Harry Potter and the Festival of Friendship

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Harry Potter and the Festival of Friendship
A NationStates Community Event
Event Discord

Sponsored by The North Pacific, The East Pacific , The West Pacific , Europeia, Greater Dienstad , and Escade's Event Services
Dates: Saturday December 22,2018 - Tuesday January 1,2019

This festival is an end of the year celebration with a Harry Potter theme for the NationStates community. All players in good standing are welcome to partake :) While the theme is based around J.K. Rowling's epic universe - the festival is to celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of a new year!

Festival attendees choose a Hogwarts House to be sorted into and then play to compete in team and individual events including trivia contests, dueling bot, battleship games, art competitions, writing competitions, New Years wishes, a Yule Ball roleplay mystery and other activites TBA!

Preview of Events and Activities

First stop! Take the custom NS edition Buzzfeed Quiz to get sorted into your House! Houses will earn points and the the House with the most points at the end of the festival will earn the House Cup and shout outs on the event dispatches, posts and regional WFEs!

Posting a screen cap of your Buzzfeed Quiz results will earn your House 10 points :)

Ways to get House points by Monday 12/31/2018 midnight:

On the NS Forums:
~ Submit decent entries into the Golden Snitch Writing Contest (5 points for each decent entry, 25 points for the best according to our esteemed judges)

~ Create beautiful artwork representing your House (and all members) in the Fantastic Art & Where to Find It contest (15 points if artistically pretty)

~ Write decent RP posts in the Yule Ball Role Playhttps://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=455664 (10 points per fleshed out post)

On the Event Discord
~ Take the Buzzfeed Sorting Quiz and post your results in the house-points channel (10 points per individual player)

~ Win the HP Trivia Rounds answering questions about the books, the movies, and the prequels! (20 points per round winner, 5 points for second place)

~ The highest duel hits (pinned) and most duel hits in the Discord Room of Requirement (10 points for highest hits and 25 points for best dueler)

~ Winners of the fantasy and Harry Potter themed Cards Against Humanity Games (10 points to each winner)

~ Winners in the Wizarding Battleship (20 points to each member of the winning team) (5 points to each player)

~ Wizarding Chess duels with bracket ranking. (5 points per completed chess game, 10 points to winners, 50 points to the grandmaster)

~ Complete the Quest for the Last Time Turner (20 points to the first to compete the quest, 10 points to each quest completer)

~ More activites to be announced!

On Discord:
- #the-leaky-cauldron - discuss the books (characters, plots, favorites, unfavorites), fan fiction, the movies, the prequels and everything else that makes us love this amazing series!
- #the-goblet-of-fire - the games channel for HP Quiz Bowl, & Cards Against Muggles - a Harry Potter themed CAH deck (for mature players)
- #the-quibbler - channel for spam games and music, etc
- #floo-network - for voice chats with your fellow festival goers

See you there, lovelies :)
Escade <3