NBS News Show: Sunday, November 18, 2018

El Fiji Grande

Proud TNPer

This is the Northern Broadcasting Service, brought to you by The North Pacific’s Ministry of Communications. I am El Fiji Grande, and I am joined today by Bobberino and Loz. MadJack may also join us later, but we'll have to see about that. Today we will be discussing the Judicial Elections, the recent flurry of activity in the Regional Assembly, and upcoming and ongoing events, such as the TNP NS Day parade and the Z-Day. Before we get started, I'd like to note that participants in this news show are free to voice their opinion as they see fit. As such, the opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily represent the Ministry of Communications or The North Pacific. So with that aside, let's do some introductions and get started.
Topics List NBS #14:

1. Judicial Elections
  • How were the candidates this election season?
  • Any surprises among the results?
  • What did Darcania and Lord Lore do wrong/what can they do to improve?
  • Is there any way we as a region can improve the training of newcomers with respect to the law?
2. RA Activity
  • A number of bills to discuss
    [**] Election Corruption Amendment
    [**] Citizenship Amendment
    [**] Delegate Advisor Law
    [**] Reforming the Penal Code
    [**] The Forum Day Bill
    [**] A bit old news, but residual discussion on Bluie Gamer's amendment
  • Thoughts on Wonderess' parliamentary VC debate program?
3. Zazumo's resignation and Loz brought on as MoD
  • Bit early to tell, but is Loz performing well relative to Zazumo?
    [**] Large shoes to fill
4. Recent events and festivals
  • TNP's NS Day Parade
    [**] What to improve for next time?
  • Upcoming Harry Potter event with TEP
  • Z-Day Review
    [**] How did we fare this year?
    [**] How did we do relative to previous years?
    [**] Did you like how TNP's Z-Day command structure is organized?
    [**] Are there any lessons learned you want to pass forward to next year's event?
    [**] Is there anything you think we should do differently next time?

Extra topics, if time permits
  • The North Star vs The Northern Lights
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