The Empire of Mare Nostrum - Embassy Request

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    TNP Nation:
    Name of your region: The Empire of Mare Nostrum
    Link to your region's forums:
    Head of Government: Paulus Gaius Epistre (Tribunal Prefect)
    Head of State: Megaleiotha Eirhno (Emperor)
    Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Thomas Insaniac (Legatus Prefect)
    Short description of your region: The Empire of Mare Nostrum is a relatively new and quickly growing UCR with over two hundred unique nations within its border. We are loosely based on the Roman/Byzantine Empires and style ourselves as a Constitutional Monarchy headed by an Emperor. In terms of NationStates we operate as an Independent/Raider region.
    Will your region post regular Foreign Updates: Yes!
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    TNP Nation:
    Sil Dorsett
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    Hello @Thomas Insaniac! Thank you for your application. I'm pleased to announce that it has been accepted, and an embassy subforum will be created for your region shortly! Any questions, feel free to reach out!