October 2018 Foreign Debrief

October 2018 Foreign Debrief

Willkommen in Hartfelden!
Est. August 19th 2018

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Das Imperium der Hartfelden has extended its traditional greeting in our faux-father (native for some) tongue.

Our community strives to maintain a rich casual roleplay experience in all that we do, and be a positive force for spreading joy in the interregional community by showing the good side behind the notion of a 'German region'! Will you join us in standing by the Kaiser to show that the corruption of extreme ideologies can never defame what we strive to create here in Hartfelden?

We are not puppets to any belief. You cannot claim us. You cannot define us. Für das Imperium stehen wir!


The following is an address delivered on behalf of Kaiser Friedrich I von Hartfelden, Supreme Governor of the Church, König von Haustfaldischt und Dastregel, Herzog von Festeracht und Haarberg (Scottiesland), with permission from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Papa Gatto (For Das Imperium), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Debriefs aim to provide a summary for the regional happenings of Hartfelden. They will provide what we believe to be the appropriate information so as to allow for better understanding of our region and our vision, seeking to promote and maintain mutual understanding at an agreeable level for interregional cooperation.

This is not the media publication of Hartfelden, of which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, but rather the publication we believe to be of appropriate length and content for maintaining offsite embassies.

All questions should first be directed to the ambassador posting this Foreign Debrief in your region, who is expected to bring any questions to the attention of the Herzog (see Minister) managing Hartfelden's Foreign Affairs. If you doubt that your questions have been passed along, please try to inform Minister Papa Gatto (For Das Imperium).


Apologies for the delay: we wanted to supply you with the most up-to-date information in Hartfelden and that meant waiting for a few positions to be shuffled around. It brings us great joy to bring you with us on our journey as we continue to grow at our rapid pace. Now, without further ado, here is our report on the latest changes within Hartfelden.

General Overview of das Imperium der Hartfelden:

• Hartfelden has climbed to over one-hundred and eighty nations as of writing on the 14th of November 2018.

• Hartfelden recognises its later successes in N-Day 3 as due mostly to the Pirates of the Nile's generosity in allowing Hartfelden to relocate within the faction. The region extends its gratitude to Osiris, The West Pacific, Lazarus, Gay, and Caer Sidi in this regard, in being most hospitable to the wounded and frail, and in protecting all of its citizenry when under duress due in no more small part to the constant bombardment during the temporary end-times of which concluded on the 27th of September 2018 and are to never, ever be repeated. Or will they?

• Hartfelden congratulates its residence for their participation during Z-Day 7, which avoided catastrophe by the 31st of October 2018, and hopes to work with its allies to form contingency plans if such horrors of the horde are ever to rise again. May they best stay rejected.


• As of late, the Kaiser has been reorganising the positions within the Executive. The current Ministers are the following:
Minister of World Assembly Affairs, Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen;
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Papa Gatto (For Das Imperium);
Minister of Culture, Großfürstin Aynia von Funkeln; und
Minister of Domestic Affairs, Minister Sarah von Kingaldeharte.

• The Ministry of Culture has begun mapping out the region that forms the Federation of Hartfelden's Empire. More information will be released once the map has been finalised, as well as updates on its progress at a macro-level along with directions as to where more detail may be sought.

• Turning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the following embassies have been established within Embassy Avenue of Lokerzen City under the concluded tenure of the former Minister, Herzog Nequedum:
The Empire of Mare Nostrum whose ambassador is Thomas Insaniac;
Wintreath whose ambassador is Syraj; und
The Kingdom of Great Britain whose ambassador is Henry Stuart.
Similarly, Hartfelden has established the following consulates and embassies outside of its borders under the concluded tenure of the former Minister:
Wintreath: The Embassy of Hartfelden in Wintreath, whose ambassador is Friedrich Marienburg;
The Rejected Realms: Hartfelden Consulate opposite Kandy's BBQ & Grill, whose ambassador is PowerPAOK;
The Empire of Mare Nostrum: Hartfelden Embassy along the Riverfront
Assigned Ambassador: PowerPAOK
Caer Sidi: Hartfelden Embassy in the Embassy District, whose ambassador is Legend;
Osiris: Hartfelden Non-Allied Embassy in the Temple of Hapi, whose ambassador is PowerPAOK;
The Kingdom of Great Britain: Hartfelden Embassy in Trafalgar Square, whose ambassador is PowerPAOK; und
The North Pacific: Hartfelden Embassy in Magicality City, whose ambassador is PowerPAOK

• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently reported to the citizenry that negotiations for treaties are currently underway, revealing the Bill for a treaty with the Kingdom of Great Britain that has since passed within the Bürgerschaft while still in operation, with 8 Ayes, 0 Abstains and 0 Nays from the citizenry. It has now been brought to the uppermost house, the Imperisrat otherwise known as the Imperiale Rat, for a confirmation vote that will forward it to the Kaiser for Royal Assent. The Treaty has already passed within the other signatory and awaits its passage in Hartfelden.

• The Kaiser has established the Privy Council to complement the Imperiale Rat at an informal capacity so that the ideas and concerns of all nobility, including the lesser, may be voiced through the appropriate channel.


• The Kaiser, citing inactivity, has dissolved the lower and middlemost houses, which were functioning through means of direct and indirect democracy, and has left the nobility's Imperisrat as the only functioning house of the Parliament, as of the 11th of November 2018.

• Yet it is also worth mentioning the first Bill to have been given assent, although shortlived in effect, was The Bundestag Procedures Act (2018) on the 11th of October 2018.

• The Imperiale Rat has allowed for the release of rumours that its floor has been discussing and drafting a Bill of which includes faux historical reasoning for alternative names to institutions so as to expand the lore of the region. Fighting has ensued throughout the editing process of this debrief as to which the correct phrasings are.

• During its operation, the lowermost house of the Bürgerschaft operated through the will of the Executive. In a similar fashion, until anything has been given assent to the contrary, the Imperisrat is establishing its proceedings through convention alone.

• The Kaiser originally replaced Herzog Najatilack zu Fürstenbirn (Crantere) with Edler Rose von Einewelt in the Imperisrat.

• The Kaiser originally replaced Großfürstin Aynia von Funkeln with former Senator Katie von Gihuodaho-Cygan in the Imperisrat, and has sinced removed the latter as well and appointed Edler Zarhurst (United Empire of the Pacific) in their stead.

• Both the former Lord President of the Imperiale Rat and the President of the Bundestag have, since being appointed to the positions, stepped down from said positions due to personal circumstances. The former, Edler Rose von Einewelt, remains within the Imperisrat, whereas the latter, Ervald von Kleinhaven the Goldblum of NationStates, returned to ordinary representative duties only to witness the house being dissolved until further notice shortly after.

• The Kaiser has since appointed Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen as Lord President on the 13th of November 2018.


• On the 21st of October 2018, both functions of the court, interpretive and criminal, were given proper channels for the initiation. Both fall under the reach of the Perjury decree.

• An interpretation request for either an Amendment, Law or section of the Constitution form was created for Parliament and Executive officials only, in turn creating legally binding interpretations through the process.

• Further, a trial application for initiating criminal proceedings was made, found here. Additionally, the Rules for Criminal Proceedings in Hartfelden's judiciary may be accessed here.


• The Church of Hartfelden recognises the Kaiser as Supreme Governor of the Church and rightfully anointed König von Haustfaldischt und Dastregel.

• The Kaiser has since appointed Reverend Klaus Steinerhelm as Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Ponin on the 13th of November 2018.


• The Kaiser has created an independent military for Hartfelden, Die Kaiserlichen Streitkraefte.

• The military is divided into The Großgebietiger (High Command) with five roles, Offizier (Officer) with four roles, and Enlisted with four roles.

• Further, the Kaiser has appointed Matthew der Knightreich as Hochmeister (Headmaster), the highest rank and honour within the military besides the Kaiser Himself.

• We would like to congratulate Albrecht von Hartfelden (Hartfelden Representative) on their enlisted promotion from Squire (Recruit) to Draper (Private First Class)!

• The military has since joined forces with AntiFa (DISCLAIMER: Not affiliated with real world Antifa) as a priority due to their stance being very much reflective of our vision as guided by our statement on Hartfelden's World Factbook Entry copied above. It has since claimed three early major successes under its belt. The Kaiser and the military are looking into more like-minded organisations and groups to join forces with as well, and in some cases are already establishing and expanding military relations and cooperation.

• The military currently has eight active members and is able to expand its operational capacity, welcoming both those willing and deserving of rank and those looking to enlist as it in turn looks to expand.

Concluding Statement:

Thank you for keeping up with das Imperium der Hartfelden! We now invite you to do the same for your region, if you have not already done so, in our Embassy Avenue (applications for embassies can be found here).

This debrief was written and edited by the following contributors: Herzog Nequedum von Lokerzen, and Kaiser Friedrich I von Hartfelden (Scottiesland).

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Welcome to the region by the way. :tnp:
I do not believe it will be an issue.

Thank you for the update, it appears there may have been a formatting issue however.

Welcome to the region by the way. :tnp:
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