[DRAFT] Voting Opportunities for prisoners

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    Here is a General Assembly Proposition, tell me what you think of it.

    The World Assembly,

    The Opportunity and right to vote for a prisoner shall not be infringed upon and all current prisoners shall have the chance to vote.

    The rights and restrictions to voting for prisoners shall be the same as any citizen in regards to times and requirements.

    Be it enacted by the world assembly as follows
    1. All prisoners rights to vote shall not be infringed upon while being detained in a government facility.
    2. Each prisoner shall get to cast a ballot inside of the facility and all ballots shall be taken to an election center where the ballots shall be cast.
    3. The time in which ballots are cast must be the same for prisoners as regular citizens.
    4. Prisoners mustn't be allowed to vote in democratic elections if they are not eligible to vote.
    The qualifications of a prisoner are:
    • a person legally held in a government facility/prison as a punishment for the crimes they have committed or while awaiting a trail.
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    Regarding this, you'll want to look at the resolution Voting Equality for Freed Inmates. It blocks a resolution such as this.