delegate of TWP, gives us these words, and finally, I wish you a great 2019 and move forward with your goals:

    Credits of TWP Seal for Bran Astor.
    Written by KhanterWinters